Qatari Pretends to be Policeman & Steals Money from Poor Laborers!

A QATARI man is charged with impersonating a policeman in order to steal QR3,840 from Bangladeshi laborers.
According to the expatriate workers, the 44-year-old man carried out the crime one afternoon in late January.

They told investigators the accused had twice entered the workers’ camp claiming to be a policeman. On the first occasion he left without incident, but on the second visit he walked into an open room and found a computer.

He claimed the machine was illegal because indecent material could be found on the Net. The Qatari, who works for a ministry, then allegedly searched through some drawers and ‘confiscated’ the money.

A worker told investigators: “He collected cash totaling QR3,840 and ordered us to come with him to the police station. He said that he would wait for us outside until we had put our clothes on to go with him.”
However, once the workers had dressed they discovered the accused had disappeared – along with their money.

Five weeks later, one of the laborers saw the man driving a car in al-Kahraba Street. He made a note of the number plate and contacted the police. In a subsequent identity parade, the workers recognized the man and he was charged with theft and impersonating a police officer.

The man will stand trial later this month.

Source: Gulf Times


I bet he'll get off...!

If the penalty for killing an expat in a car accident is 30days jail and a small fine then you can imagine what this turkey will get...!!!

Wish they'd lock him up and throw away the key...! Scum