Convicted Child Rapist Qatari Prince Hamid bin Abdal Sani Will Not Face Trial; Sex With Many Underage Girls!

Doha/Prague - Qatari Prince Hamid bin Abdal Sani, whom a Czech court found guilty of sex with underage girls in 2005 and who was afterwards extradited to Qatar, will not face trial in his homeland, as the Qatari prosecutor general has halted his prosecution, Czech station Radio Cesko reported today.

After his Czech sentence in mid-2005, Sani appealed the verdict, which therefore did not take effect. On the decision of the then Czech justice minister, Pavel Nemec, he was extradited to Qatar for further prosecution.

Radio Cesko said the Qatari prosecutor general halted the prosecution of Sani on January 27, 2007 already.

The Qatari judiciary allegedly informed the Czech Republic about the decision via diplomatic channels, but Czech officials say no such information has arrived.

A month ago, the Qatari prosecutor general personally informed the Czech ambassador to Qatar, Antonin Blazek, about the halt to the proceedings, Radio Cesko said.

Prague extradited Sani to Qatar on condition he were put on trial.

Previously, a Prague district court sentenced Sani, a member of the Qatari Royal family, to 2.5 years in prison for having sex with 16 underage and adolescent girls. The court ruled the verdict in spite of Nemec's previous decision to extradite Sani to Qatar for prosecution.

The district court, and the regional court stated Nemec's decision was unlawful. However, the High Court later said the law allows for the minister to make such a decision.

As a result, Sani was released from Czech custody and he left for Qatar.

On arrival home, he was arrested, spent eight months in custody and was investigated for another couple of months. The Qatari party then asked the Czech Republic for Sani's file, translated into Arabic, which it gained in late May 2006.

Source: comments: Something happened with this case that isn't being reported. I believe Nemec was probably paid handsomely for extraditing this scum. I say put both Sani and Nemec in the same jail cell for about 20 years. It won't happen though because when you're a Qatari prince you can get away with anything! Anyone think Sani feels regret about fucking little girls in the Czech Republic?


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