Qatari in His Own Words: "It is Against Our Custom and Traditions to Join a Private Company"

Low salaries and lack of privileges apart, taking up a job in the private sector can lower the social standing of a Qatari.

Qataris value social prestige more than anything else, so fighting this kind of perception attached to private jobs is one of the most formidable challenges the planners in the country face in their drive to push nationals into private employment.

"It is against our custom and traditions to join a private company. It can lower our social standing," Nasser Abdullah Al Ajmi told Al Sharq. A good thing about government jobs is that nationals are provided on-the-job training and are also frequently sent overseas for training, he added.

The daily interviewed a number of young nationals to know their views on the government's accent on Qatarisation in the private sector. "I don't think the drive is going to succeed because nationals do not like to join private companies," said Ali Galoom.

He said that the absence of social security system and the fact that private firms are not covered under the Retirement and Pension Law basically keeps nationals away from private companies.

Qataris look for jobs in the government sector due to prestige, stability and security...things which are missing in private sector employment, said Khalifa Ibrahim Nisf.

A trend has now begun where public shareholding companies are increasingly employing Qataris, he said. But, according to Ali Al Mohannadi, some four Qataris employed with listed firms are quitting their jobs on an average a month due to various kinds of pressures.

Most people say that Qataris are not hardworking people and they don't have enough work experience.

"I think the best option with the state is to issue guidelines to listed companies to employ more and more Qataris. Ali Al Marri also thinks that the Qatarisation drive in the private sector is not going to bear any fruit.

"There are people I know who have remained unemployed for years on end waiting for a government job to come their way. This is our thinking," he said. "I have myself been unemployed for five years waiting for state employment," he stated.

Private firms prefer expatriates as they settle for lower salaries and no perks, said Noor Mohamed.

Ali Al Mohanndi said that there are many highly qualified Qataris who remain unemployed. But there are expatriates with similar qualifications, who are employed by private companies in high positions and for higher salaries and perks. "There is a need to strike a balance."

Source: Gulf Times


lazy bumb Qatar nationals

The truth is that this lazy race of dune coons does not like to work for a private company solely due to the fact that they are required to work, yes turn up and perform every day. Where as in the sheltered workshop, called the Qatari government they can sit back eat donuts and drink camel piss all day ( when they do turn up) and get a lowly paid ill treated Indian slave to do his work. Also they have no fear of being sacked for poor performance unlike working for a private company.

just to be clear to all of

just to be clear to all of u. not only qataries, but most of the arab countries hate israel and the uk. so, if we did something bad to a person from another country, im deepley sorry. if we did it to a british person, we dont mind

Well, It's well known as "The corruption country" nowdays

Qatari people should agree about this statement: If you are not good with your family or your relatives, don't expect that you will be good with the others and so on. They are so concered about the physical issues that they might thraw or kill their family for. They are treating people, with whom they were born, raised or even lived with, like animals just because they are non-qataries. What such corruption. If they would like to continue on, Allah will prepare a day for them like "AAD, THAMOUD or even LOOT Folk"

I'm really asking my self: How we'll be together with those arrogant people in Doomsday "Youm El-Qeyama"???!!!

God and yes, the agent "Hasbia-Allah wa neema-al-wakeel"

From: A Muslem


why not create a facebook page and twitter and then link the content via rss between your website and facebook and twitter, it will be nice to share it throug social network website :)
More people world wilde should be aware about the low democratic level and unrespectfull country, before moving there.

Thank you for all your info it avoid a big misstake with my kids, and mainly to go to the hell for money.

I once tried to teach a 27 year old Qatari guy English....

