Qatari Rapes Virgin Filipina Housemaid on Her First Day of Work

A Qatari man is facing charges of raping a Filipina housemaid, when she was 17, on her very first day of employment in his house on August 14, 2005.

The Public Prosecution said the accused, 42, had told the recruitment agency that he wanted the maid to take care of his children. A clerk in a local manpower agency said the accused provided a Philippine visa for the maid within an hour and a half.

"When she went to the house, the maid did not find anyone there except the man, who asked her to clean his room. The accused sexually assaulted the maid even though she put up fierce resistance. He raped her twice within a short time," the charge-sheet said.

Forensic reports said the maid was a virgin before the alleged incident. Traces of her blood were found on the accused’s jeans.

After the incident, the man handed the maid back to the agency saying that she was lazy because of homesickness.

The victim kept silent about the attack for a few days before she told her story to the wife of the clerk.

The clerk called the director of the office, who filed a case with the police.

If convicted, the man faces the death penalty, legal sources said.

Source: Gulf Times comments: This is typical of the Qatari slave owner, superior complex mentality. I'm sure this man thought his actions were completely acceptable since afterall she was his slave, right?

Once they explained to him that other countries will find out about this kind of behavior and that raping is no longer appropriate maybe he got it, maybe. Nevertheless, he will get off easily because, afterall, he is Qatari.


Same Shit, Different Arab Country

Qatar sounds a lot like Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Same shit different place. For some sick reason the Arabs (Emiratees or other Arab cunts) are all in this sick illusion that their country is the 51st state of the USA. LMFAO. I must admit I have seen some hilarious fake Americans in Dubai and I guess the same exists in other parts of the Arab region. still ROFL every single time I think of those 4 skinny Arabs in a 4X4 with Bling, windows down and JaRule pumping on the stereo. Bopping away and holding up the old 3finger east-side side salute.
Well, I guess youre website is almost, almost.. because Qatar doesn't just suck, it sucks DICK!


It is strange how Qatar as a country sees itself. It is just a small area not exceeding half a town in any Asian country, however, America gives it a false imprtance for it found that the Prince (who was brought to rule after expelling his father) and his palace can give them what they want. Gatar nowadays is rich in gas. It also hosts the largest american military base outside the USA (by which Iraq was conquered and all the countries in the region are being threatened). Still, Qatar hosts Al-Jazeera TV Channel that is acually managed and observed by Israel and America and totally serves the American and Zionist targets. So, what remains for the Qataris, the Prince, Shaikh Hamad, can fuck Mouzeh, his wife, and all the rest of the Qatari people can only look for sex, wines and drugs. I wonder what for has such peoples come to this world; really useless peoples.

Qataris think they American

I don't think they think tht they American, They act tht way. Qatar and most Qataris especially the yng generation are suffering an identity crises. Yes I blame the parents and the leaders of the country tht has brought this on there ppl. It is sad 2 c the youth of this country strive 4 nothing else but being some1 else.

Take for example the schooling, they employ ppl with a accent or shall I say a twang in the voice y, cause they think it is kewl and yet arabic is the 1st language not english. I have seen so many adds in newspaper "Looking for teachers, Native speaking ENGLISH". Plz some intelligent person clarify tht for me. I am not from Europe or America and my native tongue is ENGLISH and yes that is my 1st Language.

So yes they have a problem and if they don't clamp down they will have a society of yng illiterate ppl.

Akbar Al Baker

likes to ruin lives...He will have his day as every dog does

do not generate

Hi, I'm Indonesian and I've been working in qatar for more than 3 years. I agree that most qatari from kids to adult are arrogant and racist. However, there is one in a million with pure heart. I found my employer is a good moslem. But unfortunately his family are noT. What I meant to say do not generate all qatari...there are still good qatari out there..and it doesn't sound fair for the good one to be claimed as bad.

having a filipina wife , i

having a filipina wife , i was very angered in doha airport with the way the security and other people there had 2 standards, one for westerners like me and one for filipinas, i made my feelings known whilst there, (im english). all people are worthy of respect, especially filipinos, im my experience they are the most friendly, and gentle people ive ever had the pleasure to meet, i can only echo the comments above, dont work there or travel through if your filipino. your better of with KLM or similar.

qatar really sucks!!!

qatar sucks!!! they should change doha to dosucks!!!!!

