Beating Your Maid is Normal in Qatar BUT also.. Beating Female Family Members is Part of Being Qatari

A STUDY has proven that there is violence against women within the family in Qatar. The survey, conducted by Kaltham al-Ghanem of the Social Department at Qatar University, sampled 2,778 QU female students, comprising 84% of Qataris and 16% of other nationalities, aged between 17 and 25 years.

The survey is the first scientific study on violence in Qatar, the result of which will be used to advocate and explore the necessity of enacting legislation on violence against women in the country, sources said.
Speaking to Gulf Times about the findings of the survey at a round table on violence against women in the Qatari family, al-Ghanem said the results reveal that most of the violence against females emanate from within the family, particularly from male members like brother, uncle and father.

“The essence of this workshop is to create awareness that there is violence within the family here, because most females are not even aware that they are victims of domestic violence. We want them to know and speak out,” she said.

Al-Ghanem said that 63% of those surveyed were found to be victims of beating, while 52 cases of “strong violence” like rape and about 120 cases of sexual harassment were recorded.
“During the course of study, I discovered that women’s cultural values are affected because they accept the violence and did not speak about it in public; they kept it to themselves,” she said.

According to her findings, some 50 women have tried to commit suicide due to this “culture of silence” among the victims.

In his presentation, the Supreme Council of Family Affair (SCFA) secretary general Abdulla bin Nasser al-Khalifa said that the council is considering an initiative for suggestions on policy or legislation that can contribute to the family and maintain its rights and dignity.
He described violence against women as violence against human rights, adding that it threatened the unity of the family.

“We must address domestic violence in a transparent way and take time to study the reasons why it occurs within the family,” he added.

Al-Khalifa added that the council was devoting efforts toward combating domestic violence within the family, especially now that it is difficult to hide from public glare as the world emerges as a global village.
Speaking to Gulf Times, SCFA Women’s Department Noor A al-Malki said the council has been involved in the study of violence against women and children since its establishment.

“We’ve been directed by HH Sheikha Mozah Nasser al-Misnad to look into this subject by establishing an organization for the protection of women and children,” she said.

A round table will discuss the need for a special law for the protection against family violence today, al-Malki added.

Source: Gulf Times


End Violence Against Women

I never heard directly from a Qatari woman that she was being beaten but I have heard through friends about Qatari men who beat their wives. My friend has also told me about Qatari girls who are being sexually abused by their family members. I have also taught Qatari children who told me that their fathers beat them. I caught one changing his grade (4/10 on a spelling test) and I asked him why he was doing that and he told me if he brought home a bad grade his father would hit him. I felt horrible for him.

I have also heard from expat women of a filipino woman who was raped and beaten.

But I will tell you that Qatari men are not the only people who are abusive towards women. Sadly expat men in Qatar are guilty of this as well. From personal experience I have never before met so many assholes. I don't know why but verbal abuse is very common. I have also heard a woman screaming from the adjacent apartment building. Likely she was being beaten or attacked. I watched as bystanders walked by as if this was normal. It's not. It's sick and disgusting. The worst is that there is nothing that you can do.

On the flip side, I have also met some friendly, polite and nice Qatari men. And no they weren't looking for something. They were decent. But I do know that people can have another face.

What I am trying to say is that violence against women is rife amongst the locals and the ex-pats. If only we could stop this in Qatar.

violence against women

I just ran from qatar after being there for 10 months. I joined my previously lovely husband 6 weeks after he arrived for a 1 year sabbatical. He became very abusive mentally, physically and financially and abandoned me immediately upon arrival. He kidnapped the children twice from me and left destitute.

I tried every avenue to gain help. I went to the police. I went to the hospital who called a psychiatrist because i dared to report such a thing, I even went to qatar foundation for child and women protection. who after putting me in their villa (refuge) waited for me to give birth so they could give my children back to my husband while I was in hospital. they felt that because the children seemed to like him what was the problem. In truth, although this organization is for womens protection they view abuse as and womens fault particular if the man seems friendly and carefree. And during my stay with them they contact the husbands and allow themselves to be manipulated quite easily. What is really bad is that they had a maid who was severly abused and would often come to my villa crying. the managers daughter told me that QF often do not help out victims unless the husband insults them and they take a dislike to him. And she had seen many women forced to return to her husbands home despite worries that the abuse would continue.

