Qataris Told Honestly About How Nobody Wants to Employ Their Lazy Asses

At what was a surprise interface with the chairman of the Qatari Businessmen's Association (QBA), young citizens attending the conclusive ceremony of the Career Fair yesterday were severely critical of private companies for not providing them jobs.

There are big private businesses in the country literally with no Qatari employees at all. "This is not fair to us," said several participants during a question and answer session with Sheikh Faisal bin Qassem Al Thani, head of the QBA.

The plan for the meeting where Sheikh Faisal was to be the chief guest was kept a secret by the organizers until the last moment. After a barrage of questions, Sheikh Faisal broke the silence and told the audience he was willing to offer employment to fellow nationals provided they met the requirements.

“Things here have changed over the past decade. There are many big private players here and I don't think they can afford to hire people who don't have the necessary qualifications,” he said.

"I am ready to hire any fellow Qatari immediately and pay him QR50,000 per month as salary on one condition that he should be qualified for the job we offer,” he said pointblank.

“We would prefer to employ locals since we are paying huge housing allowances to expatriate workers,” he said.

“You will have to soon begin preparing yourself to take up private employment as the government cannot accommodate all of you any more,” Sheikh Faisal stated.

Fellow citizens should seize the opportunities available and instead of trying for jobs should take to entrepreneurship, he said. "Over the past three decades only few nationals have successfully set up their own businesses," the QBA chairman lamented.

He said he didn't have enough financial resources when he set out to launch the City Centre project. "I was depending on my grit, reputation and honesty and I eventually succeeded," he pointed out.

Responding to questions, he said regular saving was a good habit and people must learn to keep some money aside instead of spending hugely on luxury. comments: It is widely known that Qataris are the least productive and problematic employees in Qatar. They basically just show up to work, sometimes, and do nothing to contribute whatsoever. You can identify these morons and avoid them by looking out for men with big white bed sheets wrapped around their bodies. These so called men also have a mobile phone ear piece hanging out of one ear. Yeah, those are the people who think their shit doesn't stink and are big babies who are entitled to anything they want including a high paying job. The problem is that employers don't want them...gee I wonder why???

Source: The Peninsula


The World Needs 2 Know

As Americans working in Qatar for an American company "DYNCORP", we foolishly thought we would be treated fairly in Qatari Court. We were wrong. 2 years and 18,000dollars later ,Dyncorp has submitted documents with my signature forged on them , openly bribed the Qatari Court, and even after our American hand writing expert proved the forgery we still lost. The Qatari judge got paid. Our Arab Lawyers also took money from Dyncorp. The Qataris do not enforce there own laws. Hypocrites ! Lazy, ignorant and arrogant.

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wow i worked for that company to i know what you mean that pm. gonzales guy he is a theif!!!!! sorry about your outcome..karma is mf what goes around comes around!!!!!

not a place for singles i think

yeah, I was over can get keep that in mind....good if you have family and kids and are on a good package!

take the money and run

the expat attitude over there is-take the money and run

I don't think much will change...they are too set in their ways...but individually....I think they hate this...but they cannot do anything about it......unless the "king" changes their rules and regulations....

It is the same in any country....the problem lies with the people that have the power to change things-and this power lies with the Emir.....however, I think they may be sacred to change coz of Saudia A..they want to keep on the good side of them??....

TRUST is an important thing in the Middle them individually........but as a whole.......I am sorry but coz of their ways........i am not sure if we can???

Qataris and Expats.

During my time spent in Qatar, I observed behaviour and attitudes from the expats and the Qataris. It was disappointing not to see any social interaction between the Qataris and expat community-and this was probably due to the fact that at our parties we had alcolhol....but I don't understand why they didn't come along to our parties anyway? Why is this?

I also observed how a little expat girl had a birthday party and although she invited everyone in her area-some Qatari families chose not to send their daughter along to this party? Why was that?

And then, I often found that expats sat around and talked about Qataris behind their backs, whilst sipping a drink or two....why was that?