Medieval Qatar

Hi my husband and i stopped over in Doha,Qatar and even the airport security were rude,arrogant and ill educated thugs. I will never use Qatar airlines again. Thanks for reading,by the way boycott Qatar if possible

Hi all i born in Qatar and i

Hi all i born in Qatar and i agree with all of you that qatar not right place to live bcoz qataries thinking bad about girls who are coming to work they thinking all are (bi.....) this what they have in mind.

Changed my mind

My friend a Canadian resident asked me to work in Qatar as he works there too. But now that i read many feed backs about scared me off. I just want to continue my teaching in the Phils.

As a Canadian there for 2.5 years

I was there for 2.5 years and I agree the Qataries are not a nice race, they are arrogant, inconsiderant and rude as a general rule!
I worked with a few qataries educated in Australia and UK and they were better but still a few of them looked down at you.
The filipinas that I knew when I was there were always afraid and worried.
Not a good place for a girl to work, keep your daughters at home!


The facts posted here are really alarming & has changed my view of going for a job in Qatar

Re: Alarming

if you get to decide whether or not you're going to go work in Qatar, then none of this would affect you. Of course, the question remains 'Do you want to go to a country like that?'


God had a son named Jesus. It is time to understand that to the whole world. Jesus came to fulfill the law of Moses which advocated death penalty as a deterrent to crime. Now, this Jesus fulfilled that existing command not to kill, but to love your enemies. Now, I have a hard time finding out what Jesus said about criminals at large. I think some of the story is left out on how to handle these kind. Once, under Moses there was a "safe house" established for murderers to be safe if they could manage to get there without being murdered. Murder is murder, no matter whom pulls the plug. Jesus came to let light into the minds of men. It is time to know the truth about God-The Supreme Ruler, Creator of Heaven and Earth and all things in. The Father of all life and now all has been given unto Jesus His Son. I think that the ones whom does not want to see or even try to live the truth of Jesus would most likely eat nails before they accept the facts of the Christ. Jesus saves and if you do not believe that just try it sometimes when you need some real help. Just call on His name and see the wonderful Love feeling that knowledge of His power. Why do I believe? I have had to many numerous experiences where Jesus and God both delivered me from peril. I know the truth and that cannot be taken from me. It is not just a mind thing, it is real. Jesus is real my friends of the world. To know this is to know the freedom He spoke about. He is wonderful and that is why He was called "Wonderful Counselor." When he said take His yoke upon yourself He also meant to learn of Me and understand the happiness that forgiveness and love can do to the killer and cruel hearts of inhuman beings. Remember, one third of the angels in Heaven was sent to the Earth and these became demons of Lucifer. They are the ones that the other two thirds have to contend with on this earth--and most are in power in our governments. I am not perfect but I try to be perfect as my Father in Heaven is Perfect. I try that is all. I am sure that I sin, but I do not advocate taking another beings life because of what is deemed "right" as this is a reprobated mind if one does it. I do not kill, I do not rape, I do not steal, I do not do most of the commandments wrong. I find myself not liking what my neighbors do but try to keep any bad thoughts I collect inside my home and ask for forgiveness if I break any law even unwillingly. I try to be a true Christian and a true Believer of Jesus. Give it some thought and live eternally with Jesus, for it is a promise from God that you will if you only follow His Son whom He gave to us humans to come to a closer understanding of Himself, our Creator. Jesus was not here to advocate murder, war or revenge. He was here to fulfill the Love of God into our minds, our laws, our hearts. The most important idea Jesus tried to instill was the idea of forgiveness. It works. Just give it a try sometimes, but remember also He taught us that there are wolves dressed in sheep's clothing and for us to carry defense with us, only to insure we are not killed by some crazed lunatic whom cannot find God in their search for life's answers. May our Lord bless anyone whom reads this and understands me reaching out to anyone so that they may know the Holy Ghost and how it can comfort. It is amazing and what a feeling that cannot be described once received. If you ever are filled with the Holy Ghost or even visited or touched by it then and only then will you ever know what it makes you feel. There are no words for being lifted in the Spirit like I was. It was to me like being lifted from the ground and trying to tell others but my mouth was not able to speak my happiness. I only wished that I could have known more of that Spirit in Its fullest. Jesus said that His burden was light, and his yoke was easy and to follow Him.

