Just for fun: 10 Reasons Why Qatar Sucks

1) Qataris are unintelligent/ materialistic/ ignorant/ ugly bastards. I find it fucking hilarious that such people have all this wealth, which they only use to buy the most costly of things and live in the most expensive manner.
2) Qataris are racists. They treat Indian and Filipino employees like slaves (underpayment, unjust sponsorship laws, passport seizure ... etc.) just to have more money to spend on their precious Porsches and Lamborghinis.
3) Driving in this asshole-land is horrifying. Indians, I must admit you’re a funny race with your wobbly head thing, your nasty and unearthly smell and all. But when it comes to driving, GO FUCKING LEARN HOW TO DRIVE. A blind cripple will drive better than you, fuckers. Qataris drive just as bad.
4) On a scale of 1 to 10, I give Qatar a 10, IN GAYNESS. Men there dress too neatly and walk like horny lesbians. Women on the other hand, well I can’t really say I’ve seen any. But word is that under those walking tents is some pussy.
5) Qatar is a boring ass country. I’d rather spend time in jail with a Nazi for a cellmate than living in that Dubai rip-off. Not that I have any respect for Dubai either.
6) Fuck Qatar Telecom. Those assholes provide shitty communication services and charge you like a stuck-up British whore. They also block all sites that contain pornography, controversial content or sites that attack Qatar. (Yea I bet mine will be on their list soon enough).
7) Fuck your dozen crappy malls, they do not compensate for your lack of culture.
8) Fuck your conceited community. You people actually brag about how many maids you have.
9) Hot! Too damn hot!
10) They can run over someone in the street, rape a Filipina maid .. yet get away with it.

For those who are seeking utter disgust, visit Qatar.

Source: Edible Robots Blog, http://edible-robots.blogspot.com


Pretty accurate description of Qatar

I've never in my life seen a country like this unmerciful dump. There is literally nothing whatsoever to do here!! No women, no culture, no friendly faces, no FUN! Also I LOVE the fact that everyone works 10-12 hours a day, SIX days a week. Fuck you Qatar & your ridiculously bad work/life balance.
On my one day off I have to witness these disgusting, vile, absolute scumbag Qataris prancing around in their gay towel rags, looking for a male hand to hold & piece of KFC to stuff down their gullets. These people make me sick!!!
I came here with an open mind, but after a few months of living here I've come to the conclusion that a nuclear bomb needs to be dropped on this shithole ASAP. Can't wait to return to the fun mecca that is EUROPE!

Walking holiday nepal

Qatar is always a lying joke. Sure they are dealing with the nation’s health only look at the size of that sadist the Emir he is a picture of health and healthy living how can he advocate anything.

my experience with qatari

hi all, i have been dealing with young Qatari university students studying in uk for years so i know a bit of them. it is true that Qatari don't hang out with others except their won breeds, this same statement was also said by a Saudi student whom i met in Starbucks in Manchester, he said it is far easier to get along with Kuwaiti and other Arabic speaking people than Qatar.

Qatari can be sociable but lazy, they often ask people to do work for them including coursework, going to post office, etc. They don't really care or respect the UK education system, many of them do attend classes, many don't know where post office are, many (if not most) think money can buy their way of out of problem. I received many phone calls from Qatari parents who asked me to help their kids to skip uni yr1&yr2 so that they can just graduate within a year!!

Qatari are rich and used to be spoon fed, so they always think others are craving for their money, i have many many students who are so lazy, they have lousy attendance rate, terrible exam result but yet they still think they are the best, they always say "uk people don't like Qatari, they are badly treated by university".

Of course some Qatari are nice, but in general they don't really care about others, they have wrong sense of superiority, they think their Qatari primary & secondary education is the best in the world (esp. the young ones), it is funny many wanted to study in top uni in UK but only after 1 year they regretted, they cannot even compete so they think the system is against them.

Anyway, my impression towards Qatari is bag of mixed feeling, they are boastful but can be friendly, they are arrogant but can be helpful. But I will certainly won't like to work in Qatari (or any middle east country).

WPC petroleum conference


i'm going 1week on visit in qatar next week...

i'm quite curious to see everything by myself..

i let you know how it was




It's funny to me that I had suspected this of the country being racist. They are presently in my country (Jamaica) to recruit flight attendants but, what I was curious about, after learnng more about them on-line is that I NEVER saw a black person in their advertisements. So why should a black person like me work for them? Slavery has been abolished years ago I dont wish to go back there. Thanks for the insight.

new in town

Well i just got here last night from houston, my first issue was i have to work on a sunday, then i got off the plane and its like stepping into an oven, hell may be cooler than this stuff. I like female companions , no matter where i am, n no matter where it lead, then i see all this in stuff black coveralls n i dont know what to make of it, when to one club/hotell merweb or so, they want id passport and kind of stuff,, intelligent report was that 2 years ago one native took a friends wife to a hotel to chill, n some found out call the husband who got pissed off that someone is getting a free ride , he tore up JODI real bad with knife, so they pass a law to track their own, plus anyone else and also ban local/citizens from clubbing.Im used to racism, i'm black n dont know why, i was born that n cant blame god/God i dont have his phone number n my fellow human have issues with jew n black. Well im a pipeline engineer here few months n go by my biz, o got 2 franchise in d state n life is good, i'm here because i want to not because i have to, no matter how much oil or gas they have, they will always need me. Human is human worst enemy period. I wish some can tell me where to go find some real female , aparently local/native can not mingle with exparte or outsider. I say if u can catch at the cube.