He was the only Arabic guy in the class, a class of about 15 wealthy 20-somethings from around the world: Italy, Brazil, China, Vietnam, Spain, Indonesia, Japan, Venezuela, etc. The school is in Australia.
He was the laziest SOB I had ever met. It was in an intermediate level class, and he refused to write, going so far as trying to get his female Indonesian classmate to "take dictation" for him while in class. He actually just wanted to talk and make her try to write down his unintelligible words for him!
He never did his homework. He let his phone ring in class ONCE. On the second time (ten minutes later) I took it from him (school policy) and said, "You can have it back at the end of the day". He went psycho - "you can't do that, don't you know who I am?" and all that crap, while standing over me trying to intimidate me. Thankfully some of the males students in the class restrained him. Needless to say he was suspended for a week for his outburst, and then the school gets a call from his father in Qatar trying to use his clout to get him back into class.
Thankfully our director held fast and told the "boy" and his father if there was one more incident he would be expelled. Of course, there was. He verbally/sexually harassed a female classmate and his ass was refund.
This was NOT an isolated incident. We find at the school that the Qatari women are great (probably just so happy to be out of their country!), but in general, the Qatari men are a pain in the ass to teach....arrogant, lazy, spoiled rotten!


Yes.....I guess that's what God wants!! But my point is...
If God created them like that....then....why do they treat Philipinos, Hindis, Europeans, that?
I mean, THAT´S WHAT I WANT!!!.....I wanna live in peace and respect with these guys....BUT....the problem is that they DO NOT want to!! U.u!!......When i came to Qatar.... Since my first day in this country...I´ve been bullied in school......I´m quite strong....i was not bullied in Spain....But here...OH MY GOD!!..... They lick other Qataris' shoes as the walk but dont respect any foreign guy!! and JUST BECAUSE THEY THINK THEY ARE THE BEST...Oh and by the way...i know how to unblock this website even if you are living in Qatar ....soo....if anybody needs help...HERE AM I!!


I liked the Qatari guys that I worked with....but I often wonder if they just liked me coz I was a foreign blond?

Yes, I just wanted them to respect me for my personal qualities-as I respected them for their personal qualities...but at the end of the day...was I just considered to be a "prostitute" in their is these things that upset me....can't we all live in peace and respect one another for who we are....isn't that what god would want??

I see Portuguese guy

Im sorry...its true..... i didnt mention wether i'm a girl or a boy. My bad.....

Hello spanish boy

Sorry, but as you didn't mention that u are a male or female we always think that is a girl, anyway...sorry mistake, they send me to jail bcz i receive a coleague in my room at hotel, thats all. A woman alone there in Qatar it is always considered as prostitute...and iam 61yo, not 16 ok?? Sorry mistake.

Excuse me...

Sorry im the Spanish GUY who did post a comment here and i just wanted to make clear that I'm a boy not a "young girl" Portuguese guy. and by the way, are you 16 or 61 years old?

PS: Why did they send you to jail?

Let us boycott QATAR!!!

I always campaign this website to my co-workers who are planning to go abroad particularly in Qatar. And they really found out that this site is vey much worthy for us to know what kind of country Qatar is! It is not only sucks as well as animals. I very much worried when I read issues here regarding people of Qatar. Actually, I have had a contract signing with my employer the MIDMAC Contracting Company recently. And yet I made up my mind afer reading these articles about them. Of course I don't want to happen it too for me.

That's why I am looking forward to a better place not Qatar. I erased it to my mind. None ever. They are bullshit. Heartless and evil.

QATAR or should I say FAQAR

Where do I start with this...hmmm ok let me make it easy for the readers:

1)Qataris are dirty smelly people. They cover their smell with that nasty insence they use
2)all they do all day long is sit pick their nose and toe nails.
3)they drive like they are monkeys, one leg out the window
4)all they care about is their mobile phones, watches, and that scarf they put on their heads looking like a cobra snake.
5)straight up idiots
6)they think they are the best and everybody else is nothn...(keep dreamn)
7)the police in Qatar are from Pakistan, Iran Sudan and others
8)did I say they were idiots
9)if it wasn't for us Americans or others from the civilized world working in Qatar.. you would still be riding the camels, living in tents,
10)I have nothing against gays..but oh lord theres a bit too many in Qatar...

more to come......