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Sick QATARI men
Submitted by Completely Anonymous on Fri, 2007-01-19 01:23

rape rape rape..what the fuck, how can QATAR be such a cruel world for rape nowadays? and such assholes can be abstained. but the problem with the QATARIAN race is they do not do anything to stop this cases. they don't even feature this kind of make such GOOD impressions to those people who haven't seen QATAR. it's unfair..because in different nations newspapers, articles like this are even featured to let people be aware. i pity the man and the kind of manners he had.

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Submitted by Completely Anonymous on Fri, 2007-01-19 08:39

good site..I like to know the truth

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the reallity of QATAR
Submitted by Completely Anonymous on Fri, 2007-02-09 22:37

I don't want to live here any longer because they really don't respect Asians. qatari guys n girls only know sex! thats it, there majority is not educated , may be 7 percent qatari's are educated!
and about their religion Islam , in Islam rape is prohibited and if any one can done this ,there is a death penalty for the male!
some up !they r not following the world law and also not following there religion!
in short word !they r criminal , i am not including all of them ,but the majority is criminal!
plz guys dont come to doha,qatar bcoz it will harm u !
AND...about the above question!Does anyone think this monster will actually face serious punishment?
i dont think so , bcoz there policemen's and there officials cannot give any punishment to the qatari's !only to the qatari's , even he rape 10 more girls! ...its the reallity not my opinion!i am thnkfull to all the officials ,owners,publishers,creators of the website!

regards' MAXZz
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Qatar - Yes, it REALLY does suck !
Submitted by Completely Anonymous on Sat, 2007-02-24 09:16.

I lived in Qatar for over 5 years and I can tell you that the majority of Qatari Men & Women (let's say those who do not have a Western education) are the most arrogant, disrespectful people on the planet. The comments on the Filipina who was raped are the sentiments of many, many people and YES, the Qatari will probably get away with it! and let's not forget, she was not the first to fall victim to these animals. Virtually everyday you can read in the Gulf Times or Peninsula Newspapers how those from Third World Countries are abused in one way or another by Qataris. Qatari's may be sitting on the Worlds third largest Gas field and may be the richest country in the World per capita but that does not give them (Qataris) the right to behave like Neanderthals.

In the past couple of weeks I have been offered two well paying jobs back in Qatar and I have refused both...I will not return to that Country, period.
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these are cases that we hear
Submitted by Completely Anonymous on Sun, 2007-02-25 08:34.

these are cases that we hear about. How many other cases we do not know about, or victims are afraid to talk about it cose they are threaten etc.

this is Qatar my friends, and it will not change , at least not yet .

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no way
Submitted by Completely Anonymous on Thu, 2007-03-08 20:21.

no way man they are will never punish a qatari in qatar trust me,,,i been to lots of fites wit qatari even if they were wrong i got punished'(at school) so no hope
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Submitted by Completely Anonymous on Fri, 2007-03-09 10:37.

get up the morning prayer, take out the brand new jeep ride around with it abuse some underage boys and girls then go to a school to see your friend take his gf and bang in the jeep or desert then drink till dawn then go to your home and tell your your wife that u r tired of your job (geeees do they have any jobs expect managing the key points?)and that stupid indians shouldn't live...and sleep and start the same cycle again.

Rapist Claimed Muslim Monster

He is a muslim and since their religion follow sharia then no need to let this monster stay longer in this world. He must be beheaded in front of the City Center. Let the United Nation Human Rights Advocates explain how fair they judge the victim and the oppressor.
There should be justice for the victim.

Republished Comment - Person Remains Anonymous


I would never send my daughter to Qatar. These people have no respect for Asians. This is really upsetting to me. Does anyone think this monster will actually face serious punishment?

Republished comment - Original person remains anonymous

The Devils

These kind of people should be punished in public. I guess rape in this country is punishable by death. I'm appealing with the Philippine Government and to other Asian countries to be very careful in sending workers abroad specially domestic helpers. They should stop sending maids in this country or nearby Arab countries to avoid this kind of incident. Pity to those victims of this crime. Devil are those who are doing this thing.