Interesting: A Qatari Royal & His Clan Unable to Mix with Civilization, Flight Delayed

A British Airways flight was delayed for several hours after women members of the Qatari royal family objected to sitting next to men they did not know. The three wives of Sheikh Badr Bin Khalifa al-Thani refused take up their seats on board Flight 563 from Milan's Linate airport to London Heathrow.

Police and Qatari diplomats became involved before the captain told Sheikh Badr's entourage to leave the aircraft. The Qatari royals eventually ended up getting an Alitalia flight to London. They had been on a shopping day-trip to the Italian city.

In addition to his three wives, Sheikh Badr, a junior member of Qatar's 3,000-strong ruling family, was accompanied by a male relative, a cook and another servant on the flight. After boarding, the women complained about the seats they had been allocated because they were next to men they did not know, a spokesman at Linate said.

Cabin crew tried to move the passengers to different seats, but those travelling with other people refused to change. Sheikh Badr then reportedly got up and walked to the pilot's cabin to complain.

A delay of nearly four hours ensued as two members of the Qatari party refused to sit down. A BA spokesman said the captain eventually had no option but to return to the terminal.

"The people were offloaded because they failed to comply with safety instructions when the aircraft was taxiing," he said.

Later in the evening, the royals traveled business class with the Italian carrier, Alitalia, with their staff in economy. The Qatar embassy in Rome said it was a "private matter". It is not a "private matter" when you ruin everyones' day by wasting everyones' time.


To Moderator..

Thank you for putting up this site.

Qataris should be pitied

I must say, without doubt Qataris are the most arrogant ignorant people I have ever come across. However, it does make sense. If you found an isolated tribe in a jungle somewhere who were free from human contact and gave them a 1 trillion. They also would turn out to hypocitical dimwits.

My main contention with Qataris is their selfish nature. Giving does not have to be monetary. Giving can be gestures of kindness like treating people fairly. Qataris lack a sense of honour. Their word isn't their bond, their faith isnt faith but a cloak. Islam isn't merely the practice of not drinking and praying, but its also a brotherhood to fellow humans. Qataris cannot see past their own selfish greed to see their own hypocrisy. The Quran says "for the unbeliever, god shall veil their hearts and their minds". This is the case of the Qatari.

I spent time in Qatar and frankly, I'm disgusted. The treatment of labourer makes sense when you discover that qataris measure people by their income alone. I have some close Qatari friends which I can actually call a friend but they are as rare as a talking monkey.

Building and spending will never change Doha from being the boring classless, cultureless shithole that it is. Money has become a curse for the Qatari people. I in some stupid sense of loyality as an arab hope that some day Qataris will finally wake from their stupidy and join the world as humans.

I don't care what faith people are but I must admit, despite spending most of my life in the west, I have never seen more homosexuality, more drug use and more depression than I've seen in Doha.

No matter what happens to me in my life, I will always thank god that I no longer live in the shithole which is doha and that I have been blessed with not being a blind Qatari.

I salute you Qataris, its not easy to become the WORST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!

Kudos to you with people

Kudos to you with people like you, I think all hope is not lost.
That was a fantastic post and you say it as you see it. God bless you and your family. But don't give up on your people, with your courage that will change things for the better in Qatar. Qataris need to know that you do not choose what country you are born into it is a divine spin of the wheel, so you have to treat everyone with respect and dignity.

hi, i've been here in doha

hi, i've been here in doha for five years now coz I didn't have the luck yet to transfer to another non arab country and also I am new in this site but at first glance , all I can say about this site is I felt at home and free to express my opinions without any fucking qataris or dick heads arguing with my beliefs

It All Comes Down to Self-Esteem!!!

I have to admit, this website is hilarious. I visited it today for the first time and I have been laughing the whole time...mostly at the Qatari responses. I am usually very tolerable of other people and cultures, especially if I am not fond of them, but I have to admit that this country is sometimes hard to deal with. Yes, I agree that all Qataris are probably not the same and some are ok, but unfortunately we live in a world of stereotypes and most expats' experiences are not good.

