Qatarisation Has Failed, Qataris Too Lazy

The ambitious campaign for Qatarisation is paying little dividends in the field of technical expertise. Qataris' growing preference for white collar jobs is cited as the main reason for the phenomenon.

A large number of technical posts being reserved for nationals are lying vacant at various government corporations and private companies.

As part of attracting more youth to the technical profession, the government has set up a number of technical schools. However, the annual intake in these schools are minimal. Students are keener to get a certificate from a university, reports Al Sharq.

A large number of posts reserved for Qataris at various companies are lying vacant for want of sufficient applicants. The Qatari mindset that technical jobs are inferior to white collar jobs is what is said to be preventing them from opting for technical positions.

Nasser Al Meerr, a Qatari economist and Chairman of the Contracting Committee at the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (QCCI), described the situation as a serious problem faced by the country. Nasser stressed the need for encouraging Qatari youth to accept technical jobs and said a fund has already been set up for the purpose.

"Qatar is witnessing an unprecedented boom in all sectors. The various demands emerging in the employment sector cannot be met only with white collar professionals," he said.

Qatar pioneered in the field of technical education in the early Sixties. However, it could not generate sufficient skilled workers to match the growing demand. Though Qatar's production sector is fast developing and more and more expatriate youth are occupying key posts in technical sections, the presence of Qataris in the sector is nominal, he said.

Sharing his concern over the issue, Ali bin Abdul Latif Al Missned, a QCCI member, said developed nations and developing countries are encouraging youth in a big way to accept technical jobs. The contribution of technical workers is essential for a robust economy, and the best way is to promote private industries.

"Qatar should unleash a campaign to build up the image of the technical profession and thus lure Qatari youth to these jobs," he said

Ali said that no country can prosper by simply depending on an administrative workforce. The mindset of Qataris, that technical jobs ae inferior to administrative jobs, has to be changed.

There are several companies, including Qatar Petroleum, which played a role in changing the traditional belief that blue collar jobs are inferior to white collar jobs, he said.

However, Ali Saif Al Malki, Director (Operations and Maintenance Network), at the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) feels that things are slowly changing, at least in his company's case.

He said almost 30 per cent of top level technical professionals in Kahramaa are Qataris. Qatari representation in Kahramaa's Operations and Maintenance wing is 20 per cent of the total workers in the section. In the Civil Service Department, the Qatari presence is 68 per cent and in the Water Planning Department, 36 per cent of the total workforce are Qataris, he said.

Source: The Peninsula comment: Anyone who has lived in Qatar knows why Qatarization has failed. These "Gulfi people" are the laziest, most spoiled, shallow people on the planet. Everything is considered an entitlement to Qataris. They think they are above technical jobs. Just let them sign into work and leave, does this sound familiar? People who have worked with Qataris, tell us your stories by making a comment here.


I agree - Qatar folk are useless

I expected Qataris to have some self respect but all they have is arrogance.

May the fleas of a thousand camels crawl up their 4wd exhaust pipes.


As an expatrate head of a department, I had couple of Qataris working for me. One was a total waste of time, came to work when it pleased him and was not prepared to take up any job. His annual appraisal was just a nightmare as there was nothing to write about. Our department Manager, a Qatari, after years of battle with him recommended his dismmisal which was effected. Suprisingly a few months later he was reemployed into QP at a different department. I was all for the idea of Qatarisation but for the 7 years I was there I found no suitable Qatari to take my position and recommended another expatrate. A Qatari I understand was appointed but he did not last and the expat I recommended is now the head of the department. If only the Qataris will embrace the idea that the Country belongs to them and should be seen to appreciate running it for themselves

Qataris don't do anything

Qataris don't do anything for themselves so how can you say "we don't want you here."
The whole country runs on foreign labour and you have all grown up with servants and don't know how to do anything. You won't last a day. You get furiously impatient if you have to sit in your landcruiser for an extra 10 seconds while waiting for your cigerettes in front of a grocery store.
What would you do if there is nobody to bring it to you? Are YOU going to work in the store?
LOL imagining going into a laundry and finding a Qatari ironing thobes while another one yells at him to iron his ghutrah IMMEDIATELY and stop what he's doing.
If there were no foreigners it would be one huge riot.
Yeah right, you dont want foreigners in your country. 7awal t3eesh yowm mn doonhm. at7adaaaaaak!!!

okay, let's watch how well

okay, let's watch how well Qataris can do if all expats go home. You all won't last a day with nobody to iron your clothes and pour your coffee from thermos bottles.