I do not agree with the comment, "I find it fucking hilarious that such people have all this wealth, which they only use to buy the most costly of things and live in the most expensive manner."

You have seen a small percentage of Qataris who are rich, majority of them are either poor or not as rich as you think. The plastic card game is catching up :)

Fired for nothing

I was working in Qatar fir some time and someone send email about me to company and they wouldn't let me read the email but everyone else it was fine, because of this email my contract was terminated and they treated me like top criminal within 5 days I was back to my country, I am wondering if this has happened to anyone else

.. I feel very badly treated that something personal about myself was sent and everyone else could read it and me no!!! Is this right.. Isn't this illegal?

I was shocked and astonished at how some migrant workers are treat because the colour of there skin they can't go into the malls.. Come on what happened to world peace and freedom!! Does it really matter where a person is from if you look beneath the colour race or background we all have the same inside we all have red blood we all have the same organs so therefore we are all the same and all deserve to be treated with respect!!

If your a single white female walking sure you will be stoped and asked how much or if you need a ride and if you refuse then u will be called some unkind names bitch being the favorite!

Qataris have no respect for anyone !!

I would advise everyone who's thinking to go there DON'T

The women here are unkind to you, they have no decline for there children and I can say that the nickname dohell is very correct for this country!

Qatar needs to improve on Human Rights

I had been in Qatar for a very long, and have seen things that made me sad and to conclude that neither human rights nor even islam existed in that country adding the other arab countries, even Saudi to the list. Maybe, that is why there is no peace or unity in those places. In Qatar and other arab countries, there is definitely oppression of poor people. It doesn't matter which nationality, but it is definitely wrong. I've seen and heard about some people getting deported for reasons that can't be logically understood. Secondly, there is no voice or freedom to express one's opinion on even one's own personal problems without thinking of the trouble one can invite. Also, if you get in to trouble with wrong people, you are indeed in trouble and there is no-one to support you, not even your embassy unless it belongs developed nations. A flimsy human rights watch does exists, but that's just for shutting up the international world.

All the riches, glory and wealth wont run for long and eventually there will be a time when one will eat the fruit of what one sows. This is what history shows us and lessons we can learn from it are for those are wise and stay away from all kinds of oppression.

"We Qataris are so innocent"...but yet, they're deadly

The first time I came in Qatar (which is in 2005), I feel delighted upon gazing on how modern country the country was. The people were nice upon our arrival and my family was happy to live in Qatar. There were many opportunities for my father to be employed and I always thought that Qatari are nice.

After experiencing Qatar for 5 years, everything in Qatar was engulfed with chaos. Slavery, feud, racism, discrimination, idleness, ignorance and what I'm shoced at, is rape. I can't believe they made us fallen into their trap. The sad truth is yet revealed by my own vision. The place have less opportunity and yet there's not much entertainment. Culture is not adapted well and welfares towards the foreigners is not adapted. There have been countless acusation encountered by many individuals (due to their race and ethnicity). Laws & regulations are made but for racism purpose.

The place is hot and the climate is humid. Not to mention, most of Qataris (not all) never respect any foreigners (Except Australians, Americans, those from Euros and British) which lead me into dissapointment. Especially for those Asians who're treated unequally.

All I could say is that, these guys need to be helped before they destroyed themselves. Sure, these guys still need to learn on how to behave like a normal human


I came from there (just a stopover) and those people are extremely rude and unhelpful...in shor they are VILE SCUM!!!!

With all the respect

With all the respet for that Qatari guy who talked about human right building...
Fo Your Information... I was born, raised up, lived, educated, and lived all my life in Qatar, and in the end I has deportation, just COZ OF MY CETZENSHIP.. believe it or not.. that's the true
Coz Qatar has bad relations with the country I hold it's passport. ( without mentioning names)
What crime I've made with my nationality, so I have to be deported???
What Crime I made so I can't get a good job in the place i live my whole life????
Guess what!!! Once I step to the Human wrights building i will be fuckin kicked out right away...
Believe it or not..
Most of people posing comments here, were in Qatar for 4 or 5 or even 10 years... but I was born here, my whole friends were Qataris, I know how they think and how their point of views...
Honestly... I love Qatar, I can't hate it, my whole memories are there.... but I don't consider it as a civilised country, coz civilised countries never do this.
I know about Qatar and Qataris more than anyone does.. I know even more that Qataris themselves know about themselves.

wwwoooaaahhhhh... whats with

wwwoooaaahhhhh... whats with all the anti-Indian comments... it probably so happened that the ones you met were "your nasty and unearthly smell and all" so you have now declared that any Indian is a nasty smelling stereotype? wtf?!?!? seriously... dude you've got issues... I agree with most things you have to say about Qatar as a country. (now that the are hosting the 2022 WC and shit... they need to be better than this)... but whats with all the hatred against India... have you been there?!?!? ever tried to get to know any one from India???


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for opening my eyes and giving me such valuable advices before I am heading to Qatar. Luckily, this plan has been called off. Never ever happen to me!

Down with Qatar

Wont be long before the civil unrest reaches Qatar and the ruling family are kicked out and democratic elections are held.

What about professionals

Can someone please comment on how professionals such as IT Engineers and MBAs from South Asian countries are treated in Qatar?


About Professionals

My advice to you would be not to go or work in Qatar. The unrest in the middle east at present will spread to these regions too.

