Are you Nepali? This is What You Can Expect If Headed to Qatar

A Nepali worker who broke his leg at a worksite accident some 15 months ago, has been left without proper treatment as his employer failed to inform the police about the incident. The worker claimed that he was “warned by his company” not to inform the police about the accident that took place on June 20 last year.

The 39-year-old electrician met with the accident 32 days after his arrival in Qatar. He fractured his leg after falling from a ladder at the company’s worksite in Wakrah.

“Soon after the accident, I was admitted to the hospital without a police report. I stayed at the hospital for four days but was discharged without a surgery. The lack of a police report about the case is preventing my further treatment,” he told Gulf Times.

To add to his misery, the Nepali has been still waiting for his residence permit.

“I signed some papers upon my arrival, but the application has not been processed.” The man recently approached his embassy to persuade the company to provide him with the RP and insurance.
A spokesman for his company refused to comment on the delay of the issuance of his RP but said “it would happen soon”.

He said the Nepali was being paid his monthly salary of QR500 in spite of the fact that he had been rendered inactive. “He has not been paid the last two salaries only,” he said.

“We are paying his medical bills and now he is running to tell the press about his problems. He is really thankless,” the spokesman said. However, the worker denied having received any money.

The company spokesman defended himself saying that there were hundreds of companies that delayed their workers salaries but “we are exceptional”.

A legal expert told Gulf Times that the company could face legal action for not informing the police about the accident.

Source: Gulf Times


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Why aren't my comments posted? is it because you do not know how to reply to me? And that you know that everything you are writng is exagurated and without source. I mean come on i lived in Qatar and if you say that "Source: Gulf Times or Peninsula" as you claim, at least provide a link from the Gulf or Peninsula website, that's assuming you are telling the truth.

Here is a response

I will try to respond to you now. Go to and click on 'News' and you can use that to find all of these articles if you are good with the internet.

All of the content on this site is accurate according to Gulf Times or the Peninsula. You are suggesting that these are made up stories and that we are citing Gulf Times or Peninsula in a fraudulent way?

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let's see if u can put a link from peninsula or gulf times, or wait maybe you won't post this comment