Qataris are Literally Retarded: Almost Half (43.8%) Marry Their Close Relatives!

“Marriages between close relatives is increasing. While the number accounted for 11.7% of marriages in 1996, it reached 40% and 43.8% in 2000 and 2007 respectively.”

Earlier, a study, conducted by the Supreme Council for Family Affairs (SCFA), had said that some 60% of those with disabilities were found to be born to “closely-related parents” in Qatar.

It urged for the enforcement of the pre-marital medical test law, saying that 34.5% of disabled people were born to parents of first-degree relatives, while 25.2% were to parents of second-degree relatives.

The study also noted that number of nuclear families in Qatar has significantly increased at the expense of the extended ones.

“While the number nuclear families increased from 74% in 1976 to 82% in 2004, that of the extended families declined to 18% in 2007,” the study said.

Source: Gulf Times


qatar is far away from 1st world

yeah you are right. i had encountered same situation with you and they put me too in cell same with my partner and accusing me im a prostitute. they deported me and guess what? in deportation is same like a hell! all the bed have big big bed bugs same as those qatari ladies..and all the deportation police were yelling almost every minute. i hate there and dont want to be back there anymore...

Qatar is far way to be a first world country

I went to Qatar many times because of my partner it was working there in one of the Gas companies as engineer. Use to stay in one of those luxury five star hotels as in the villa where he lives it was full of Qatari neighbours and they seems do not accept the presence of foreigners, specially a couple without children. Than we prefer stay in a hotel where we had much more freedon than in the villa. So, last time it was a nightmare. We went in our room around 7pm, preparing to dinner and lock the door. When we open, it was 3 man, 3 Qatari, two with that tradidional white clothes and
another with suit and tie. They show their identity saying they were from the CID, a Dept of Police. I was shocked. They said that they receive a denounce that I was a prostitute and I was there in the hotel receiving clients in my room. They take us to the Police Station we went there all night, without eat or drink anything, subject to an inquiry without any sense and by the end, early morning they said we could return to the hotel because it was everything clarified, but I could be deported from Qatar for any reason. My partner call the lawyer of the Company, but the lawyer say that he could do nothing as there who are the owners are the Qatari and the foreigners have no any value for them than because of the work they do there. I was completely shocked. I went there many times and that never happens...but last time it was a miserey. I know that Qatar it is just appearance of a modern and developed arabic country in the gulf area, but it is just appearance. They are rude and ignorant and stupid like donkies. The money they have just allow them to drink in one or two hotels bar in Doha, because most of the hotels do not allow them to enter into the bars or restaurant because of their behave. Also in Qatar Airways the crew are stupid and the service is zero. I just use once, than I start to use Emirates which is thousand times better than Qatar Airways. The staff in the airport is horrible. I always avoid to pass into the Immigration using that service Arwa who provide the visa and we have not to go to the police to stamp the passport because just to look to their face it scare as they are not friendly, not nice with the visitors. Not all of the people who goes to Qatar it is for making business. Most like me goes there to visit and I enjoyed good time in Doha wich is a beautiful modern city with nice hotels and restaurants and also shopping centers. But the Qatari people behave it makes everything looks horrible and insane. Qatari is far from a 1st world country. They pretend to be like Dubai, but the Dubai Administration it is much more intelligent and open the country to the world to another culture and accept people as they are. Qatari people will never change as they are arrogant, stupid and ignorant...that is Qatar. Avoid Qatar if u don't want to have a disappointment like me....My partner ask to be removed to another country and at this moment it is in Shanghai where it is much more civilized than Qatar....

Neighbour countries are worse

According to March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation Report 2006, prevalence of birth defects in the Arab countries is the highest in the world. Within the GCC, Qatar and Bahrain has the lowest prevalence of birth defects of 73.4 per 1,000 live births. Saudi leads as second in the world after Sudan with 81.3. UAE has a prevalence of 75.9 birth defects per 1000 live birth, followed by Kuwait (74.9) and Oman (74.8). See link at qatarsocial dot com/thread-3691-1-1.html

In many cases there is not only a preference but a right to marry the father's brother's daughter, wherein if the girl's family wishes to marry her to anyone else they must first get the permission of the father's brother's son.
Raphael Patai reports that in central Arabia no relaxation of a man's right to the FBD seems to have taken place in the past hundred years before his 1962 work. Here the girl is not forced to marry her bint 'amm but she cannot marry another unless he gives consent. See "Cousin_marriage" on Wikipedia

This is a regional cultural historical custom.

Walking through the malls and looking at the people is like visiting a freak show.

I visited Qatar as a tourist (not recommended) to see my brother, who is working there, and his family. The driving is incredibly dangerous, no one obeys speed limits, no one signals, and you are constantly being run off the road; literally pushed out of the way by other drivers. The natives say they are welcoming of tourists but scream at you if you try to park in what they consider their parking spot, dare to drive on their roads or queue up to purchase anything. They simply push you out of the way and scream at you to go home if you don't like it. We did not feel welcome. Our luggage was torn apart and we were screamed at by customs for an hour. They were convinced that the bottle of Maple Syrup I brought as a gift for my brother was alcohol.

The landscape is essentially the moon with the atmosphere of a convection oven.

There is little to see or do. We visited a souk, went driving in the desert (which is strewn with garbage) and went swimming in the Persian Gulf, which was infested by Jelly fish.

If you ask anyone what there is to do, they simply point you to the local mall.
There is no culture, architecture, entertainment.

Save yourself the airfare, stick you head in an oven for an hour, scream at yourself in the mirror, lie in the kids sandbox and then drive your car into the wall of the local mall.

Now you have had the Qatar experience.

Qataris are literally..

Qataris are literally retarded.. even tho you cannot see in their face but you can literally see in the attitude and characters..

Re: Qataris are Literally Retarded: Almost Half (43.8%) Marry

Just wanted to clarify that, this is pure culture and not religion. The prophet of Islam "Muhammad" peace be upon him and the rest of the prophets said "distant in marriage so that your descendent become healthy".

While I do agree with a lot of what you say, but I would like to ask you to keep the language a bit on the descent side please. So if you can avoid the "f" word etc. it will be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

Former Qatari Expat

how can you call it culture?

how can you call it culture? I do agree with "polite word for polite situation" but when the healt of a child is compromised by this "beaviour" I'd rather call it TOTAL IGNORANCE

Re: Qataris are Literally Retarded: Almost Half (43.8%) Marry

This is sooo true. I knew a couple of companies, one being Venture Gulf, where the owner was married to his real sister, could not read, was ignorant and also being driven in a Mercedes, while his employees were treated with no respect or humanity!

Qatari retards

It means only one thing mixes with money and they live for that so fuck the rest if there children r retards... The 2nd, 3rd or 4th wife is some1 else that they fuck and have normal children from.

Doha Airport

This has to be the crappiest airport anywhere, arriving you are subjected to being pushed and shoved in arrival hall while trying to queue for immigration where once you get there you are "greeted' by the most rude and sour faced women you ever would not wish to meet. Leaving Doha is a nighmare at busy times, filthy, noisy and buses to the planes, so third world, esp for a country which is supposedly one of the richest in the world, what the hell are they doing with the money! At the airport last week there was a serious situation of overcrowding in the check in hall which was completely uncontrolled. People were hurt in the huge crush and airport authorites did nothing but stand by po faced as if we all are not human and dont deserve to live. DOHA = Devoid Of Human Attributes


In case you didn't notice, there is a new airport being constructed to the East of the old one. I would assume that is what they're spending their money on.