I'm crying laughing

All of the above is soooo true! I'm an Aussie and they look to us for first world education on what a developed country should be like. Hard work.

Completely true

Iam 61yo, portuguese and I agree completely with you young girl. I went to Qatar last 12Feb and went to Ramada Plaza hotel where after 6 days the Police (CID) came and took me into jail without any formal accusation. Qatar it is the ass of the world. They have money but have no brain, and it is far to became a civilized country as they pretend. In the famous Deportation Prision I saw hundreds poor maid from all over the globe pain sentence, yes, sentenced because after 24hrs in a jail one is pay a sentence, most of them are there for more than 6 months. Miserable jail, horrible smelling, horrible food, horrible installation. That is what the world needs to know about Qatar. People from all over the world should avoid to go work in Qatar, you are take the risk of going to jail just because your sponsor decide that u are not good enough to work with him, he keep your passport, your air tkt to go back home, don't pay your salary during months and send you to jail to be deported. PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD, AVOID QATAR, THIS IS A RADICAL ISLAMIC COUNTRY WITHOUT NO RESPECT FOR THE HUMAN BEING. I felt that when i was 11 days in jail without any reason, and many woman still there waiting to go home. Babies and child in jail, i never knew about that. THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW WHAT IS QATAR. AN ABUSIVE AND ARROGANT COUNTRY WHO THINKS THAT BECAUSE THEY HAVE MONEY THEY CAN BUY ANYTHING AND CAN DO ANYTHING. BECAREFUL QATAR, IRAK ALSO HAD MONEY IN THE PAST AND NOW THERES A HELL. OPEN YOUR EYES, SOMETHING MUST HAPPENS THERE, THE SAME AS your eyes Qatari people.

About you Qataries!!!

Look...Im a Spanish 14 years old who was born and raised in Spain. My English is not good but i'll try my best. You' re saying you Qataris are NOT treat foreing people as if they were animals. You make Indians work to death in the heat and let me ask much do you pay them? Half a Ryal?
What about maids?? Those Indonesian women...You think they want to be what they are, right? I mean, you Qataris think you are the centre of the Earth, don't you?. Only because you have money.That's all. You don't care if those Indian workers get Skin Cancer because of the Sun. A few years ago u were NOTHING. But you discover petrol in your country. Oil and gas. That's all you got. You drive like donkeys, too. You are there with you big Lancruiser, a GMC at home and 4 Quads for your son. WHAT IS THIS?. You need drivers. You are too lazy to be true.It's unbilievable. You are stupid.
Have you heard of the IQ Test? You Qataris got 78%, 100% is the average. Even Bangladesh got better results than yours(104%). Most of you shouldn;t be promoted. You just pay millions and millions to the owner of the school so he can promote your child. And if you are family of the Emir(Al- Thani) ....HA....they won't even look at your reports; they will just sign it and make you pass everything.
And just let me tell you one more time: YOU ARE FUCKING RACISTS. In fact, Qataris bully me at school every fucking day; because i'm European. And, well as a matter of fact, why don't I just leave Qatar?: Because if you are smart enough to re-read what i wrote before you will see that im not an adult yet, I dont have enough money to buy a flight everyday and travel around the world like you do. I'm not as rich as you. You know Lusail Circuit? It's the inly circuit where you can race at night....and...for what?...that's a fucking waste of light, you know?
Can you imagine.....look.....I was in a party and a Qatari asked me if I wanted a Landcruiser. IMAGINE.....A CAR...
You think you can solve everything with money...
Not all Qataris are like this.....but most of them.....

It will change

The oil and natural gas will end, it will take hundreds of years to exhaust, but it will disappear.

Qataris will be in trouble. The country has the third highest rate of birth defects. Marrying family is normal.
Walking through the malls is a freak show.

There is no stigma to having inbred, mutant, retarded children. There is no stigma to not having an education or skills. There is no thirst for knowledge. The muslim renaissance will not begin in Qatar.
If you can read the Qoran, you are considered educated. It doesn't matter if you couldn't make change at a McDonalds.