It basically boils down to Qataris thinking they are better than everyone else and we owe them something for them letting us work here. In reality they owe us because it is our technology and brain power that makes this country rich. You take away expat architects, engineers, doctors, establishments and products and then you are left with a lot of dirt, some camels and a bunch of people wearing sheets. So in that regard, Qataris should respect and thank expats for what we do. Hell, besides oil, I cannot think of anything else that Qatar really contributes to the rest of the world. I am open to hear Qatari contributions, if people have them. As far as I can see, Qatari's drive our cars, wear our clothes, eat at our restaurants, listen to our music, watch our television shows, etc. Bottom line is that if Qatar broke off of Saudi Arabia, and floated off into uncharted one would notice.

Now as far as the reckless driving goes and the responses I have read from local Qataris on this site....I just feel bad for you. Your total disregard for human life is what makes people hate you. So what if this is your country. If you came to our country, you would not be treated like the way you treat us, mainly because we don't have self-esteem issues like you guys. Is it a test of your manhood to drive like a moron or is it that you really don't know how to drive? I will say this, if a local Qatari ever causes me to wreck, I will not care what country I am in and I will kick the living shit out him.

I have been politically correct so far in this passage, but I have to express my distaste a little bit. I have an Middle Eastern heritage but was raised in the US. The people in this country give all middle easterners bad names. Most encounters I have had are with absolute ass holes, which I am sure are all idiots as well. And why do all Qataris that respond to this site always talk back to the Indians and Filipinos? I think I know why, because those are the only two countries that you think exist or maybe you are just all a bunch of vagines that are scared of the rest of us. Bottom line is that QATAR SUCKS and it would be better off at the bottom of the gulf!!!

Love it. Eloquently put, and

Love it.

Eloquently put, and not a single response from a Qatari. No surprise.

Sadly, the arrogance of wealth is not a phenomenon unique to this country, but it does seem to be multiplied tenfold here. Ten times as rich = ten times as arrogant.

Vive la revolution!

Nurses and caregivers

I'm an expat who tried to work in Qatar for the love of money but unfortunately I left because I can't stand how Qataris treat filipino,indian slaves!!!!they should get investigated and why JCIS(American Standard for Excellence???eek! ) approved this accreditation to one of the biggest government hospital in Qatar????


okay first of all thats a load of crock.. Cuz people in the royal family fly a private jet! And if the wives decided to experience real life they would have had first class seats with british airways..

umm I know most of you don't know how private these seats our.. but well they are PRIVATE!
You cock suckers!


this man has the right to object on this because he has jealousy on his wives. i e he doesnt want his wives 2 sit next to strange men.

i think it is his right 2 do this. he is not like u Pigzzzzzz

you dumb fuck

you don't know shit, qatari women are horny...sitting with another strange men makes them said sumthing about jelousy right?????? well first class, bussiness class, economy class...all these people paid for their seats and must be treated fairly....who gives a fuck about that fucking royal fmily shit....they don't own the world for all i know...if i was the captain of that plane...i would have asked them to sit their asses on the plane's wings......AND TO ALL WHO WILL READ THIS.....QATAR IS SHIT,AS WELL AS THEIR OWN PEOPLE...FUCK YOU ALL QATARIS

fuck you too

we are rich and powerful to get what we want. fuck you if you don't like us qatari people

god bless qatar, nobody mutherfuckerz asked you to come to our country.

go back to your own shit countries.

bastards asians shit trash poeple

rich my dick, you are only

rich my dick,

you are only rich now because of your fucking oil and gas. Guess what lazy idiot qatari, it runs out in time!! Unless you motherfucker go to a School and Study Business and master business administration, and then start attracting tourists and investors to sustain your fucking wealth. But of course I'm sure you wont, coz you are lazy and dont wanna study, just want to spend spend spend till you fucking die. You will not start a business and do something to sustain money. You just depend on what is under than fucking desert of yours.

Perhaps by the time you die, your country is still rich. Well fuck you then! and all your kids, grand kids and the generation after that will suffer the effect of your ffucking ignorance!

You will not live without expatriates man!, specially with the asians. Tell me that in my face again!, And I will ask you, Could you clean your fucking shitty Toilet?? If no, is there any other Qatari who will be interested even if you pay him 100000 QR?? ... NO MATE!

So shut the fuck up, and live your life jerking off with Sattelite TV porn, ang pay hookers who will donkey your lousy dick. You guys are sick! You PRAY after you RAPE someone just because you think they are weaker beings and a blessing/offering to you. You guys are fucking Dinosaur age.