There is no doubt that our cultures are different...but doesn't god want everyone to live in harmony together-like brother and sister? Isn't that what the bible or Koran says? I know the Qataris are not evil people...but they should not be afraid of socialising with the west. Why is it such a "bad" thing if they did?

The Qataris that I met were always very helpful....and I cannot say that I do not like them....but I would like to hope that in the future that we all see that we are all part of nature....that nature is within brothers and a sisters-living together as one.

I lived there for a while

I am Palestinian and I will approach this from a personal perspective... well all Persian/Arab Gulf countries are bunch of fucking pricks arrogant sons of bitches and I can not wait for the day that their oil runs out and ride camels again and live in tenets. ok well I am sorry I should not say all lets say most. I had to move to Qatar with my family when I was about to start middle school because we were kicked out of west bank... All I can remember is "fucking Palestinian, go back home, you come here to take our money and jobs, fucking son of the Palestinian woman, fucking foreigners"... fucking lazy ass mofos, the foreigners are the ones who built your country. I have seen my old man being disrespected by young Qatari guys in front of me. An American or an European come to their country they will give him 10 years renewable entry visa at the airport, but Arabs will have to apply and wait for months and most likely they wont get it. What can I say, they are rich yes, but they are negers, yes negers with slave mentality. I got deported because I whipped a guy from the royal family who disrespected my old man after hitting his car. And it felt good and if time goes back I will do it again and again and again. I see them here on campus in the US they are all nice and quite... In refugee camps there was a saying " The fagot will act like a man in his neighborhood"

I am from a western decent

I am from a western decent but would like to make a point here that not all qataris are bad its only the uneducated ones who no nothing but think they can be the next emmir are the ones who create this feeling of hate amongst the expats and qataris.Feel really sory to say but you guys cant even wash your own ass you need a maid for that also if you have four or five kids you have maids for each of them because you can't even raise your own kid so understanding other cultures is out of question for you guys i truly agree with the previous post by a qatari saying "you decide " that not all qataris are the same but sadly the good ones are verry few and they commamerates to less then 20% of the qatari population but what you guys need to understand is that oil and gas is not what you need to survive as these will get over one day look at iraq and kuwait what has happened to them now just imagine there is nothing that is grown in doha except ofcourse dates ... everything else is imported from other countries and people from those countries are in doha as well working in differnt fields and walks of life you can ask them to go back home and if they what will you do as they will get jobs back home with much lesser sallaries but atleast they will have basic necessities but what if the world decides to boycott qataris and stop rationing you guys what are you guys gonna do eat your money and drink your oil think about it its we who you need and not the other way so get your acts together and those 20% which i mentioned as educated try and educate the remaining 80% or else god bless you

You Decide

For years this site has been, to me, somewhat of an urban myth. Occasionally one would hear of it, but off-course due to our beloved QTel not be able to verify its existence, or more importantly the (and I choose this word very carefully) salient opinions and views expressed here.

First of all, let it be known that I am a Qatari; (dare I say this) a proud one in fact. However, I cannot disagree with many, but not most, of the negative attitudes which living in Qatar has instilled in the so-called "foreign expatriate population" or FEPs as I shall refer to them. The truth of matter is that the FEP IS in fact THE POPULATION since they constitute the majority. All Qataris are arrogant. That is unquestionable. Capping proof is the fact that even the educated amongst us, who concede to many of the vile, but non-the-less, true realities of what living in Qatar is like, remain proud.

Most foul actions have been well cited here, thanks in part to our behaviour to facilitate the necessity of this site! I disagree with the behaviour of many many Qataris. Other ill-mannered actions include, but are not limited to; forcing domestic helpers to sit at different tables at restaurants, not offering to buy them food thus rendering them helpless & hungry spectators, and my all-time favourite – lack of basic pleasant social phrases such as THANK YOU or YOU’RE WELCOME.

However, with time, I am of the opinion that FEPs also develop a similar if not identical attitude – in Qatar at least. In essence, FEPs true character is tarnished for the worse. My advice – lets all try to be nicer to one-another because, if ending up on the same middle-of-no-where patch of land is not enough evidence, we both need each other. We certainly need you more than you need us, especially Western FEPs, but we need each other.