Sitting in your Landcruiser and honking your horn until someone comes and gives you what you want is standard operating procedure.

When the Americans pull out, al-Udeid will close, and the Saudi's will take over. You used to be able to drive from Qatar to the UAE, they were joined. The Saudi's claimed the land connecting the two, just as they will claim all of Qatar eventually.

Eventually you won't have any petroleum, and the world won't need it if you did. You will discover that you've been paid in worthless American paper, and the assets you've purchased in America are worthless.

If I had to make a long term bet, I'd say India and China both have reasonable futures. Both are striving to educate their children and modernize their countries.

It will be ironic that the Indians that you are working to death in the heat, will eventually overrun you.

Retribution is a bitch.

Enjoy feeling like the kings of the world. Enjoy thinking everyone in the world wants to be Qatari. It's a beautiful dream that will end, sooner rather than later.

You will see few Qatari responses here. This site is blocked by QTel, the Qatar Telecom. People in country cannot see this site.

There is also a CAPTCHA Math Question. Mine says 11+3=?
In case you are Qatari and would like to respond, the answer is 14.

Hello Mr. 19 year old Qatari

Well, I've read your sentiments about your country. How I wish majority of Qatari people are the same set of mind like yours. Quite impressive. But u cannot deny what Qatari's behavior and this is based on facts. Well, take care and be a good boy and man as you grow. I hope u will become a good model for them.

im qatari..

alright first of a qatari 19 yr old who was born and rasied outside qatar my whole life. i was born in the states and living there made me see a different side of the world. i also lived in spain indonesia and india and let me just say that yes, my country has things in which it needs to change but it's not as bad or screwed as most of you portray it to be. Yes, we need stricter police patrol and i understand when some of you say that qataris show no respect. Understand that the low sick minded "qataris" are not actually qataris, their mostly bedus from saudia arabia who talk shit and pretend their qataris. there are different sides of this country and like i said, i agree with things having to be changed but just stop saying its as fucked as you say it is. I go to the american school with over 1400+ students and almost the whole high school likes living here. We enjoy life but we also hate how you cant go to certain places at certain times. Like the beach, its not good for a girl to go there on a friday as she will get stared at. We are a growing nation so just give us has nothing to do with me goign to an american school, i KNOW there are people in qatar that deserve to be bitch slapped and just thrown in jail but one day they will learn, as a qatari i'm telling you that they will eventually learn when they go out in the real world. just pleople stop stereotyping us all to be the same, but i agree that there is a portion of them tht r fucked up.

Dear Qatari Friend

Qatar will never be a first world country as they have no mentality for that. They go with their traditional clothes, all white like a pure soul, but inside there's devil planning to fuck all foreign who are there help them, because without the foreigners there Qatar would be NOTHING. They need the foreign there to work as they are lazy, just like to drink in the hotels bar and that is a shame, only two or three hotels allow them to go to the bars bcz their bad behave. Qatari people is not polite, not human, not educated. Education doesnt' exist there. People live there always scared about the Police as the Police is everywhere, in the hotels with cameras and control in the entrance of hotels, in the street, in the shopping centers. Qatar is the middle east country where more they violate the human rights. Qatari people, be careful with your arrogance and stupid behave. All rich countries falls, you too Qatar will falling don't think you are strong like that you will not be punished by what u are doing now with people. American will fuck you all. They fuck Irak, they will fuck you too... BE CAREFUL FUCKING QATAR

About you Qatari!

Well I've read your message but maybe you are already liberalized Qatari and you understand what is human rights based on your education in US system. My friend just look around your sensiblity and find out how people living. Look and think about Qatar which is very far from standard of human manners and approach to small people. Yes I agree with that not all Qatari but in general you are very different among other country in the world.

I understand that it is very hard to accept the kind of society you have but you cannot blame us if we have cooment like this to your country.

There is no humane treatment. This maybe originated to what kind of mindset you have during your ancestry.

