Aljazeera Slams Qatar Again: Slavemasters Hold Cash While the Migrants Building Doha Suffer

Source: Al Jazeera content posted to Youtube


mostly right

all of your points are mostly right, i live in qatar but im not qatari i was born there im lebanese i had all the bad experiences living there 15 years im still in high school, the learning systems are ok but not in all school, first you will have bad moment living there but if you want to change that you must take a step, like i did i started understanding qataries which is very hard until i reached there level but thats so hard it will take allot, its not about time its about how much you can take from theme, but i assure you there are good qataries.

Bad experience

I have lose all my money and four years of my life,i suffered blackmail,usury,administrative fraud by lawyer and accountant of my company.,cast out of my house,deprived of my car .
My sponsor he sold my company ,without reason , for only benefit of his interest.
My company goes with another sponsor.
Same history: " I want money,you are nothing in this country,i am the chief,i make what i want".
This is only a part,of my history,but is not the end.
I get started now to fighting....
We don't have rights,because foreign.
I am from the north Italy,but never i saw a similar jungle.
From camel to phone mobile in little time....

Aljazeera - Objectivity

When they hanged Saddam I learnt through its coverage that the BBC was not impartial. At the time I believed that Aljazeera was. After my time in Qatar I learnt that Aljazeera was no better. Not too surprising when you examine where its principle funding comes from!! If you want the facts ... see for yourself.

Doha Centre for Media Freedom

The head of the Doha Centre for Media Freedom (Robert Menard) has quit.

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Great work.. keep this site

Great work.. keep this site running...
World must know the truth. American and British sitting in Doha, Qatar pumping Gas and Oil for their benefits. They are keeping their eyes close and let the poor people from poor country suffer. Just another double standard human right policy of UK and USA.

encouraging site. Knowing, spreading facts,to stop Q. arbitrary

In general I totally agree with this comment, but meanwhile even US and UK citizens start to be more and more victims as well, apart from other Europeans or citizens of Western countries, too.
True is, due to own and friends' , colleagues' experiences: This daily arbitrary behaviour in Qatar , lack of human or any other rights, and treating foreigners like slaves in a country without any respect of human or other beings, professionalism, personal merits must be reported to the World, although many Western countries don't really want to know and ignore the ongoing violations of Human Rights just thinking of their benefits.
Even the European and other Western media and press organisations, institutions don't really seem to be keen on touching, criticising or pointing out the unbearable facts in this country!

Although the younger generation of Qataris under 45 years of age don't seem anymore to know anything about ethics, moral, culture and education, social behaviour, human compassion and other values- but only consuming- they can only still be stopped by learning processes of finally bearing full consequences of their actions or non actions: Being held responsible and being punished in full, regardless of ' Wasda', clan or family!! and a legal and fair EQUAL treatment OF Qataris and non- Qataris.

But the question would be by whom, by parents who don't educate their children (only nannies from where so ever), by parents who are far from being a living example/ideal for children?

The Qataris who invite foreigners to come to work in their country for lets say 1,2,3 years contract, they just need to do one simple thing:

Respect the contracts in full, pay the foreigners working here for some years as contracted, let them leave in peace and without arbitrary and let them report outside of Qatar what a good place to work and live this was, instead of the contrary!

And cancel this terrific slavery system of exit visa, No-objection letters, so called 'Sponsorship' avoiding any possibility of abuse of it for any Qatari.

If I personally would have known about all these arbitrary and daily violation of human rights, I would have never accepted to come here.

Together with many ex colleagues and friends I can only say, I have lost not only my money and economically situation since I arrived, but the complete trust in this region!

UAE Crown Prince tortures inocent people

see link below:

Don't talk !

Do you want to know why the Qataris don't want the truth revealed about what goes on in their country?? It is because of their soon as someone talks about something that goes on in their country - with a Qatari -they are sent home....hence don't talk, and what rumour??? They hide the truth-but why should they be afraid of this-we are all human!!

A shock

Im qatari and im surprised to know what happens in my country. I dunno what to say or what to do, but it is really a shame.
Hopefully i can change it in the future. and what i can say at the moment is Sorry. these bad managers doesnt represent us all.

Actually, they DO represent you!

>>>Sorry. these bad managers doesnt represent us all.

In Qatar, everything is controlled by the Qataris. So when there is a bad manager, he is taking his orders (or being allowed to get away with it) form the top peopl ein charge. NOTHING happens in Qatar without Qataris knowing about, authorizing it, or ignoring it, believe me.

So when you say they don't represent you, that's Bullshit. If you guys wanted to, you could EASILY make these contractors/owners pay their workers.

The Emir's brother is one of the richest men in the world, 7th richest I believe. He owns many of the buildings being constructed in West Bay, he is doing a lot of the construction in Doha. He could snap his fingers and make sure all these men are paid on time, yet he (and all the other Al Thanis) chose to ignore it.

You could get away with your excuse in another country, but you can't fart in Qatar without a Qatari knowing about it, so your excuse is Bullshit.