These people have no respect for any other nation except the white nations. I have friends and relatives that have worked in Doha, and have expressed it being the worst country to work in.
They have left and gone else where. Being Asian, you have no chance!

Qatar Sucks

I've lived in Qatar for 3 years almost and I have never seen a worse place in the whole world.
The Qataris are Ignorant Argent pig headed sons of bichs this place is shit.
"If" u cum 2 live here make sure u bring your own furniture because all the shitty excuser for it here falls apart after 2 minuets.
I was walking down the road when this random Indian guy smashed a light (I praise him he will have some good reasons for hating Qatar) the police came and tried 2 arrest me WTF so my friend came and started shouting at them then we got in a taxi and went 2 a mall the police followed use.
We changed taxis until we were sure we'd lost them so we went 2 my car and they were waiting there so I portended I was a driver and drove the car 2 an other compound were they new me and left my car there then came back 2 pick it up in 2 days.

Don't live in Qatar I mean it


Ok , i have 1 question why qataris are rascit towards brown skin , they too are brown skin and qatar ruler himself looks almost very dark brown and he even looks like 100% pure indian from southern part like kerala , i been living in saudi arabia and i can tell you its a good country , no rascim towards colour but there is one rascims thats if your from western country you will get good salary , and related stuff and saudis will worship your arse. i thought of moving to qatar but after reading this site , i think i am better in saudiya.


i will be going to qatar soon for work, as what i've read i got scared... is it safe to work in pharmacy or mall in qatar? please give me advice

World Cup

Wow, now they are hosting a world cup..what is this world coming to?!?!

Qataris are nymphomaniacs!!!

i worked there for a year and a half and i really experienced so many bad things there!!! one is that eye raped, i have seen so many fucking qataris fucking inside their land cruisers and thinking its their own house as their law says, conservative muslim country..hahaha what the fuck!!! the government should be open to their people that they are like horny disgusting dogs... they are very lazy too...i had a part time job in so many qatari houses as a tutor and i have seen fucking condoms just everywhere in the house!! qataris fuck u all! go and have some education and ethics!! Qatari culture really sucks!! they even dont know how to brush their teeth and take a bath! they just spraying those nasty perfumes over their body without having a dipped in water to cleanse their dirts!! and even for the ladies they are not changing underwear for a week..they will just throw it to their maids to iron it and wear it back!!! what is that!? and acting like silent type whore outside! with so many colours in their faces like a masked dog bitches!!!

Mostly qataris have no brains at all! they just know how to eat, sleep, drive and fuck!!! All ya MUK MAFI KALBA!!!!

qataris are horrible dick heads.

mthey kill, maim, make sex slaves my kenyan sisters. one sister told of how she was pushed down from a 2 storey building and broke her ribsribs.....the fucking bastered dint even want to take her to the hosp.


Don't Worry Qatari

Don't worry Qatari, expats here are just venting.

It cause they are treated as tools (like a bulldozer or a shovel) when they are actually human beings. Like all human beings they want to feel a sense of belonging.

Its a pity that Qatari's are not as mature as their hostage tourists.

Please... treat them with "fucking" respect, before they leave you country and you have to rely on what you you treat as 3rd or 4 class sub-continent citizens. Yep sub-continent NOT sub-human.

Nice try at being all civilised.

My experience

I recently left Qatar on the guise of a weekend trip. I am a school principal who was working there for a short time and would definitely agree that it's a country with first world money and third world systems. As a professional, I found that the local labour laws do not adequately address contract discrepancies.

In reading over some of the comments on the site, it is unfortunate that degenerate islamiphobic nitwits write silly things about the religion. The religion is beautiful; the people in that country need work. Perhaps if they read into social/economic/historical theory about a people who suddenly find wealth without the social capacity and infrastructure to spend it properly, they would understand without having to insult all the people.

Most Qataris are modest and keep to themselves. I found them very respectful of woman and others. In coming to the country, as a white male, even though I am a Muslim, i knew that i would be second or third on hierarchy. You re are going there to get paid, deal with it.

My strong recommendations before going to Qatar:

- Do not take your Letter of Job Offer as the be all to end all. Your contract is what matters.

- Be well aware of the rules around resignation. I find that it's hit and miss here. As a Canadian, I know there are a few good companies like the College of the North Atlantic, but if you are being recruited by a school, know what your contract says about resigning. Some places do not accept resignation mid year, which normally wouldnt be an issue for any teacher or principal, but there are schools with little professional structure, and it's important to have that option.

- Understand that you come and leave under your employer's approval. I ve heard of some stories, not too many but some, of people not being able to leave. Worst case scenario, you would have your case with your employer immediately taken to court and would be able to leave the country (not being able to come back for two years without their consent).

- You are unlikely to be able to switch jobs. In my case, I was considering switching under my wife's sponsorship if she found something but found out that was very hard to do. Without a consent letter from your previous employer it is difficult to switch jobs.

So basically, you re taking a risk. If your company/employer is decent, your life is good. If not, you will probably start need to looking into how you can resign or leave on the weekend...

To the teacher

I spent 2 weeks in the UAE doing business and I was treated well but had a very bad feeling about the place. I couldn't put my finger on it but I think it was due to the lack of freedom or their power to take it away from me! Also, it seemed that every woman was a prostitute even if they wanted to be one or not. If you went to a bar you are immediately taken back with prostitutes. I'm not talking about brothels but every bar/hotel in town! Even the Filipino workers from the neighbouring hotel would come and try and pick up western men while the arabs just sat back and watched.... It was disgusting and I'm not talking about corporate hotels but also the Atlantis (Palm) and others.