Stop it!

I am very much dismayed upon reading these all about Qatar. I am very much afraid about my life and situation there if ever I will work. Actually I am on the process of my visa to work there but as a read these about them I am very much dismayed and horribled.

I will withdraw my self. It is worth nothing to work there.

They are much worst to Saudi people. I've work there and the scenario is quite the same but I think much more in Qatar after reading theses several issues of expat there!

May Allah forgive them! One day they will pay for what they've done for their Muslim brothers and even other people. Let them enjoy of what wealth they have and at then end let them see who will laugh for they are the poorest among the poor in the Kingdom of Allah!

Stop it!

Nobody can win in this kind of argument. Let them be what they are!
Who cares about them! Qatar should enjoy what wealth they have and at the end let them pay for what they've done. If they really believe of what Holy Koran says to Muslim world, well, let them know and re-read so that they will be enlightened!

My question is where are you going Qatar, then!? You are poor among the poorest and abandoned among those who will be the first in heaven of Allah! Allaho Akbar!

i'm Qatari. Please read. Stop Stereotyping

I agree with everyone. Qataris are lazy people. But not all. Qataris do only care about there selfs, but not all of them. But now we are getting educated. We are not bedouins. I'm in an American School. I have Indians friends, and Pakstani friends, and American freinds. I treat my Qatari friends the same as my American friends and Indian. But not all of us Qatari all care about sex. Maybe only a little. But think about a lot of Americans are uneducated. They treats arabs like shit. A lot of the Americans always rape Philippines and Indians. So we are just people. The whole world is bad. Every thing goes by money. I wish everyone had the same amount of money, so no one can be better then another person. And Qatar is changing, it will change believe. But please think about it. Every country there are bad people, and good people. I hope you listen and kind of change your mind about Qataris. And every Qatari who is swearing like a lil kid. Stop it you are just making them thing worse about us... Thank you for reading.

I see

Still your English is very bad, for sure not even high school level. I have been here years ago and now I'm back. I can only confirm Qatar is changing but not to the better, on the opposite. It's getting worse and worse.

no responsibility

I am a western Muslim that worked at QP for about 2 years under contract. During this time, it was ok as i was essentially living like a ex pat with no interest in joining into Qatari daily life with them. Then I become friendly with a few from the masjids/mosques and my education on Qatar and Qataris began.

When my contract ran out, I was "hired" by a Qatari who worked for an Al thani and wanted to build his own company. I established it for him, set up all the infrastructure and external company contracts over about a year, with a car and essentially no pay but with lodging. of course I had my passport kept by him which took about 2 months to return to me.

In his mind, i was treated very well by him and his family, but unfortunately he forgot about everything that goes with hiring someone not of his culture or even continent and his responsibility. He believed that no wages/salary, coersion into his way of life by way of financial control on his part, and essentially ownership of the person by way of control was the way to treat people to get what he wanted.

I believe that he did not understand the mindset or culture with regards to human rights, or equality or just chose to ignore it and everything that is normal in the western world. In the Qatari minds they are the kings in their land and as such have ownership and title over all things inc wealth and soveriegnty and people. They fail to recognise that with globalisation comes global responsibilities in all things whether they like it or not.

The unique perspective that Qataris and Gulfies have in general is from the bedouin lifestyle of times past and they do not comprehend the change that has occurred or if they ignore it it is because they are afraid and ignorant of change and losing control of their way of life. unfortunately, most of them do not see the damage this attitude has on their way of life or perception of them from the outside world.

Human rights is not a term that they and other cultures understand so well, it is up to the international community to effect change from within Qatar by strict measures that protect the migrant workers. Unfortunately, the Qataries buy and bribe diplomats and people in the know that can effect change very easily. Wealth and Greed is the cornerstone of some things and the Qataries understand very well how to manipulate the two to get what they want.

