So true


I am a Bulgarian and have left Qatar this morning. I have spent there six months working as a "white face engineer" for a glazing company in the Industrial area. I am so glad I left, though it didn't go smoothly, as you may expect.

I confirm that everything in the film is 100% thruth and I have seen it with my own eyes.

I am happy that I am home, but my thoughts will stay with the guys, that still suffer there.

Friends, you are not forgotten!

All very true

Used to live in Qatar. Everything on the video is 100% true. It really upsets me to see what hyprocrites Qatari's are!

And they are awarded the world cup - talk about money power! Shame on FIFA!!!!

Boycott these awful people

It outraged me to know people like this exist! Sticking pins in people asking for wages you promised them? Are you kidding? Boycott the World Cup for gving these scum bags the right to hold an event bringing human beings together. People doing these things to others are not human beings.

You should be awarded for having the courage to start this website.