I was really shocked and would never take my girlfriend there even if it were free! This would be due to arabs asking how much, the threat of being put in prison or the assumption she is a Russian prostitute to other expats.... I could go on but I wont. I have been asked to go to Qatar and Saudi on a regular basis but have refused and quit my job because I don't want to do business with them. I found them to kiss my arse but it also felt that I was their infidel and they didn't actually have any respect for us. The Filipinos and other foreign workers were very nice and it was quite sad to see how they were treated

Don't get me wrong I am especially well travelled and went there open minded without prejudice. I have spent time in China and loved the place and felt safe. HOWEVER I will not go back to the middle East as there is no point and nothing to see and do. I am really writing this on my very short experience in the UAE but I wanted point out some potential similarities you will find in Qatar. AND If you are British then don't expect preferential treatment...because they now think they own us aswell!!!

Also a word of warning for men who have never been- DO NOT STARE AT THE ARAB WOMEN. If you don't know why then I suggest you find out fast! (But of course its OK for them to stare a western women...) Its all backward and I sometime question whether we are of the same species!


Am a Qatari and I don't mind that you're insulting us that much, because I see that you've suffered when you came here and it's very probable that you did... I also detest how the youth here have turned out, the majority of them are stuck up and ignorant and only care for superficial things but I'd like to justify why they act that way

I honestly think that all the problems in Qatar spawned from the shitty ass ruling family here... they're the ones who dictate what's "cool" to wear and do and thus the youth follow them like the lambs they are... and 99% of the ruling family's members are stuck up pieces of shit and I agree with all of the list's insults if it was directed at them... and by the ruling family, I mean anybody who's last name is the same as the amir

Members of the ruling family are the ones known to marry their relatives (so the family fortunes won't go to other people)... most faggots in Qatar are from the ruling family , they're the most superficial people with their lambos and porches and watches that would cost a labor worker his salary for a 100 months, and they, as I've said earlier, are the most stuck up

But the people don't complain or speak because they are being forcefully silenced by the power of money and greed, like their mouths are being stuffed with money so they speak up...

However, I must admit that most expats that I've seen have it pretty much made up here, or else they wouldn't even be in here... as you've said, it's hot and humid and people here are not welcoming and above all, people part with their families to come here, so if they didn't have a good enough reason to be here, they wouldn't... by expats I don't mean indians and filipinos but americans and brits etc.
and If anybody who's currently in Qatar and is being treated unfairly and is reading this, the human rights building is in Duhael opposite to Dahl al hamam park... I hope that they help you as they've helped others

In conclusion, I'd like to thank you for making this website... thanks to it, you've revealed to alot of people how much this place needs improvement before it can be called a satisfactory place to live in... I just hope that this won't continue in my children's generation

Shocked !!!


seriously is qatar that bad ? i mean i thought uae was like qatar but after reading this i am utterly shocked ! i have lived almost 15 years in uae and yes there are these things which have been mentioned by you guys... but its not THAT MUCH ... yes they have some racist stuff happening there but over the time things have changed and i can easily say that uae is by far better than qatar.

i got a job offer as an electrical engineer in Doha but after reading all of this i am having 2nd thoughts..i wont move just for an extra 5K riyals... you guys are right no matter how much they pay,no one,no human can ever put up with these qataris.


The worst fuckn airline to work for. Absolutely no regards toward staff. that saliya prick, don't even want to waste my time talking about that mazaacker!!!


i just got through the selection process of qatar airways..
it seems it really sucks there...wonder if i should go
Doha seems to be very small as well...do we get bored to death there?

Jealous, LOL

That's funny.......I'm jealous of a Qatari who has never worked a day in his life.

Sorry thing you dont understand is most of the world feels sorry for you for being in the life you have. Most people (as you say "google it") from the civilized world actually believes in working for what you have in life, in one way or another. To be given things just because of an imagined importance is to be blunt "LAZY".

On the contrary, I dont do very well finanically, I'm always away from family because of work, but you know what I'd rather be me than you. I feel sorry for you more than anything. You talk of your people graduating Harvard and Oxford...obviously not you by the English you use in your post. You say you love your historical and scientific knowledge....name one invention / discovery to come out of middle east region (not counting the suicide vest) in the last 350 - 400 years.....you can't, because your cultures have been at a stand still for that long or longer. I can name thousands of things you either import / or have copied from the rest of the world. Everything from cars and motorcycles, to shampoos, to foods....read the lables, made in qatar, made in saudi, but where did the come from U.S. England and others. I feel sorry for you never having anything of your own and just having to rely on the rest of the world for your advancement for the last couple centuries......your culture is stagnant.

Of and where are those guys that graduated the "boring asshole universities".......still unemployed living off the money that others give them, or employeed but too self important to actually do work and cause their co-workers more work.....That's not jealousy you describe it's pity for you......

Yes I'm billionare , Yes I'm Qatari , Yes You are jealous .

for all slaves who escaped from Qatar ..

" Don't step your filthy legs on our oil land "
H.H jassim says

We are the camiels heros and Lamborghinis too .

We can ride everything . even your country presdent .

We can do this . " Google it "

Most of my friends finished your boring asshole universities . They graduated from Harvard and oxford etc....... Fucking stupid ..