I do not believe they can change unless they lose their wealth and are driven to understand their current way of life must change. I think that the expats should also take responsibility and force the issue through combined action ie strikes, informative action groups, and public shows of dissaproval along with diplomatic pressure. They cannot lock everyone up and if they do, who will run their country for them??

God bless the migrant workers and help them in their struggle to find a better way of life in Qatar!!! and to the Qataris, change will come, so be prepared for it because the people who you wrong do not forget!!!

Eid Mubarak and Merry Xmas and happy new year.

The same things happen everywhere

Qatar does not suck, but economic migration usually disappoints, as people place themselves in the care of greedy, unethical businessmen. For example:

The problem is bigger in Qatar because of the speed of growth, and hence the number of migrant workers needed.

The way forward is education in the country of origin. In a lot of cases, if people knew what they were getting into, they wouldn't come. If people stop coming, the conditions will improve to entice them to come.

whose money is it?

What people like the Qataris forget is, where their money came from.
Who generated the value that they are spending?

Money represents an exchange for value in goods and services.
The original value was generated elsewhere, in the West and Asia mostly, and Qatar is only getting money for things that OTHER PEOPLE have created.
Qataris should realise that they are spending OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY, and, as soon as the need for their gas reduces, the money will stop. The culture of Qatar is so wasteful, they might as well be throwing their gold into the sand, and when it's gone, it's gone.

Look at what happened to the people of Nauru. They were the richest nation in the world, per person, until the merket for their Phosphate ended. Then they became a nation of uneducated, overweight, diabetic, alcoholic, disease-ridden people who could not come to terms with no longer being rich. Their luxury cars, houses, toys and appliances rotted away in the tropical weather. Their society became so sick that they had a huge scandal about incest and the rape of young girls by the "leaders" of the community.

But Qatar will be worse, because they are using what is almost slave labour to build a country of dreams that no-one actually enjoys living in. A country of skyscrapers that no-one wants, with no parking, bad drainage, and endless maintenance problems. A country that does not want other nationalities, but that cannot do without them. Who do they think will fix the aircon, clean the windows, attend to their medical problems or service the cars when the money (and the workers) are gone?
They have become fatally dependant on an army of near slaves to enable them to even live. At some point the supply of workers will stop. Then they will slide back into a worse state than they were when they were scraping a living as fishermen, because by then there will be not be any fish in the Gulf, and no-one will even know how to fish.

A country that will disappear under the waters of the Gulf in a few decades when sea levels rise because of the burning of their gas.

It can't happen soon enough.......

who are these khalijis????

who are these khalijis???? well. let me tell you. those are the big guys in the ME. that means the big guys.
those are the ones stealing everything from everyone including
their empoyers. if they want t do harm..let them get their forefathers
to that stature..why do they do harm to philipinos or indians..these people shall
be bought to international criminal court or flayed off their flush. but you cant do that. because those are the big guys.

let them do it again

let them do it again. these poor good for nothing people hurt the weak. I don't know how far they will go...till the oil ends... these poor bast...s sure they will pay the price...trafficking and torturing of workers lifes. exceeds far more than what god would do in hell...working long hours...half the pay.....or no pay at all in hot weather with minimal or no break at all....too much even to think about...forget experiencing...wallah...they will suffer...for sure....but they will never learn

wallah wallah

hey you guy, badmouthing our precious qatar

why these people don't find job in your country. nobody force them to come to our lovely qatar.

as a rich man once said, you may not like rich people, but when is the last time a poor man gave you a job?

forget about money

forget about money and other things. how could you ever dream where all the tall buildings and think you built with the money...its all for the benefit of the human kind...they were developed...what do you think hummer and ....what do you think the world is built of jobs.....dont ever badmouth about other people.if you dont can anybody ill treat poor people....what do you think...god...keep the richness in your cannot clean the closet, you cannot invent anything, you cannot help, you cannot look at the reality, you cannot shut the mouth....where are you headed...? you think...?

money is always the solution

Money can buy assets which will give us income streams forever

We don't need to work. We are a country of kings

That's the way it is. There is a differences between Owner and workers

qatari's are owners. we are so rich we will never need to work.