BUT PLEASE DO UNDERSTAND THAT WE ARE NOT ALL EVIL!!! I appreciate that most readers are already aware of this, but the site does cause one to imagine that the opinions expressed here reflect the behaviour of 99.99% of the Qatari population. Or am I just being oblivious to the fact that perhaps the hypothetical statistic does somewhat paint a representative picture? I do not know. On behalf of whatever minority I represent – we’re sorry.

a percentage estimate

I notice a number of posts accepting that a large percent of Qatari men do justify the existence of this website but not all. A percentage estimate of 99.9% may indeed seem pretty unreasonable but when I look back at my last two years working in Qatar I must have met approximately 50 Qataris personally in addition to seeing the day to day behaviour of the locals on the roads, shopping malls etc and I can honestly say I have never seen or met a nice Qatari man. Therefore I would conclude that 99.9% of the Qatari male population are unpleasent, arrogant and child-like. Because of Qatari nationals, only sheer desperation would ever take me back to Qatar such as not being able to gain employment in any other country in the world. For the remaining 0.1 % of the Qatari male population I feel sorry that the behaviour of your fellow country men tars you with a thick and unpleasent coating.

we have oil

we have oil you motherfucker and you should know that oil is like air and water, i.e. it is the fabric is all life.

if you don't like it, then go kiss your own indian ass.


you have oil we have rain. There isn't a river in this whole place; its a weird building site that will never be finished. I have met some nice qataris, but they are the exception. And some of the expats here are properly messed up too. you need to sort out how you do things here; corruption and nepotism in government may be acceptable in the Gulf but Westerners simply won't tolerate it.

You have oil, we have brain

You know, the only thing a fucking Qatari can say or repeatedly say is - we have the fucking oil. Yes, you have the fucking oil. But Allah bless you after it is over. KSA has oil for another 100 years (max), Qatar has gas for 60 - 70 years depending on the extraction. You know, in 100 years, your fucking area is just a piece of fucking desert with expensive houses which nobody wants to stay.

You have oil, that is why so many suckers are there. You have oil, that is why you can live like you do. You know something that is better than oil? Brain. I can almost guarantee, you guys have no brain (with a statistic like only less than 3% of your highschool graduates are able to even qualify for university, it is funny)

Also, you guys have no brain. You guys take things literally. Speed cameras are to deter accident. But guess what the fucking Qataris are doing with the speed cameras in Qatar? They make sure that you get fined even if you exceed the limit by 1 kmph. That is the stupidest implementation of speed cameras I have ever seen. You will cause more accidents because drivers are looking at their speedometer to make sure they don't exceed by 1 kmph.

Fuck the foreigners

You guys just come to Qatar to make a quick buck. No sense of ownership. Get the fuck out, especially the Western people - UK, US, Germans, bloody white people...

Fuck you and we don't need you, you bloody useless bastards.

from a bloody useless white person....

Of course you don't....You located your own gas and extracted this from the ground and invented the liquefaction process. You invented the cars you drive, the mobile phones you use to communicate, you built the houses and hotels you live in you, you built the airplanes that transport your people around the word to educate them, "you don't need us. We are bloody useless bastards"

Are YOU able to offer any contribution on behalf of your country to the development of the modern world other than in-breeding you racist degenerate?

May your gas wither away as fast as your Land Cruiser....

If you don't

If you don't need them, then why are they there?

Reply to Simply no life.