And over all .. we love our intelligent historical most scientific language .

if you want the respect here speak Arabic . .. you know what .. you can't because you are loser and useless stupid sheep brain . who don't respect the money and the humanity .

We didn't and will not declare any war or force things against any innocent . as you did .

?? ??? ????? ?? ???? ?????
OH , wolves doesn't care about the goats farts .

Qatar living

Well this is just what one expects from a clown like you.
Having just left your despicable state for good and heading back to civilisation I pray that your gas reserves run out tomorrow so you go back to what you are good at, riding flea ridden camels and living in disgusting tents in the desert.

As what I have seen/witnessed over past two years, the state of Qatar has nothing going for it, but gas. How in hell do they think that they are in line for the 2022 world cup, it would be the biggest screw up in history if they were to be successfully in the bid.

One up side to living in Doha is that while you are off banging a boys ass, we the expat's are screwing your horny wife's

On a final note, the retard Qataris are giving Arab people a bad name, good ridden to all of you

What gets me is how so many

What gets me is how so many Qataris are under the impression that everyone LOVES it there! You hear it all the time.."not because Im qatari but everyone I spoke with says this is the best place to settle down in or that qataris are so much nicer than everyone else blah blah blah..."
Now I'm back in the US and reading this website I see I'm not alone in HATING Qatar.
My friend from Kuwait visited me there and wouldn't even visit his own cousins who are Qataris. Something about being Qatari seems to bring out the worst in people.
Sure, there are assholes everywhere and other gulf states are in no shortage of them,but at least one can find a niche and be happy everywhere...EXCEPT QATAR!!!.


Let's see why shall i start... All those 10 reasons are sooOO true...For all you people that want to come out here for WORK or VACATION..You might want to reconsider. These people are fucking terrible. They treat you like your a fucking dog. I went to this park by the Corniche..i heard there was some good thai food there, however they have this GAY ASS RULE where they have FAMILY DAY! And obviously if your not with your family you cant enter the park.You cant walk on the sidewalk...you gotta walk on the street if your not one of them. I somehow manage to park my car in the parking lot of the park and was trying to go back to my car, and one of the guards was shooing me away like i was a fucking DOG. I work on the US airbase out here, and let me tell you..The US shouldnt even be here..Matter fact, US should just give them a payload and call it a day.. But not even drop bombs..I would drop Porn and Pigs..in other words FUCK ALL QATARIANS! In conclusion for all of you that want to come here to work, i advise you NOT. Don't waste your time just because you making a little bit more money. Money isn't everything. Until then! Laters!

Screw this country

I'm an American educated Asian guy who worked in Qatar. My degree says I graduated from a well known college in the States. I have skills very similar (if not better) to any American with a college degree. I'm a God fearing Muslim, who is supposedly a Muslim brother to the Qataris. I read the Quran cover to cover, and understand its meanings very well.

But in Qatar, only my skin color matters. I must give way for Qataris on the roads, and when I'm in line at the mall. On Fridays, I am not allowed to go shopping at the mall or go jogging at the park unless I am accompanied by my American friends. I am paid based on prevailing Asian rates, which is worlds apart from my American peers. Qataris worship "infidel" Americans but they treat me even worse than they would to a Jew. To Qataris out there, we'll meet again in the Hereafter. You guys are so going to burn.

I love my American friends though. Jews, Gentiles, agnostics, whatever.. we are all humans God damn it.




You left out a few things....

** The putrid smell on the streets. Close to where I live there is raw sewage leaking from the road. That mixed with the smell of indian restaurants and sheesha makes me want to vomit every time I leave my house.

** The eye raping. Went to the mall in my gym clothes because I was hungry on the way home and wanted to pop into carrefour to get some food. Big mistake...

Just left - whew

I lived in Qatar for almost 4.5 years and I am scarred for life. I have never seen more discrimination, more ignorance, more greed and more outright dishonesty in all my life. In local companies its endemic and in the imported ex-pat companies it becomes an infection. I was stressed, sleepless and outright depressed throughout most of the time. The so-called culture/society is fabricated to resemble a Qatari version of real life but look deeper an it all fake. Scratch a little an look at how arbitrary the 'rules' are depending on your nationality. The enslavement of all cultures - some in very obvious ways and others in more subtle ways. It it soul-destroying. It sucks the life out of most of the 'guests'. And just wait until you become familiar with how life works and it will be changed without telling you. Usually in some mystifying and ridiculous way. I will remember how I was treated and when I get the chance I will return the favor. That attitude is a very Muslim trait. Revenge! Yes, Qatar sucks like a $10.00 whore and I can't wait until they run out of oil. Fuck them...

To all the oil rich boys in the sandbox

America and China are on the verge of alternate energy research.

Soon there will be no need for foreign oil.

I understand the Qatar royalty invested with Bernie Maddoff.

You do the math.

Hey ! Sambo hope ya kept your Camel and Tent.

Qatari sucks Ass

These fucking Qataris suck to the max. Spent 2 years here working in a fucking shithole where my passport was taken away from me under the pretext of immigration laws. Fuck that shit.

So true that without the Indians, Egyptians, Filipinos doing the dirty work for them, their socioeconomy would collapsed in an instant coz these Qataris only know how to scratch balls and play Tetris in front of their computers everyday! For fuck sake, what year are you in? Tetris???grow the fuck up and learn more advanced games like Zuma and Bejeweled even if you want to laze.. That's why u fuckers will always lag behind in the modern society and u dunno shit and u will never catch up with the rest of the world!

