Brave: Maid Accuses Sponsor of Sexual Harassment, Assault

An Indian housemaid in Qatar has sought protection from the Indian embassy, alleging harassment at the hands of her sponsor. It's the fifth case where an Indian maid has lodged a complaint against her sponsor with the embassy in less than a week.

Indian Ambassador to Qatar George Joseph said the woman was already sent to the deportation center and her husband would join her on Thursday. The Indian embassy has also formally informed the foreign ministry about the incident, Joseph said.

The woman hailing from Madanapally in Chittur district of Andhra Pradesh, had come to Qatar nine months ago to work at the house of her sponsor in Al Kheesa, few kilometres north of Al Kartiyat. Her husband joined her five months later.

The couple had been working for their sponsor without salary for the last four months.

"When my husband, who is employed as the house driver, asked for our salary, the sponsor not only beat him in front of me but asked me to sleep with him," the maid alleged.

The couple had eloped from their native village after their inter-caste marriage and had been keeping aloof from their families before coming to Qatar, she was quoted as saying by Gulf Times. The woman claimed she got her visa through an agent in Mumbai.

Earlier, a woman from Kerala and two others from Andhra Pradesh had raised similar allegations of sexual harassment against their sponsors in the Gulf country.

Source: Times of India


Please make also like this in KSA

This site is really educational yet informative. I love this site. Why don't you put up also like this in KSA issues and even UAE and Kuwait. There are some shocking issues that we need also to be tackled of from them.


They are the same in Saudi Arabia, you would not believe the things that are accepted as 'normal' behaviour in that country. They have no right to be as arrogant as they are towards other nationalities. Without the oil they would be living as they were before, like wild beasts, and when the oil is gone they will revert back to this, it's in their DNA and leopards do not change their spots.

Qatari - the Bedouin

I still don't see why people are so "shocked" about the Qataris' behaviour. They are Bedouins. They lived in the Desert. They are desert dwellers. Same categories as the Pastun (mountain dweller), the native US Indian (desert dwellers), Barbarians.

They cannot shake off their heritage. Just like the Chinese are natural businessman, the Jews are natural businessman, the Indians the shrewd businessman, the Qataris are just desert dwellers. They know nothing but their Unta.

May Allah forgive them.


i agree that quite a few qataries are a bit wild and violent. but wat u r saying is just plain stereotyping and racist. and no, they r not bedu's...


do you call this a bit, and you r wrong pal, a very few r god fearing for the rest all are assholes