NHRC Condemns Widespread Abuse of Workers' Rights in Qatar

Qatar's National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) on Sunday condemned the widespread abuse of workers' rights in the Gulf state, highlighting harsh working conditions and a lack of adequate healthcare.

The NHRC said in its annual report the Committee received 1,031 complaints of human rights abuses in 2008, with 263 of them related to sponsorship transfer, 51 related to “deportation verdict cancellations” and 56 related to employer-employee disputes, Qatari daily Gulf Times reported on Monday.

"There are still some restrictions over the rights of workers due to the sponsorship system," the newspaper quoted the report as saying.

The report highlighted examples of discrimination against women, citing Qatari women's inability to pass on citizenship to their children or husbands, and expressed concern over abuses committed against housemaids..

"Housemaids are sometimes subject to physical and sexual violence and may resort to prostitution if failed to find a job or transfer sponsorship," the report stated.

The U.S. has Qatar placed on a watchlist of countries that have shown signs of failing to make improvements in tackling human trafficking.

The State Department has Qatar the Tier 2 watchlist in its 2009 Trafficking in Persons Report.

The reports ranks 175 nations in three tiers, with Tier 3 including the worst offenders which are open to U.S. economic sanctions for failing to comply with minimum standards in fighting human trafficking.



In fact i worked in Doha for 18 months, in a stupid so called state-owned company, the worst is that you are not free to go out the country when you want, you need permission from you sponsor to do so.
In fact i discovered a full corrupt country, where personal interest prevails always on ethical behaviour (probably nobody know about this), professionaly dealing with Qataris is the worst that can happen to you. In other hand i HAD TO SAY THAT I HAD THE LUCK TO KNOW REAL GOOD , GENTLE, EDUCATED , CIVILIZED QATARIS WHO I WILL REMEMBER ALWAYS (maybe because i am European) strangely those had all same opinion = qatar is a shit place, they spend maximum time out of it, and majority of qataris are just uselless bastards. (dixit my qatari friends)...who are just flying weekly to Dubai to get cheap anorexic hookers...
Except those few i met , i can say that Qataris are just idiots (probably due to too much mariages wth cousins ...oops problem they are almost all relatives betwenn themselves), arrogants, ignorants, uneducated, laizy, unpolite..in a word.. A bunch of wankers... !!!

Qatar surpasses itself again

With the Arab Spring spreading across the Middle East like a bad dose of the clap, it ‘s no surprise that the Qatari Government are running scared and have tried using the only means they know how (i.e. bribery) to counter any potential uprising by trying to buy the loyalty of their people by giving the retarded Qatari nationals who work in the government sector an eye watering 60% pay increase so that they can be paid over half as much again for doing over half as much less than before – which was nothing in the first place. Just more money derived from the expatriate population that they bleed to death on a daily basis to spend on getting more maids to abuse, those silly big watches they love to wear that are 10 times too big for them and SUV’s that they can’t drive but are good for running over the lowly expatriate population that serve them for their amusement.

Another vivid illustration that the Qataris have one brain cell less than an Amoeba.

American Citizen Stuck in Qatar

I am currently here in Doha, Qatar on a Visit Visa. Recently, i came down with a really bad case of Acid Reflux and was unable to complete my visa run. Now i am here on an expired visit visa and unable to find a job. The fine is more than 12 thousand Q.R. No one will hire me due to an expired visa, but i cant pay the fine without working. I contacted the embassy here, which is a complete joke btw to no avail. They told me to basically report to a deportation center and wait to be deported. Who knows how long that will take and we know how they treat people here in this country.. Does anyone know of any way i can get out of this situation? I am trying to find a freelance job for a few months so i can work and pay off the fine. Any suggestions would be helpful. Any point of contacts of an American firm that would be willing to hire me here in Qatar so i can leave this place and never return. I will give my email address to those willing to share any point of contact for me to get a job here and just pay off my fine. I am unable to get a CAC card so i cant work on the bases here also. Shitty situation.

American Citizen stuck in Qatar

The embassy will give you money for a ticket, I don't know the whole story of you, Hopefully, you are legit with your statement. You need to contact them and tell them your full story. They will loan money, if you have a benefactor or other financial means. Check their website. Did you have a copy of the medical bill?

American Citizen stuck in Qatar

I was stuck in Qatar for over 2 weeks in 2008 because of a poorly managed sponsor company. Due to their stupity, the company I worked for paid them the exact amount they billed them for in Qatar riyals, but they had meant to charge it in US dollars. I was stuck with the idiots for the 15 moinths I was in Qatar and they wouldn't buy me an open-ended exit visa, and when it was time to go (I notified my sponsor personally a month prior to my leaving date), they wouldn't let me go because of the money issue. It wasn't my fault, but I lost 2 weeks of my life there because of that and the fact that it was during Ramadan. If you have to deal with a moron named Wael Barakat, run away, or try to change sponsors! He is incompetant and not an honorable man.

Qatar airways only 1200 QR

The winner of all airline skytraxx prizes for best in everything while their grade 1 cargo handlers, the ones who do all of the hard-work for Qatar Airways get only QR 1200.. Its a Pity

No human rights what so ever

I am appalled by the working conditions and treatment to certain workers. I have a friend who has recently gone to qatar in work. She wants to return home but they are holding her against her own will. She hasnt even signed her contract and is still in the probation period but they still will not allow her to leave. They are threatening that they wont pay her salary and that she has no right to leave and will be sent to prison. This is my cry to anyone who has a brain!! Use it dont be fooled by a supposedly good salary once you are in the country no one can help you get out. Im tryiong to find a lawyer who can help sort it out.

There is no human rights in that country foreigners will be abused. I will make as much publicity as i can to inform people of the working conditions in qatar. Every embasy or hiring agency should inform its people of the working conditions and not hide it. Im thinking of having a law suit against the agency who sent my friend over to this company. The company robbed her of her rights as a person. If you want to be treated as an animal please go and work in qatar ... no better still i think my dog is treated with more respect.

2,900 is just big enough

the amount of 2,900 is just big enough for labors, there are some companies in qatar is just giving 1,200 riyals for labors and do the same way, take a close look of the labors in al khor, so many workers there treated as dogs and even their accomodations are hell!!!

JUST 2900 riyals??? Some

JUST 2900 riyals??? Some labourers don't even get 500 riyals... that's considered excellent by Qatar's standards!

Qatar Fuel (woqod) refusal to pay Fillers just salary

Many people think that WOQOD is a good company,but take a closer look at Filler operator of Abu Hamour Depot.they are just receiving 2900 riyal despite of thier hard work,they are working under the heat of the sun during summer,working in very cold night of winter,despite of this thier superior can still manage to scold them and tret them as if they were DOGS, Fillers in WOQOD receive the lowest salary in all of the employee,despite of very hardwork that they are doing,THEY EVEN TAMPERED THE SALARY SLIP OF THIER FILLERS TO GET AN ISO CERTIFICATION.PLSSS TAKE A CLOSER LOOK TO THE GREIVANCES OF FILLERS IN QATAR FUEL(WOQOD)