Never come to Qatar. Spread the message!

Greek/Mexican working in Qatar!

I won´t make a long comment...I can say, for sure:



Never....ever will I step on that country again.

Please, let me get out

Damn, Qatar really does suck....got that nail-on-the-head.

I was there just 5 months (..worst of my life...), got jailed for many days (no charges) for........ seeing a girl! After two days someone started to answer a few of my basic yet pertinent questions, i.e. why have I been arrested? First reason was because I was 'drunk in public' (nope), I argued the point, then was told in fact I was arrested for 'unmarried sexual relations' (haha! sorry....nope again, not this time). After asking for clarification (i.e...when?), I was told I had, in fact, been arrested for...tresspass!

I was left to eat the occasional trough of s**t in a cell, sleeping on the floor - completely empty, bar the other 15-20 men (most also with no clue what they were doing there)....for another few days, before being released / remembered. I was lucky compared to some of the other guys in that cell.....some didn't know why they had been arrested either...MONTHS ago! The length of this limbo seems to depend on your nationality.

I've made a vow to myself never to enter Qatar again...and to tell as many people as opportunity provides - just how much Qatar sucks.

The situation at the immigration desks in the airport sums the place up nicely I think. There is little drama at arrivals immigration...the real sweat starts pouring when trying to get out of the country. You can see it in everyone's faces; the queues to the exit-desks are populated by people all thinking the same thing - "please, let me get out".


That is the only way to decribe them and most of the other slimy, disgusting, untrustworthy letchy Arab Ex Pats who are there... I lived there for a year and a half and was the most anti racist person you could meet until I lived there. I am a British citizen and yes thank you very much for the money they paid but it is no where near enough to put up with living with these people

give them some time

give them some time to reclaim their consciousness untill when the oil run out, their desert kingdom will be washed away in dirt. thier great warriors will have to look for jobs outside their expertises. a tale to tell young children when the writers get old. an old dream.

hang in there dear friend...

you have written an interesting comment...and it would be interesting to see if there are more people out there like yourselves...


I am Qatari myself but I was brought up in the UK where I lived most of life there.I am no different from all the comments that have been expressed,in fact I blatently hate this place and bored to death.Since I am back here I have noticed all types of racisim,mistreatment,reclkessness,etc...I thank god that I was not brought up here in this environment.I am so astonished by lots of things in which people mentality still of 1940s and not willing to change.I really do not feel that I belong to this place at all as I am facing problems everyday which somehow make me regret coming back here.


About the comment of them

About the comment of them being lost, it's because they choose to be that way. I have lived all over the world and give people every chance to proove themselves as desreving of the air they breathe....

Only in Qatar have I been so disappointed to find so few deserving. They show no respect to anyone, no caring of life or death of themselves or others, example driving!

It's a disgrace the way they treat others, than want to be treated better themselves.

Instead of insulting people,

Instead of insulting people, we should try to understand. Some Qataris are just lost, they are victims of modern society who were given all these material things, and they have been blinded. They are now far away from their origins, from God. Maybe someone wanted this to happen???




to be true

Qataris are not humans at all, except a handfull for the rest all male are looking for a white skin to fuck and when they dont find any one in despration they rape philipino male or young kids playing in the streets and there female are fucking there drivers, and very frankly one driver is hitting the sister the wife the daughter and in some cases even the aunties of the male basterds. this is the fact not the bullshit, I have seen it myself.

its sooo true!

its so true knowing this with a friend too..that private drivers or personal drivers drives them too in the bed with a women at the back door waiting for their turn and the craziest thing is that, they are just in a family...the driver will fuck the wife, daughters and aunties and some friends..qatari women are lazy ass as well...they just know to fuck, eat, shop and beats their maids!!!! they are fucking big ass, big boob, big mouth and have the smallest brain in the world!!!!

Qataris = Retards (apologies

Qataris = Retards (apologies to the retards).

We have decided to call them

We have decided to call them Qatardi's as not to disrespect some people.


so funny !!:-)

(haha even funnyier this captcha question..math 2&6=
is that to keep the qatardis away ?!

Qatar fucking sucks.

I COMPLETELY AGREE. Qatar is the most horrible country on earth. I advise everyone to NEVER ever go there. It will drive you mad!

qatar fucking sucks

me u guys scare me......i thought i could actually find it easy with women of qatar, am about to move from nigeria as an optometrist.i guess am going to masturbate like hell.
how do i convince my fiancee to live with me in this country you have portayed in bad light

Fiancee !!~!~

Your Fiancee cannot live with you as it is deemed illigal...you need to get married

the way I see it is that the

the way I see it is that the country will be in serious trouble sooner or later, no income tax and full of people with no real allegiance to the country.

I spent quite some time in

I spent quite some time in Qatar and I hated it!
I went there without any prejudice towards arabs/qataris but after some time I got to hate them!
If you are european or american (at least white colored) you get treated as a second-class person. Lucky you! If you are indian, pakistani, sri-lankan, etc, you are nothing.
You have to accept being treated like shit, you have to accept that you wife is being disturbed by arab men, you have to accept (as female) that locals will chase you and follow you home, you have to accept that you have no rights and you have to accept that if you complain you get imprisoned.
I saw the labor camps in Ras Laffan, Messaid and Doha and I saw how foreign labor is being treated every day!
They have this funny "zero-accident-policy" at the construction sites and in order to maintain zero-accidents they simply dump the injured ones or dead over the fence or drive them out so they can claim it didn't happen on site and don't have to pay. Thats just one example!
All the fancy skyscrapers and expensive cars cannot cover what is going on in that shitty country! It might look impressive to tourists or stupid expads who only want to see their fancy homes, offices and shopping malls. What's pissing me off personally is the fact that the westerners (together with indians, pakistanis, etc.) are building their country and in return they are treating us like shit! I'd strongly recommend to any qatari to think about where you were 30 yrs ago. You were still living in tents and fucking your camels! I hope I will see the day when you run out of gas or you econmy collapses and you get kicked back to where you come from!

fuck this place

qatar sucks were at al udeid air force base and this country sucks ass, people spit on you at the malls, and god damn they stink.

