International Arrest Warrent Issued for Qatari Prince Hamid bin Abdal Sani, Convicted of Abusing at Least 16 Underage Girls

The Prague City Court has issued an international warrant for the arrest of Qatari Prince Hamid bin Abdal Sani, who was sentenced to 2.5 years for sex with underage girls in the Czech Republic in 2005, but the verdict is not valid yet, court spokeswoman Martina Lhotakova told CTK Tuesday.

The appeals panel has failed to deliver the court decision and writ of summons to Sani. The trial, which was to start a year ago, has been adjourned several times.

Sani's defense counsel Umar Switat said previously the prince probably did not know about the appeals proceedings. However, they should not continue at all since the Qatari judiciary halted Sani's prosecution, Switat added.

The Justice Ministry has tried to deliver the court documents to Sani since end-2009.

It asked the Czech embassy in Kuwait to hand over an application for legal aid to the Qatari prosecutor's office via diplomatic channels. The embassy then urged the Qatari embassy in Kuwait to solve the problem repeatedly.

Sani, a member of the Qatari royal family, was convicted in the Czech Republic of sex with 16 underage girls five years ago in spite of the then Czech justice minister Pavel Nemec's decision on his extradition to Qatar made a couple of days after the charges were brought.

Sani was arrested after he arrived in Qatar, he spent eight days in custody and then he was investigated for several months. In 2007 a Qatari attorney halted his prosecution.

It ensues from the translation of the document explaining Qatar's legal steps that the local judiciary bodies did not charge him at all. Qatar claimed that the prince had already been punished by the custody in the Czech Republic and refused to deal with his case, then City Court spokesman Petr Kulawiak said.

This is why the Czech judge decided that Sani's prosecution in the Czech Republic would continue.

Czech courts previously assessed Nemec's decision to transfer the case to Qatar. Low-level courts considered it unlawful, but the Supreme Court concluded that the law enables the minister to make such a decision.

Sani demands a compensation of 250,000 crowns over his custody in the Czech Republic. The Justice Ministry rejected his claim, so Sani turned directly to the Prague district court.

Source:, 12 January 2011


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16 girls

thats just typical of arabs, they think they can do what ever they like with no consequences. I read in the paper in London yesterday that the royals parked their expensive cars outside Harrods in London on double yellow lines, they got clamped and had to pay up to get their cars released. I was so happy to see that they cant buy everyone.

Well throwing people in jail

Well throwing people in jail for debt is not a biggie the problem with debt lies some place else... lets suppose I have a 100k loan, my company lays me off , or I get into an argument with the boss and get fired ..the problem is the following

1- I am not allowed to leave the country because I have to pay of the debt
2- I am not allowed to work at another company, because you need a NOC no objection certificate from your current/past employer to switch jobs, otherwise you have to leave the country for two years.
3- OK so here I am I can work because I am not allowed to, I cant leave the country because I need to pay of a loan..after missing a few payments I end up in jail..

What a fuck of a legal system


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Wow 16 underage girls?

Wow, just wow.

To think having ILLEGAL sex with ONE person is bad enough, the fact he's done it SIXTEEN times speaks volumes about the double-standards and hypocrisy in Qatar.

So a crime for pedophilia and for doing it more than a dozen times. I feel bad for those Czech girls who had to go through this nightmare, may it never repeat again. Absolute disgrace by these royalties, thinking the world belongs to them while back home they don't even give the most basic human rights to their South Asian workers.

fucking douchebags get away

fucking douchebags get away with everything while they mistreat and throw foreigners in jail over stupid things like DEBT...Assholes