Only to own and manage other peoples.

wallah PBUH Mohammed and all muslims. WE LOVE QATAR


Oh My god!!

I came across this site by accident, and I am appalled by the content. But when I actually thought about it, it does make a lot of sense. After all this is a region famous for producing suicide bombers, Osama and other lunatics. I also heard from a Muslim friend that Anti-Semitic sentiments are spread freely in places of Worship and that your Mullahs (or whatever it is you call those towel headed bearded wierdos) approve and even euphemize terrorism!! We have Muslim leaders who do the same thing here, but no one seems to give a shit.

As an Australian, I find it extremely hard to believe that this kind of attitude exists in such a wealthy country. I had a look at Qatar's population and surprise surprise!! More than 60% are non citizens. Your country was built on the backs of Immigrants and you badmouth them. Why are you so lazy to do work?

Oil will run out one day. Just remember that. Then what will you uneducated uncouth Qataris do? Drive your Landcruisers with your feet stuck out the window(How in the world is that done?) and go back to your Bedouin roots? Or shove those innumerable Nokia phones that you seem to have where the sun don't shine to fulfill your homosexual cravings?

I have always wanted to visit the Middle east but now after reading this post I'd rather kiss a toilet seat!

Kudos QatarSucks for lifting the viel off this Monstrosity thats called Qatari Labour laws and spreading it across the world. I have a suspicion that this website would be banned in Qatar, considering what I have read it seems like a closed inbred society with no freedom of religion or press. I will do my part to spread information about this website so that no one I know will ever go to Qatar


Just few facts from my year

Just few facts from my year and a bit of experience living in qatar:

Without the foreigners qataries would starve to death.

They can't cook anything.

Their indian maids do the cooking for them, no wonder their cuisine is mostly indian.

Their indian drivers take them around. And when they drive, they drive like idiots.

Their indian and philipino maids look after their children. That's why their arabic sucks ass.

They're very arrogant and supercilious. They treat their indian workers like shit just because they are indians even though a huge chunk of the qataries have indian mothers.

Most of them have no to little schooling but yet sit on a very high salary, and that's just for showing up to work and doing nothing.

Your qatari employer will rip you off, that's a fact, it doesn't matter who you are or where you come from.

Their idea of you being in qatar and working for them is that you are their slave, and that they are doing you a huge favour. It looks the other way around to me. They are in the vicinity of two hundred and fifty thousands people and the foreigners are some where around one million seven hundred and fifty thousands. I can't understand why so few people need so many foreigners to get their country going.

If you need to buy a car, get a driver's license, or even scratch your balls; you need a "No Objection" letter from your employer.

By the way, if your employer holds your passport, you can complain to the authorities and screw their happiness; since they would be fined QR 5,000 for each passport they hold.

If you are a westerner you can treat them like shit and they would bow to you. I tried this with them. Being a lebanese australian I speak both arabic and english. When I respect them and speak arabic with them, I get treated like shit; Whereas, when I speak english with them they'd go out of their way to help me especially when I yell at the bastards. So if you're a westerner don't be afraid of exploiting this weakness.


PS. Most free speaking websites are blocked in qatar including this one!

Qatari and money

Just a few points to make :

1. Qataris don't have to work
2. Qataris don't need to work
3. Qataris don't like work

You know why?

Banks in Qatar can lend up to .... get this ... 90 times a Qatari's salary to them. If they cannot pay back, inshallah, the Emir will forgive their loans (after all, where can all those gas money go, if not to the Qatari's Land Cruiser)

The monetary authority (i am surprised they actually got one) catch on to this and decided 90 times is too much (wallah, they finally have brain) and decided to reduce that to ....

30 times their salary. Oops, I spoke too soon. Their brain is still stuck in the sand being piled up by camel dung....

God Bless Qatar !!!!


without the English, you are all nothing. You only have the gas but you don't know how to use or develop that black gold...
be thankful to us , because without us you would still be riding your camel in through the desert .........