South African woman jailed for 10 days in Doha.

A South African woman in Doha was arrested on the scene when she hit an Indian pedestrian who had to be hospitalized.The woman was jailed for 10 days before her case went to a small court, she had to pay 2000 riyal to get bail and now has to wait for another court date when her sentence will be served.Her husband tried getting help from the South African embassy and with no help was told to seek legal advice.This is just one of the cases that shows you how their system works and that there is really no true support system for expats,you are on your own!

To the teacher willing to

To the teacher willing to relocate!!!!

If you do not have to pay anything for accomodation and utilities bill, and you being single, I believe 10500QR although not a very good amount should be enough for you. It equals about £1700. Now if you would want to either rent a car or get a new one, that would cost you around 2000QR a month on average and that is including the cost of petrol. Your groceries bill would be almost same as in the UK.

I dont know how much teachers get paid here but then the salary is taxable. There you dont have no tax to pay. About racism and derogatory remarks, honestly speaking depends man, Qataris dont even talk to other nationalities, how the hell would they act racistly against others. Atleast that's what I have seen.

I do not know much about exit entry permit thing.

From my experience I can say that after your car, fone and groceries, u would still be able to save atleast 3000-3500QR if your accomodation and utilities are paid for.

If you have any specific questions, post here and I would be happy to answer.


Having not visited Qatar I cannot tell if what you say is true or not. However, one of your biggest issues would seem to be that you consider Qataris as racists. Yet you publish the disgustingly racist view that
" Indians...admit you’re a funny race with your wobbly head thing, your nasty and unearthly smell and all" and in so dong would seem to prove yourself as ignorant and inbred as those who you criticize. I suggest that you put your own house in order first as such sentiments are disgusting and disgraceful.

Because they can't undersand

normal thinking...aka C.U.N.T Wouldn't be a problem if they semi gave a shit, but it's not worth the effort explaining why they shouldn't be dickheads towards everybody. Waste of fucking time. Make the whole area a glass parking lot and let's start all over..

Qatari Citizen

I am a Qatari and I must say that our country does have problems but lets not forget it is still a developing country, it is suffering from the same problems other developed nations did when they were in our developing stage (e.g racism, towards african americans in the U.S. back then) , for gods sake my grandmother used to travel by camel 50 years ago, we'll get the problems fixed soon enough!

developing country?

How long have people been living here "developing" this country? isn't 1000 years enough time to develop? 2000? qatar will still be developing in 50 years when the oil runs out and everyone else leaves. And why is qatar now developing? because the rest of the world is developing it, with oil money. The only reason to live here, is to operate oil refineries and wells for the rest of the world. Who would choose to move here otherwise? Imagine the motivation you'd have to have to move to qatar before oil and mining and such. Fun? agriculture? Space? Animal husbandry? Maybe space. lots of space. Long ago, tribes and civilizations competed fiercely for land of value, with natural resources. Successful civilizations claimed the fertile, green, pleasant parts of the world. Leaving the arid wastelands of southwest asia to desperate outcasts who couldn't compete. No suprise then, that the descendants of such people would never be able to rise above their doomed ancestors legacy of civilization FAIL. And anyway, wouldn't you treat everyone terrible if you had to be born here? what better way to make yourself feel better about being an evolutionary nobody, than to put everyone else down. Thank goodness for oil money. Everyone knows that if you have money, never mind from where or how earned, that you're worth something. right? celebrities? Paris Hilton? Well... I'm sure they're behavior will be rewarded only with stiff condemnation from the rest of the world. Lord knows the USA or any one else would rather hold a puny country of no consequence morally or otherwise accountable for its actions than maintain a cheap easy oil supply. Right? ...hmm.

Umm, no.

Not really. You can't compare apples and oranges together. You said Qatar's going through the same developing processes as the United States had back in the days when racial tension was highly popular in that country. That's not a good example.

You want to know why?

1. When United States of America had internal racial issues between whites and blacks, the country was already developed. It wasn't a developing nation.

2. Racism between American whites and American blacks occured in the 50s and 60s. It officially died down in the 70s. America in the 50s and 60s was already a developed nation. For god's sakes, it's a freakin' superpower, for crying out loud. How can you compare that to Qatar?

3. Social attitude doesn't really represent a country's development curve. Sure, the Americans were racist and in no means am I trying to defend them. But at least they were a self-sufficient nation, on their own dependence. They were developed, economically, financially and politically. They had a strong and powerful, self-sufficient military and possessed great technology.

So racism by itself doesn't tell people of whether their nation is developed or not. Even if Qatar wasn't a racist country today, it still lacks so many things to classify it as 'developed'. I'm sure Fiji isn't a racist country but it doesn't make it developed.

