Reckless Qatari Driver Kills American on Salwa Road & Takes No Responsibility, Only Excuses

A 20-year-old Qatari has denied causing death by reckless driving – telling a court he was travelling at “only” 140kph.
The presiding judge, Salah al-Sharif, reminded him that the maximum speed on the country’s roads was 120kph and that the accident took place in an 80kph zone.

Furthermore, should he be found guilty of the offence, he will have to pay blood money out of his own pocket because his car was not insured at the time. The driver also told the court his brakes had not been working.

A 35-year-old American died as a result of the accident on Salwa Road on December 29 last year. A 40-year-old American who was driving the car in which his friend lost his life, said he saw the Qatari through his rear view mirror approaching at speed and flashing his headlights.

At first, the American had no room to move over, but when he saw a gap open between two trucks he drove to the right – only for the Qatari to follow suit.

As a result, he allegedly shunted the American’s car causing it to hit one of the trucks and bounce into the other. The right door of the vehicle took the full impact, killing the 35-year-old passenger instantly. The driver also lost consciousness in the crash and had to be airlifted to hospital.

The court heard that the deceased worked as a technician and the two Americans were driving to the US military airbase.

The trial has now been adjourned until October 5 so that medical examiners can file a report on the extent of the physical injury suffered by the surviving American.

The tragic accident took place two months after the new traffic law came into force imposing heavy penalties for traffic violations.

Source: Gulf Times comments: If you live in Qatar then you know this could easily happen to you. How many times have you had a Qatari quickly come up behind you flashing his headlights on and off, on and off. These monsters drive at high speeds without any regard for human life. The reason... they usually are endangering people who they consider subhuman such as low paid Asians or other Arabs considered inferior. This time an American was killed heading to the base. How unlucky for this young Qatari! If it was a Pakistani you wouldn't even be hearing about it. Instead you get to hear about this young man's excuses. His excuse should be that he is Qatari and therefore driving around like a maniac is normal.

Update: Read the comments below for another story on another death caused by a reckless Qatari. He also has many excuses for driving like an idiot. I can't post a story every time a Qatari harms someone on the road, too common, so I've added it to the comments below.



I thought Saudi Arabia was the only country as messed up as a wet soup sandwich when it came to traffic laws and protecting the locals at al cost. But, I see that it is a Middle East thing.

It's truly sad that as an Expat the biggest worry is the locals that utilize their vechiles like the IED are used in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I love it when I ride down the road and I see two Saudi's involved in an accident, because they do not have the TCN's to blame. I will say this, that the traffic police here will side against a Saudi if there is an accident involving a Saudi and an American, because they say that all Americans drive safely.....Which is not always the case.

They are just Morons

I hope any Qataris are reading this - I have this to say to you - you are all morons and oxygen thieves!! Come to my country and lets discuss it personally you disgusting fools!!

My Qatari Crash

How true are all of these comments above. I have been joking with friends about writing a book about my 18 month Qatari Ordeal, and you are only confirming the points we are bringing up!

Last year, I was driving to work in Mesaieed when just after exiting a roundabout on to the Dual Carriageway I was overtaking one of the many busses. Two locals, one in a land cruiser the other in a Nissan Patrol came racing up in behind me, one swerving to the left, the other to the right. One overtook me on the gravel and muck, the other undertook the bus using the hard shoulder lane. The Land cruiser drive lost control in the gravel and swerved infront of me, I anchored on, swerved to avoid hitting him and as a result hit the Nissan Patrol which was then swerving back in to the slow lane after undertaking the bus.

As a result I wiped out one side of my Jeep, I pulled over to the side of the road, at which point they both took off at high speed. I tried to take at least one number plate, then went to the local police station. I explained the accident, he wrote a report which I paid for. He did try and find the number plate on the system but said that it doesnt relate to either Land Cruiser nor Nissan Patrol. He gave me the report which I handed to the hire car company.

The next day I received a phone call from the Hire company saying that I owe 1800 Riyals as the police report stated it was my fault for not getting the details off the other parties involved!

What hope do we have when the police are against us!

My advice to anyone in an accident, take an arabic speaking friend with you who can read the report before you sign it!

better they drive camels instead Land cruiser

My wife was involved in a small traffic accident ... with a police car, in a roundabout the car hit her on the side, and when she got to police station she has been told that in Qatar roundabout special rules apply and she is the one in fault, I AM WONDERING IF THEY ARE 2 KINDS OF TRAFFIC RULES ONE FOR THE WORLD AND ONE FOR QATAR ONLY ???

