Slap in the Face: Pay Increase For Qatari Teachers Only!

The Supreme Education Council (SEC) has raised the salaries of all the Qatari teachers working with the Independent Schools. A decision in this regard was taken at an executive committee meeting of the Council held in January this year, which was chaired by H H Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned, according to Al Sharq.

About 1,500 Qatari teachers at the Independent Schools- male and female- will now get a hike of QR2,600 each in their monthly salaries, the paper said.

Announcing the hike, Sheikha Al Mahmoud, the Minister of Education and SEC Secretary General said, the salary hike would motivate more nationals to join the Independent Schools.

The move reflects the policy of the Qatari government to cultivate local talents, she added.

Sabah Al Haidoos, director of the Education Institute at SEC said, the salary hike was introduced following a proposal submitted by the Institute, after a review of the salary stricture of the Qatari teachers.

The Institute found that they were being paid less compared to the Qatari staff in other sectors, she noted. About 50 per cent of the existing teachers at the Independent Schools are Qataris, she added.

The hike will come to effect with retrospective effect from December last year, the paper said.

Source: The Peninsula



hi all thx 4 talking about this matter actually here in the independent schools we are suffaring ,from everythings a-z
and at the end the qatari will get high salary and we will keep working in the same shit ,could any qatari teacher tell me what did she do in the school ,or did she attend any workshop out the school ,or did she teach more then 1 or 2 class ,did she make plans and test or ,,,,or ..etc
in fact all of these works were done by the foreigeners and the qatari teachers are comingg only for chatting drinking coffee ,and having a fashion show ,,,
so really qataaaaaar suck

I read most of the expat comments and remembered UAE

Hi guys,
In the UAE there's no quality of life whatsoever, you are surrounded by bunches of idiots 24/7. Some schools are run by people who didn't manage to obtain even a BA! Principals of some school don't even have a clue that it's kinda normal to greet colleagues at least sometimes. Everybody keeps saying Inshalla. I know it means 'If God's willing', but after spending some time in the shit country I realized it actually means NEVER. I am Muslim myself yet I was shocked to see all those idiots driving luxurious cars, going to discos to get hookers, screaming out silly things like 'How are you? I love you, I will give you money if...etc needless to continue' and then after going to mosque and praying. And I think that the day after will start in the Middle East. People who can't even flash WCs after using the toilet, arrogant, ignorant, very close-minded and at the same time treating poor people working for them without slightest respect will get what they deserve.
I do not want to say that all Emirates are alike. There are some exceptions of course, yet unfortunately, they are very few.

I aqree with everything you say

These Qatari teachers are good for nothing, they drink tea and eat sweets all day if they even come to work. They dump all work on Palestinians, Egyptians and Jordanians (since they can't have Indians to teach in Arabic) and they get the sallary increase. I forgot about the fancy clothing and apparel they brag about all day in schools. Let's put it this way. Oil and Gas are a curse on this country and on other Gulf nations where it should've been a blessing.

Qataries before the wealth used to be very sweet, humble and very helpfull, but unfourtunatly too much money ruins everyone no matter who.

Qatar sucks

This is the funniest thing I've read all year. WE know you don't care about us "stupid foreigners". That's why all the foreigners hate towel heads and everything they represent.

Qatar is the most hypocrital country on earth. How can you justify treating people like shit and then pray every friday? You call youselves Muslims? Just wait to judgement day when you all rot in hell you lazy ignorant, uneducated, baboons. Because that's where your all going for your useless contribution towards society.

As someone said you do need foreigners or your country will turn to shit, even worse then the state it is now. I would love to see all foreigners leave Qatar so you useless shits have to fend for yourselves.

No more sitting on your ass drinking coffee at starbucks all day - if you don't need foreigners why on earth do you copy EVERYTHING from the west? Look around you, you useless idiots coudn't come up with an idea or a plan if it meant your life.

You should be embarrassed to be a Qatari!!!!!!!

one of the worst

one of the worst way to retaliate workers is by accusing falsely. these are being done on delebarate account. only to be seen as common practice in places like this. can you please let us know how far this website reaches. hope the olypimcs is over for the country of big time. lets not confuse with the olympics and the culture. here the culture has nothing to with the olympics or any sorts of sports. everything is being done for the money by the money. god money always keeps ugly. how can they ban the site?

I'd like to see a bunch of

I'd like to see a bunch of these village idiots serving burgers at McD's personally. I'm sure they could screw that up, like everything else they touch.

If the foreigners left then

If the foreigners left then your country would be left to the cats and dogs, nothing would work here except the wind..

You cant clean your own houses, pump your own oil, Qtel would be defunct, you see Qataris building houses? Running banks?

Your people cant even educate themselves, without us you would be a buncha ignorant, dust covered sheep herders and pearl divers.


Get real loser

Qatari rules

Hey man,

Qatari rules. If you don't like Qatar, wallah wallah, get the hell out...

Stop drinking our water, using our cheap electricity...

We pay our people what we like, we don't care about your stupid foreigners....

Get the fuck out of Qatar.. We don't need you...


Hey man, I think you should seriusly review your situation on the planet earth (of which u are part).
If foreigners leave your country goes down the river - very FAST!

..appreciate them or don't, both actions have consequences.


pretty daring comment from a camel shit eater... ever thought of what would remain here if the expats left? Qataris are uneducated, stupid and lazy. once expats leave the country will collapse. think twice before saying stupid things, you already have a very bad image in the world, with your pedofile prince, prostitution, drugs, alcohol, slavery. wake up, get real and start with constructive self-criticism. thanks.

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Submitted by Completely Anonymous on Sun, 2007-04-01 05:13.

Very interesting information. Thanks to the author.

they are like that

they once upon a time brought youthfull and promissing students from all over the world under the pretext of giving them good education yes they actually did well in that , but failed to uplift them , and just left them in the best and ripe time of their formative periods of thier life and academic performance to manage thier affairs and get out of that country under the guise or disguise of qatarisation even though they are then much more qualifeid than most of thier natives ,the feeling is just like throwing a drowning person off boat in the mist of the sea after rescuing him even though they had all on earth like they still have to help and save them from that system of semi education. we thank them , but they still have some sorts of responsibilities towards those fortunate and unfortunate victims ,it is not too late to act, they might even improve the image of that country, because that country is still at heart of every one who had that experience they can find them if they want, long live qatar