Impressive to have put this

Impressive to have put this site together, you have put a lot of energy and time to create such a comprehensive anti- Qatar site, so my question is to you, why are you still living in Qatar? =)


Not living there anymore. Also don't plan on going back in this lifetime.

And so the worm turns

expecting more from the Qatari's ?
Be reasonable !, these sorry aberrations only recently emerged out of the Wadis
having spent generations chewing camel BBQ & wiping their nether regions with handfuls of sand
When the gas runs out or western technology transplants the need, these creeps will be back instigating amorous relations with their camels and the world will be a happier, healthier place.
The camels, however, may take objection to this sentiment

We all in the UK love this site

We all in the UK love your site and read it quite often. It's all true what you read about Qatar and Qatari people. There are good Qataris but not many!

i am qatari and fuck all of you

hey there you dumb filipinos.

we never asked you poor people to come work for us. remember, you came to our country, not the other way around.

if you don't like us, you can just fuck off back to the shitholes you came from?

well well well

i am surprised you as a "qatari" can even use a computer or did you use your maid to write this for you inbreed fag... let me see it is ok to hold another mans hand and kiss him but you cannot hold your wife's hand.. what else if it is not for the slave labor your "international airport" will still be a sand lot.... arent you supposed to treat everybody with respect according to your kuran.... if you had maybe of 1/100 brain as your "slaves" you would be in space ...oh i forgot you have no brains and thats why you have others doing everything for you.... china, india and the rest of asia is built on brains and you guys are built by oh i forgot south asians you are truely idiots .... one more thing if it wasnt for gas you also will be just like africa...... oh soon they will have alternate fuel and then you will be collecting camel shit..... cant wait ..... one more thing it is so much to watch the israelis kicking your sorry arab ass (-:

great post

That is the funniest post I have read - ever. I don't agree with everything you've said but there is a grain of truth in most of it.

let me tell you

i just came back from sand lot and i have to say they are inbreed, rude, mannerless, uneducated, well you know what i mean basically idiots and without gas i think this shit hole will go back to the stone age. i truely hate these fuckers!!!!!

Suck it Up - All of you

Ex-pats and immigrant workers will never (well at least for a very long time) be accepted as equals in QATAR because they were not born into this rich family. Yes it is a family. No different to the models used in Europe for the past 2 milleniums, Royalty/Lords/Dukes owned the land, the resources and as such held the money and the power. They treated everybody like plebs until democracy forced them to shared some of the power, I emphisise share SOME of the power. To some part this has now transformed to big corporation business holding a share of the power, influencing where the wealth is shared.

I give you that many 1st world nations are full of polite, caring persons that believe strongly in a sense of community. But pull out the .05% of the population in these nations that hold most of the money and see how nice they are to you.

Qatar is a very young country that has come into immense riches. Imagine what you would do if you won the lottery (500 million dollars). What kind of person will you and family be in the 2nd year of having this money, what if you knew that the money would never end, what would you grand children be like (born into it).

Yes you can complain and you have every right to. You are comparing to your home communities values, but complaining is not going to change this, time is. The more the Qataryan nationals integrate with the other nations they will see that we have some ideals worthy of adopting (a fair go, community spirit, a decent days pay for a decent days work). We are just tourist trying to grab what little gold crumbs that fall through the cracks to improve our life in our own community.

When you complain about the wages over here you only need to look to the 1st world nations. They are the ones that are in partnership with Qataryan sponsor companies. They are the engine in performing all the development projects of the nation. These national companies are providing labour hire, semi-skilled workers, professional services all at bargain basement prices. The governments where these national companies are listed are the ones that can lead the way to force change "if they wanted to". But that would affect their remittal dollars...?

You will notice that I mentioned the word community a number of times. Why, because Qatar will be a truly fantastic nation when they can have sense of community that they believe is worthy of sharing with all its citizens and ex-pats alike.