I am from a Western culture and I am definitely here for my own greedy needs. Money or the promise of money is the only reason anyone is here. Do you think we are all here out of kindness to help a bunch of arrogant ungrateful assholes develop their shithole country? I can choose to leave whenever I want and I will as soon as I get what I want but most others can not. Your statement "If you dont want to be in qatar then dont" Is a statement that would only be made by an ignorant Qatari. Once your "slaves" from South Asian countries arrive their passports are taken away and more often than not they will be paid far less than what was promised to them. They have no passport and no money to go home. Most of them would leave as soon as possible if they were not kept here against their will. Qatar would be nothing (Is still nothing by civilized standards) if it did not exploit people from impoverished backgrounds. If it were not for oil and gas there would be no money here and no one would come to help the Lazy, uneducated Qatari's out of the stone age. Once the Oil and gas runs out the money will eventually will run out and everyone will leave. There will be nothing left but a bunch of arrogant, lazy Qatari's who will be incapable of getting anything done. Things in Qatar will revert back to what they were rather quickly. Future generations of Qatari's will pay for the sins of the present.


Hi there Qataris,

I am sure you will saz that if you don't like it, please leave. I agree with you wholeheartedly. But please remember, your country need the british, the western people. They find the system in Qatar sucks, which is reasonable. If your country wants to advance, then the only thing you need is manpower, HR, Human resources. Your emir knows that. Now, say for example, people don't come to Qatar, then your country is dead. No workers means no progress. People here are trying to be nice. They are telling your country that a country that depends so much on foreigners need to treat the foreigners better. That includes the Nepalis, Bangla, Paki and Indian. Oh, I forgot the Philipinos. Please. If they all leave at once, you have a ghost town in Doha. Nothing left. Just dead development and many happy Qataris in their Kemahs.

Think about this.

Simply no life.

im a qatari, and to be honest.. you guys are lame. i hear the aguments and sadly i cannot deny some of the things that happen here but no one said we live in a perfect world anyway. you get these stories everywhere.. rape, greed etc. but its being closed minded that just makes these situations worse. people if you dont want to be in qatar then dont, we never forced anyone to come here especially all these western and british people.. i have nothing against western cultures but if you feel so strongly about these problems its only logical to leave it behind or are you here for your own greedy needs? see my point.

have a good day.

Qataris are apparently

Qataris are apparently having the time of their lives driving around in expensive cars with all men, eating dinner with all men, being the laughing stock of the rest of the world, and just generally making fools of themselves. All of this while in the company of all men. Watching a Qatari adult male around a woman is akin to watching a 13 year old boy attempting to seduce his young, beautiful history teacher. Watching them attempt any kind of labor is even more embarrassing for the viewer. It would be funny if so many people were not getting abused by them...Childish, sad, pathetic slobs...

one day the oil will run

one day the oil will run out, the royal family will move to new york with all the money and the lazy aholes will go back to riding camels and thats that.....

when the oil runs out - correction

The royal family will not have money to live in new york. if they do, their lives will be in constant danger as qataris are not welcome in the western world.

I am a professional from the

I am a professional from the us, i have to say that its not the arabs so much as the indians that fuck up the work ethic and culture in the mideast. Dont get me wrong, many arabs are rude and very uncaring but on the other side many are good.

are you fucking crazy?

indians do the real work while the arabs are out there raping their innocent maids. you must be high on that dope you arabs like to smoke.

qatar suks? YOYO

Don't generalize s some of them are good qataris, not all are bad. i am not an arab to be honest the relationship between my country and qatar is not good but i just want to say the truth some qataris are bad some are good.

some are lazy some work hard. some are stupid some are intelligent. yes some they expect to be paid alot which is dumb and work less. but again there some great people like the emirs wife look wat she is doing for the country look at the education she brought to the country she is trying to chage and educate heer people and the u have aljazeera which was the idea of a qatari so dont generalize
administrators please publish it thanks YOYO

Realy only in the Gulf

In my opinion its not fair that all arabs are clumped up into one group described as "lazy ass shit". When it comes to the arab gulf, yeah I totally agree. Qatari's in paticular are the most laziest jabba the Hut blobs to ever set foot on earth. They are lazy, uncaring, arogant and at times are proud how little they work. But there are non Arab Gulf arabs work like dogs to put food on the table. Im speaking as an American who has travled all over Arabia and have seen arabs who act like normal human biengs and contribute to society. So please dont clump all Arabs togethor, try to say, arab gulf or the arabic terms "khalijies". Thank you