While racism in Qatar is an important topic that needs to be tackled, it is rather unfortunate that racism is only a tiny fraction of the bucket-load of problems that country has. Racism would look like nothing compared to all the other problems Qatar has as a country, which is keeping you guys behind from advancing.

I apologize for hitting out on you like that but I just don't think your example made sense. Once you guys finally change the whole system, then you can start comparing yourselves to US in 1776. And that's only step one. The staircase will have another 999 steps to go.

Qatari Citizen

U call it problems,I call it down rite evil and I will give u my reasons. You proclaim to live by what the holy quraan says...I don't think so.

Maybe not u but some of ur countryman and woman treat any expat like dirt.....ooops sorry unless u American or from the UK then it is like the sun shines out of ur ass. Believe u me they not any better than anybody else and some of them r just as brain dead as certain ppl. Y use American blacks as an example is it that u know nothing else but what u have seen on tv or is it that u worship Americans. Plz and don't tell me any different as u even have their military protecting ur waters and borders....o o don't 4get ur sky's

How dare u use ur mother as an example she had honour and respect...what does most Qataris have...care 2 answer that???

hahah you a

well im mexican american and we do have issue but you guess take the cake i lived ther for two weeks got the fuck out dam you guess are fucking dum come on know im even more pissed that fifa sold them selfs to you putas

Evil Place

It is very sad, very sad how Qatari government allows such cruelty towards expatriates. People come here to earn a living and save some money but usually leave with less than they had come with..The attitudes there need much adjustment, true peices of shit.......enough said


at work you should be fine but on road, there is a lot of disgsting attitudes, both racial; being looked down on and discriminated against , and sexual; getting eye raped by all the sad lecherous lonely, desperate or rich and abusive men that make up the 99% of people wyou will encounter outside of shopping malls, work or hospitals
try and make some good mates as quick as possible, especially iof you are coming on your own

also that money is not so good; they can afford more hold out for more or look elsewhere

Backward is best

If you have any experience of teaching those with learning difficulty you will find an infinite number of potential students in Qatar - especially the locals!

PS Is the Captcha there to stop Qatari's making a posting?

yeah i agree with what you

yeah i agree with what you are saying..al they know is to pray and pray and pray and they are good for nothing....they do not respect women at all and women has got no rights in their country....fuck that..they are just lazy filthy bastards.....i ll never step foot on that fucking country


Hi there. I have been reading through your website and am now TERRIFIED! I am a single, female, british teacher and will be working at a school in Doha soon. Is it really that bad out there? also the school will be paying me 10,500qr per month, and my accomodation is included. Should i expect the kids and staff to be overtly racist towards me? I'm mixed race, part pakistani, part british.

Paki are Pakis

Pakis would say yes to everything and if you dont mind losing ur identity and get sucked in their roles, 10,500 is shit pay,my mum is making over 25,000 per month, and my dad is way over 35,000. qataris are dump and stupid, if you working at Almaha school, its a shit school run by pakis, teachers there used to work in music shops in uk and now teach at that school. Iqra is another shit with nothing to offer. both school are shit and shit teachers, unless you are working for british council, you might be ok ........ good luck

It is true

Yes I worked in Qatar for 2 years...and what had been written and expressed by these disappointed expatriates who worked there are all true. Think twice and hard before you make the decision. Good Luck.

Teaching and working in Doha

1) Never give your passport up. Let them photocopy it, but don't let them keep it for more than 2 minutes for that. They pretend that its absurd that you would want to hold your own passport, and tell you its for your own protection.
2) Even if you are holding your own passport you can't leave because only your sponsor can sign your exit visa.
3) All your movement is tracked, especially if you are a woman, there is a security guard at the entrance of every residential building who logs your coming and going and , God forbid you bring a visitor to your flat! If you go to a bar you need your passport or resident card which is recorded and then your employer / sponsor is informed of your movement
4) If you are a single woman you have a huge selection of desperate men who will think you are a prostitute if you go anywhere alone
5) No way to enjoy private company with opposite sex, can't at home, can't in a hotel, make sure you know how to pleasure yourself!


dont ever hand over your passport to anyone, and yes they are recists



I have to be honest to you. If you look brown, they will be racist towards you. I have been out here for some time, and can tell you all sorts of stories.


Good luck

We've just left Qatar after a total of 8 months in Qatar. QR10 500 is pittens in the first instance and secondly I would recommend that anyone who is thinking of working there drastically reconsiders. The only people who are truly happy are people working for the large international companies like Shell, ExxonMobile etc. The rest receive crappy accommodation, is treated terribly. Ther are no human right laws adhered to and have hell on earth when they decide to leave. I left my husband there alone to ensure that me and the kids were out in case he had trouble getting out. And guess what...he did!! I had two months of hell while they refused to provide an exit permit. Schools have high turn overs in teacher numbers due to this and many other issues.


Teaching in Qatar

Just be warned that if you are teaching Qatar's precious future leaders of this state and you don’t lower your pass standards, their parents will complain to the school you are teaching and your contract will be terminated.
Don’t come here with high hopes regarding helping the Qataris, as you will ultimately be disappointed.
Can put a hundred cases forward for you to go somewhere else teach other that Qatar, the decision is yours?


as long as you are teaching in the british, canadain, or american school you should be fine.

i know

i lived in qatar for 9 and a half years and thats exactly how i feel and the qataris wear giant snow jackets when its like 70 degrees fehrinhiet with a slight breeze !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally im out that god for bid country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!