Anyway as i am not afraid at all i will go and kick all asses there, till somebody show me written evidence about this traffic rule.

As usual this site is still banned in Qatar, but as we are technically smarter than them it's not a problem at all to access the site.


In summary

One day GCC will run out of oil and gas, the rest of the world will have an alternative source of energy, and the Qataris will go back to using camels instead of Land cruisers and pickups.

Would be better if it read

Would be better if it read "I survived Dohell".

All the best man!!! I'm jealous :(

QS banned in doha by qtel

site still banned by qtel....

I have been here in doha for

I have been here in doha for five years now but never heard of such things like I've seen here.

I belive that these things happened and that the qatari government is doing their best to cover up the uncivilize things that has been happening here..

I hope that this site will come to the attention of the government of qatar.

I salute you qatarsucks for showing the truth to the world

Just Left Doha

Before going to Doha I looked at this website and thought, "Come on - it can't be that bad!" Well, it is. If you are thinking of going there my advice is - don't. The disregard for human life you will see, and the terror you will feel while driving defy description. Don't go - the money isn't worth it.

I Survived Qatar

I to survived Qatar after 2.5 years. We could make a fortune sell
" I Survived Qatar" T-shirts.

With a Landcruiser crushed

With a Landcruiser crushed into the shape of Qatar as the graphic - great idea!


I like other expats living here when we come upon an all too often fatal crash involving a Qatari; we just say there is another one gone, no great loss to humanity. When will the local cops start enforcing the already tough road rules, start locking up some of these idiots?

Utterly typical I'm afraid.

Utterly typical I'm afraid.

I to applaud, cheer and laugh whenever I see one of the locals crashing his / her car, it's becoming quite the spectator sport.

I was in QIC renewing my insurance, which had gone up from last year due to an added excess because of poor driving, when I asked the guy behind the counter who are the majority of claimants and claims made against, I think you can guess his whispered response. Yes, congratulations, the Qataris, useless at yet something else and ensuring that everyone else is made to suffer as well.

Outcome of this situation.

An update. The Qatari was found guilty of driving recklessly resulting in the death of a person. Here is the whoppingly huge punishment he received:

Suspension of his lisence for one month.
Suspension of his registration for one month.
30 days in jail.
6000 Riyals ($1600 USD) paid to injured driver.
150,000-200,000 Riyals paid to family of murdered passenger (If his family comes forward with a claim, they were unable to find representation locally that they could effectively communicate with from the states).
10,000 Riyals, court fees and fines.

The injured driver has attempted to collect, you must do this on your own apparently, but convieniently the Qatari no longer lives at his family home and his mobile phone has been disconnected. The injured driver's only recourse supposedly is to file a civil case against the Qatari but he doesn't feel it is worth the time or effort because of all the work he would have to miss to file the case and make the court dates. There is also no guarantee the courts would collect or force the Qatari to pay anyway.

So, for all you expats out there sitting around bored on Fridays waiting for things to open up, you could go out and run someone down! All for the low price of about $50K USD! It's practically a bargain for getting to snuff out a living soul! All you have to do is claim you were on your way to a meeting in the middle of nowhere at 530am, had no valid insurance, registration, or working brakes!

And people wonder why I cheered and laughed when I saw a Qatari air lifted from the side of Salwa Road last week after his Land Cruiser Pick-up played pin ball w/ the median guardrails?

Guess all we can do is keep taking their money, keep working so they don't learn a thing, and have a big party when the gas runs out.

Friend of Victims 2.

720 ILCS 5/9-3

Felony Up to $25,000 Fine &/or 3 to 14 Years in Pen.

Now this would be justice for this Qatari if this happened in America. Signed, Infidel4life.

Friend of Victims.

No amount of blood money will be enough for what this Qatari did. He should be spending the rest of his life in jail. I know if the Qatari was killed in the same matter in the US, the American would still be in jail. So wheres the justice??? There is no justice for non muslims in Qatar. Infidel4life and proud of it.


I have lived in the Gulf for the best part of 27 years and this story reminds me of an accident which took place in Dubai back in 1982. A British Expat was driving within the speed limit on the airport road in the middle lane just passed the entrance to what was then, the Dubai International Hotel, when a local woman ran out of the entrance straight on to the road and slammed in to the side of the Expats car, which in turn sent the local woman bouncing backwards hitting her head on the sidewalk and killing her. This accident was indeed a sad case and could have been avoided but the comment of the Judge who was a 'stateless' resident and who called the Expat 'Blue Blood' said that if he had not been in the country, the accident would not have happened !!!!

