Joke: Qatar's Ministry Pretends to Act Against 850+ Firms

The Ministry of Labor has suspended or warned more than 850 companies this year for violating various labor laws and stopped dealing with them till they comply with all sections of the laws.

Labor ministry inspectors conducted raids, over the last eight months, to identify firm that violated the law.

Inspectors were deployed to company premises, works sites and accommodations to check whether health and safety requirements were fulfilled as per Qatar's labor law.

Transactions with companies have been suspended for different period of time in accordance to the type of violation.

A major breach committed by these companies was illegal employment. An official statement said that “illegal employment leads to encourage workers to abscond their sponsors which are already on the rise”.

Other violations include failure to meet the health and safety rules for workers and even delayed and non-payment of salaries and dues. A number of labour camps were discovered to house more than the legally required numbers of workers in small rooms and the living conditions were found unhygienic.

Search raids were done without forewarning companies so that they did not get the chance to temporarily fix the problem to deceive inspectors.

A suspended company would not be able of getting clearances for work visas and endorsements for job contracts which is under the responsibility of the Labor Department.

Source: The Peninsula comments: The Ministry has taken this bold step! Yeah right.