Qataris' Sedentary Jobless Lazy Lifestyle Results in Diabetes Epidemic

It is estimated that approximately 16 percent of the Qatari population is suffering from diabetes. According to a report published in Al Sharq, this is the one of the highest percentages of diabetics anywhere in the world. Incidentally, children aged less than eight are falling prey to this disease.

The report attributes the high incidence of diabetes to unhealthy food eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. To make matters worse cases of those suffering from obesity and high blood pressure is also on the rise.

The Arabian Peninsula, the report pointed out has an alarmingly high proportion of diabetics. In some cases diabetes, gives rise to foot ailments which in extreme cases can lead to amputation.

The health ministry needed to take stock of the situation and take urgent remedial steps to deal with the problem.

According to healthcare professionals, diabetes is essentially a lifestyle disease. “There is a tendency among kids to thrive on junk food. Children should be put on a proper diet and a regimen of exercise to prevent diabetes,” a senior doctor explained.

It is estimated that the world population will swell to around 8 billion by 2025, and out of this a staggering 333 million will be diabetics.

Source: The Peninsula comments: Maybe the Qataris should wipe their owns asses and push their own shopping carts at the supermarket instead of using their slaves. Maybe then they wouldn't have a diabetes problem. Welcome to the real world!


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Rich Middle East countries
Submitted by Completely Anonymous on Sat, 2007-04-14 10:46.

I worked in Saudi Arabia for a total of 12 years. There is a hidden "caste system" with nationalities so fortunately my experience as a North American wasn't as bad a someone from a developing, poor country. Seeing how the Saudis, (who claimed to be true to their religious beliefs) mistreated others, I couldn't help but be turned off with their faith- it was just a bunch of rules to them to follow and not from the heart. Even workers from Egypt, Turkey, and Syria couldn't wait to get out and were shocked of the Saudi's lack of human respect towards mankind.

Re: rich Middle East countries
Submitted by admin on Sun, 2007-04-15 13:35.

nice post! I also experienced this firsthand, which is the reason I created the site.