Update: Qatari Gets 5 Years in Rape of 17 Year Old Virgin Filipina on Her 1st Day of Work

A Qatari man, who was charged with raping a Filipina housemaid on the very first day of her employment in his house on August 14, 2005, has been sentenced to five years imprisonment.

According to the prosecution, the maid was 17 when the incident occurred.
The Public Prosecution said the accused, 42, had told the recruitment agency that he wanted the maid to take care of his children.

A clerk in a local manpower agency said the accused provided a Philippine visa for the maid within an hour and a half.

“When she went to the house, the maid did not find anyone there except the man, who asked her to clean his room. The accused sexually assaulted the maid even though she put up fierce resistance. He raped her twice within a short time,” the charge-sheet said.

Forensic reports said the maid was a virgin before the incident. Traces of her blood were found on her clothes.
After the incident, the man handed the maid back to the agency saying that she was lazy because of homesickness.

The victim kept silent about the attack for a few days before she told her story to the wife of the clerk.
The clerk called the director of the office, who filed a case with the police.

Source: Gulf Times

Qatarsucks.com comments: The sentence is way too light. What would be the sentence of it had been a Filipino who raped a young Qatari girl? I suspect the punishment would not make it to the newspaper. Please comment on your opinion and tell us if you think this Qatari will really spend years behind bars.

I personally don't think he will. I would love to see this rapists reaction after the sentence, probably something like this: WAIT GUYS, I'M QATARI AND SHE IS ONLY AN ASIAN SLAVE GIRL. They will probably just scare him a little and then let him go because hey they are all one big happy tribe.



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Admission of idiocy

We can't do anything about about your lack of morals, education and smell.

But we can highlight your post as an admission of your nationals general attitude towards slavery & rape.

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i always knew there was a high homosexual rate in qatar and you just said it in the last sentence..


Poor bastards?

You'll take care of us?

Let me tell you a story...do you remember last year when everyone here was moaning about a Qatari student that got 'stabbed' in England? That's a load of bollocks and not what happened. The UK press ran the story that he had been stabbed before the police investigation, and of course the press here ran the story without checking it out too.
The truth; he was with his student friends on a Saturday night, in a town called Hastings, which is a town taht has a large population of Asylum Seekers and Refugees, which the locals are not too pleased about. They got into an argument with some locals, and his English mates were sticking up for him. But it came to blows, and our brave lad ran for it, fell and banged his head, and that is how he died.
Now it's a shame, he may well have been a nice kid, but if he started chatting back at a load of Kent lads with the kind of attitudes you guy have, he would have good reason to run cos they don't care how big your car is or how manyhouse slaves you keep, to them your nothing but a foreigner with a big mouth.
And if he was a hard man like you, sucker, and had fought back, stood by his mates, he might not be dead.
And in another example of how much better our society is than yours, when the true reasons came to light, the local authorities launched a campaign to defuse racial tensions in the area, and the guys that were involved have all been prosecuted. That wouldn't happen in Qatar, as you apparently have no respect for foreigners or sense of responsibilty for your own fuck ups.


Is that true? do you have a news paper link or whatever to substantiate that claim? I ask not to offend but to simply know the truth. I like yourself have a disdain of Qatar and it's natives and having lived there for a very long time know what they are capable of.

Sentences for Qataris seem

Sentences for Qataris seem to be light these days. How about the Qatari woman that multiply stabbed her housemaid to death? The evil woman just got 3 years imprisonment from which 2 and half so years were judicial custody. This country is a joke if that is the sentence for 1st degree murder.

they should give the equal

they should give the equal justice not base on the race of the person...


five years or 20 years in prison is not enough punishment.he must be punished with lethal injection or by hanging or firing squad.

Women should not go to these

Women should not go to these places. Especially if the employer is a male. I heard lots of things about them and they treat the domestic helpers as slaves and sex objects. This perv old guy should be in prison for 20 years!

Fake Information!!

Just to give readers a clarify about this article!
Housemaid can not work in Qatar if their age below 37 yrs old! who come this girl is 17!

Housemaid can not work in Qatar below 37 yrs old is a lie

Underage girls is waht they want for the purpose of rape. If there is a law about 37 years old being the limit, it sure is not followed or enforced. I double dare you to check it.

Thats a Lie

You better check yourself. Dont put that to the test becausze you would be wrong. However it would be nice to know if that were truly practiced but its not. They like bringing the young girls for just that reason, rape. So stop lying, everyone who ever lived there to include you know better. Go stand at the airport and see the little girls who barely have breast arriving with the rapist at home waiting on them.

eye witness

have you ever seen maids those are working in qataris home?

i have seen them and to your kind information qataris only like young maids because they want to fuck them nicely..old maids, come on they even can't work, how qataris will accept them at their home... this is not fake information...go and see it by your eyes

What about the Western girls?

I deeply feel for the Philipino maid whose virginity was disgustingly taken from her by her employer. May I use this topic to address a connected one. I lived in Doha for 5 years and witnessed stories of many friends and people closer to home being raped by Qatari nationals. The ex pat community is large, so why not create a large voice which would fight the pathetic legal system in place in Doha?

yes we should definitely ...

yes we should definitely ... I lived in qatar and had the same experience ... these are news which never make to the newspaper , but one day people will speak up


This has nothing to do with the religion, for me it’s a man’s thing. They always do things like that.

WTF is that???

you mean just because its a "man's thing" they can always do "things" like that??? so you call rape just a thing like that which men usually do because its their thing?? i can't believe you are saying that!

How Can This Be?

How can a muslim man,found GUILTY of RAPE; be given a sentence much lighter than a western society would hand out?He wasn't sent to the victim's country to be tried under their legal system. The RAPE occured in a muslim country,governed by muslim laws based on the Koran?

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It's simple and all too common
Submitted by Completely Anonymous on Wed, 2007-04-11 13:10.

This is just the great disparity between closed minded Bedouins attempting justice and cultural integration. Like most things, this place is a joke.