I have fleed Qatar back to the UK (my husbands and childrens were born and raised) from my husband after finding out where he lived and retrieving the passports and am now facing abduction charges brought by my husband who is asking for the return of the children back to qatar. He is using a lawyer who I paid 1000 Qr in a consultation. And that female lawyer has been trying to falsify evidence related to the case. And is saying that we moved there permenantly. Although every ex-pat in Qatar knows that one can never gain citizenship or rights as Qataris have.

Excellent site

I love this website. There should be more sensible stuff on the web that expresses what people know in their hearts even if it can't be proven to the satisfaction of the politically correct. But why is this about how Qatar sucks? You could say the entire Arab world sucks so horribly to deserve to be voted as not quite human, but an intermediate species between ape and man. Srinivasan

where is the progress

I must say i never really new anything really about qatar, until this year. i have been in contact with a qatari of which i can not tell anymore as he is placed higher up and so a sensitive issue. but i at first do not always agree in the sense that, all over the world woman are beaten up and raped. of course that is not and excuse, it should not be allowed and it should definitely be punished. but then there are many things that should be punished. i have found that there is a lot of hypocrits amongst arab nations. Yes the volume of wealth is in many ways unreal if you look a bit around and see how we puch this world to is limits. i agree i think they are lazy, just because they know they do not need to work really, but then you get very boring individuals as there is absolute no goal and ambition in them. They do get up and that's it for many what else is there to do?? then eating maybe going to the beach or the shopping mall as shopping they know that. funny as they (all arabs) are trying to respect their religion, there are so many elements around them that contradict the respect of their prophet. it is somehow interesting to ask yourself the question that all this somehow human fabrication (man in charge) has only life span of a few thousand years. Man walks the earth a few million years ago appox 6 million.

If you don't like what you

What is the cause for diving like an animal?
Only cause i can think of is that a person is stupid, who deserve to be in a cage fighting with monkeys or eating their s***.

What is the cause for having super high rents?While most of the new apartments are empty?

Just to Tax you indirectly to keep money within the country while making you work like a donkey and pretend to the world that Qatar is booming like Dubai.

What is the Cause for having quality of service which even 3rd world country can beat?

That you guys ( Qataris) don't have an idea what is going on. You just landed from Camels back and now are struggling with a lag of few light years with rest of the world.

I am sure this list can go on and on. So i suggest you wake up or go drown yourself in drainage water flowing in to "Corniche".

If you don't like what you

If you don't like what you read on here, go to the I love Qatar website where you will read lies about Qatar.

By the way, are you a Gulf Arab by any chance??

This website is giving a voice to the voiceless and showing people around the globe what really goes in Qatar.



You are correct..!

You're corect....If you beat your women the rest of the world will hate you :) Cause and effect...!!

Qatar is not good

I've been living in Gulf countries for couple of years. I thought that Qatar was supposed to be the best on from what I heard. It was proven that only publicity effort from local authorities to attract people were supporting the idea of Qatar being a good country. I'm now leaving this F**kin* place with the biggest smile of ever. I'll never say that this place is a haven of peace and happiness! I spent the worst years of my life here with bad drving, respectless nationals, stupids manpower and so-on... Sorry, but you'll never make me believe that this place is the place to be ... home sweet home her I come finally!

So in other words there is

So in other words there is always a reason behind why a man should beat a woman! You are an idiot arent you!

criticizing Qatar

I understand what you're saying. But, it's never okay to beat someone!

What is the cause for rape,

What is the cause for rape, what is the excuse?
Everything has a cause, everything has an excuse.
Maybe a retarded caveman thinks rape is excusable, but not any civilized person for many lifetimes.