Oh and by the way, The more you screw up your jobs and drink coffee/tea 10 times a day, and have a smoke break 10 times a day, The more WE EXPATS look like ROCK STARS, and no wonder your govt still hires us ;)

dont generalize, i happen to

dont generalize, i happen to dislike most of the qataris i know...but some are really worth knowing.

I'm a 5th generation Qatari and I admit to our failiures!

No apologies: This may be a long comment, but necessary to read. I am a 47 year old, 5th generation, Qatari born male and have migrated to the U.S. 19 years ago. I studied in the U.S. at Columbia University, attained my Masters Degree. I graduated med school and got a PHD from Harvard University. After 5 years of working as a Resident Doctor for New York University Hospital, I returned to Qatar to provide my professional services for a few years. At the time and to this day it is not easy to find really good medical professionals in Qatar. Most are barely qualified to practice, graduated bottom of their class or have had their licenses revoke in other countries. Although I was born and I spent most my life there, I could never ignore the insanity. As a doctor I am taught that one simple definition of insanity is considered when a person does the same thing, over and over again, expecting different results. This is how the Qatari government performs. I have never been proud of my country or government for those reasons. I have been shunned by my own people (Qatari’s) because I object to many of their ways of life and for being one of the top offenders and violators of human rights and human trafficking. Most are not even Muslim, just claim to be. According to the Quran they are not. You can find Many Qatari's at the bar in the Ramada, wearing their thobes and having a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Most of the time, they dress casual and are in the disco clubs. They have told me of their secret lives and asked me to join them. What hypocrites. I don't condemn having a night life or the drinking of alcohol. I simply decided not to for my own personal beliefs. I don't believe I’ll ever see those hypocrites Qatari's in paradise (heaven). Some of the members of the Royal family are secret Christians. My American friend in Qatar is secretly dating one. I have had many Christian friends in Qatar and have many more in the U.S. I am also a God father to one of my Christian friends' 10 year old son. I have attended Christian church on several occasions with my family and as a medical professional; I volunteer my services on occasion for an international Christian charity organization. My family and I still own a home in Qatar, though the property is now leased to me from my brother. I have live and worked in New York City as a pediatrician (MD) for 19 years and have gone back and forth to my country to visit family. I am truly convinced that if the Americans, British and Filipinos were to abandon that country, it would become a third world country. The Philippines economy would do better than that arid desert of a country. I'm so glad I left. I am still a Muslim, but that does not define me. In the U.S., I am not looked at as a Muslim; I am a well respected member of my community. My wife and my children do not need to worry about being around the vulgar arrogance that has plagued the Middle East. I have many loved ones back there who are also well respected members of their community. What I have witnessed all my life is that many Arabs are not concerned about teaching their children the importance of moral values. I was once on this road, it was a popular and busy road. I'm now glad I decided to take the road less traveled. My mind has been opened, free to think on my own and express myself as I wish. I have learned that one can never be too old to learn. Wisdom comes with age, but most the time with humility. I believe it is a major responsibility that a father leads by example and makes sure these principles are applied in his family life, as the Quran and Jesus has instructed. The Arab wife's role is a source if vital strength and support for the husband family. A woman of noble character, as stated in the Old Testament (Proverbs 30). One can not be as effective without the other. Our children must learn to respect life and to go through it in a responsible manner. If we can accomplish this simple task, it will make it allot easier for our brothers and sisters of all nations to distinguish good from evil. I pray everyday for that day to come, but I must be honest, my faith is week to the point where I believe it won't happen in my lifetime. I hope I’m wrong about that. Yes, some Qatari’s are worth knowing, but most must see the importance for the need for change and really learn fro our true beginnings, or the future may be like a reverse in time and Qatar may once again become a barren desolate land, where no one will want to ever visit, as God said to Cain, when he banished him here, after he murdered his own brother.


why would u embarrass the qataris in from of the world im a qatari and im glad im a qatari. i have the best family friends best Amir all in qatar. if you knew bad people that stayed only at ramada thats your problem. but i see there are a lot of good people in qatar

think before u talk


they are not acting from islamic background, no they act like this because they think that they are better than other pepole, just as simple as that.
thanx for spotting the light on our HELL.