The point I'm making here is that logic does not enter in to the equastion with the majority of ill-educated arabs and particularly, Qatari's. The Qatari's involved in these tragic cases and others will never be punished as they should, the authorities must hand out more severe penalties to all concerned and not provide an escape for Nationals as you can only deter when the reprocussions are severe!!

Another Reckless Qatari Youth, Another Death, More Excuses!

A YOUTH is accused of killing a pedestrian through reckless driving following an incident in February last year.
The tragic accident took place on a road linking the former Ras Abu Abud flyover with the VIP roundabout in Doha.

According to legal documents, the Qatari driver – then 19-years-old – had changed lanes in order to avoid hitting the car in front.

“Suddenly the victim came from nowhere and I hit him,” he told investigators.

After the collision the Qatari drove off, but turned himself in to police later that night in Al Khor where he lives.
The pedestrian, a 61-year-old Pakistani, died of his injuries three days after the accident.

The local man denies any wrongdoing as he claims to have been driving within the legal speed limit. Traffic officers will now be called to testify in the case.

According to the police, the victim had been living in Qatar illegally as his residence permit had been cancelled in 1983. Subsequent inquiries revealed he had entered the country in 1992, 1994, 1999, and 2006. Police were only able to identify him after his cousin came forward.

The Qatari will be tried according to the old traffic regulations as the accident took place some eight months before the new law imposing heavier penalties came into force.

Legal sources said that should the defendant be found guilty he may avoid a prison sentence as he had voluntarily given himself up to the police.

However, the family of the victim would still be entitled to blood money.

Source: Gulf Times on June 7th

It's getting dangerous out there! Watch for Camels and Qataris. You have been warned!

"Legal sources said that

"Legal sources said that should the defendant be found guilty he may avoid a prison sentence as he had voluntarily given himself up to the police"

If I kill a person and I voluntarily surrender to the police, i may avoid a prison sentence....LOL!!

Don't know what to say

I don't really know what to say. Qatari depends on the US military base for their "national" security. Their own army can't even hit a barn (a really big barn) if they need to shot it with a bazooka. A Qatari "run" them over, killing an American in the service of his country (protecting US National Interest in the Middle East - spelt as Oil) I don't know to laugh or to cry.

US should not be so scare of the Qatari and should speak up for the small people. US will bully whoever they want - they bullied South Korea into banning prostitution in Korea on the grounds that it involved Human Traffic. Hey, US, wake up and smell the oil. Qatar is doing Human Slavery. Why don't you tell them to ban that too? Oh, I forgot - they got gas, the GCC got oil. Fuck the paki, fuck the bangla, fuck all filipino. They don't serve the US national interest. They are not even human in the sight of the current US administration.

So, I say again. I don't know what to say. Maybe the US will act when one of theirs is killed? I doubt so - the king is too strong (king being the oil and gas)


I've read some interesting comments so far on this site. Just wanted to drop a note about this particular case. I personally know the Americans involved in this accident. I believe that if my friends had been on the other end of this accident they would have at least assumed some sort of responsibility for thier actions. The young man accused of causing the accident was travelling at closer to 180-200kph and the speed limit at the time on that section of the road was only 60! My friend has not pickuped/learned Arabic yet but said it was very apparent that the court found the accused's comments to be both amusing and outrageous. The accused also showed up w/ no other witnesses (even though he had at least one passenger that was also injured in the accident), no family, and no legal representation. In the states we would automatically assumed we would need some sort of lawyer or help present given the severity of the charges against him. Another question everyone I know wants to know is where he was heading that fast that early in the morning (accident happened at about 6am)! He told the police initially he had to be at a meeting but what the hell is out that way? Hopefully we'll find out how this all ends in November. I don't automatically assume every Qatari is a bad person but I've dealt w/ many more arrogance than humility in this country so far. And before some of you go off about me hating people I did spend a year in Abu Dhabe prior to coming to Doha. I can honestly say that when I hear people say that Qatar is 10 years behind the UAE I believe them.


Interesting to see what the blood money turns out to be. Also, what would happened if the shoe was on the other foot, i.e. if the American was in court and the Qatari was injured.