Fuck you! This is our

Fuck you!
This is our country our money we don't want u here so get the fuck out go back to ur cheap ass country with ur shitty pay and don't come back becuz believe me we don't want u and don't u dare make fun of ppl who are millions of times more superior than u

This is our country

We may not like foreigners , but we are a multi cultural society .Lazy ..yes , terrible drivers .. yes , rude and arrogant .. yes . This is one of the side effects of money, never have had to work , we drive around in our 4WD , ignore the rules of the road and treat those who try to enforce them with indifference ( or pay them off !!) ..
Do we need the assistance of others , yes of course we do , as does every country , where we have no expErtise we do have to buy in . We do not however have to resort to bad language and abuse - this is the mark of an uneducated man and exactly the type of individual that gives Qatar a bad name and is probably without a job .
We welcome assistance with our development and hope that you enjoy our country . There are indeed many things wrong with it , but is this not the same everywhere - our friend obviously lives in paradise !!
I apologise for this idiot he does not represent Qatar


Hello... I have sad... REALLY sad news for you... you say you don't want expats there... bad luck, duda... YOU NEED THEM desperately... face it: No expats=Qatar blows in pieces... you could never control anything because you don't know how to!

Start using your head: Expats have built Qatar, and without them you would never get what you have now. Think, learn and understand that you must be better people... better muslims... better human beings... and stop pretending that you are so powerful and mean... you have nothing but a bunch of money, and yeah... more bad news: your money does not make you to be better... it only makes you to be even worse.

former expat

this is a great site, wish it was available when I was there. Qatari youth are lazy as fuck. I knew of two male qataris who were attending university, They would sleep all day and wake up sometime around dhuhr. Then they would go play videogames for 5 hours. After that they would head to the mall and drink eighty cups of coffee and then they would go eat tons of junk food. Meanwhile they would show up for class once a week. At night they would watch porn and jack off all night. This is your worker of the future for qatar.

Qatari Reliability

I have completely given up expecting Qatari members of staff to perform in their jobs at even a minimum level of acceptability. They are the most feckless and disingenuous creatures I have come across in over 30 years in my profession.

An Ex-Pat Doha resident

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Yes, I've worked with them
Submitted by admin on Wed, 2007-02-21 03:58.

and this is true. They don't want to work

Submitted by RealReport on Thu, 2007-02-22 12:20.

How can one go about launching a legal fight with Qatar Petroleum discriminatory attitude towards its employees from around the world. Problem is not specific to black and white.

I will never go back there
Submitted by Completely Anonymous on Sat, 2007-02-24 09:30.

I totally agree with the listed comments...Qatari's are LAZY. The ONLY half-decent Qatari is the one who has been educated in the West!

driving fast, smoking and reading the newspaper
Submitted by Completely Anonymous on Mon, 2007-04-16 18:45.

Do these committees honestly think they will come up with anything that will entice any of the Qatari Youth to get up out of bed in the morning or even before midday to fill a job they don’t need to fill in order to get by? I think not, unless it clearly states in the job description: Looking for a rotund person clad in either white of black sheets that can work minimal hours, skills should include loud and often rude outburst usually inflamed when a poor far eastern boy bringing tea gets your order wrong, excellent paper reading skills and poor comprehension of required arrival and departure times.

Youth should be an aspirate know it all and aspire to the top job in a short time if they display the enclosed characteristics. The only people working hard are those scratching their head devising a plan to motivate those who are clearly not motivated by anything other than shopping and driving fast harassing people on the roads of this dusty town. Move on to a worthier cause!