What Type of Culture Is This: Economic Realities for Both Qataris & Their Slaves as of July, 2008

First you should know this: The Qatari government gives a grant to every citizen who gets married, from $2,500 to astronomical sums, in accordance with income level. A young Qatari man will also receive a plot of land worth $200,000, $150,000 to build his home, and of course $15,000 to buy furniture.

If the money does not suffice, that same citizen can receive a loan of another $150,000 at low interest. Qataris do not pay for electricity, water or a land-line telephone. Widows, orphans and divorced people receive generous aid from the state, and higher education is given for free. All that remains is to buy food - some of which is subsidized - and clothing.

Now read this from the Gulf Times, July 9th, 2008:

Scores of construction workers, who refused to work for the second day demanding higher salaries, were rounded up by police from their camps yesterday, a spokesman for a diplomatic mission said in Doha.

The workers were taken into custody from the company’s camps in the Industrial Area and Al Wakrah, among others. The exact number of those detained was not available.

The protesters, mostly Asians, have reportedly expressed their willingness to return home rather than work for the present salary. They said their salaries were grossly inadequate to meet the rising living cost in Qatar.
“We can hardly save any money,” one of the workers said.

Some of the Asian embassies have been informed about the detention of the workers, it is learnt.
An official of the Nepalese embassy said some 80 Nepali men had been taken into custody for their refusal to work. The diplomat said the workers had been demanding a 25% hike in their salary.

He said some workers had informed the embassy that they were being paid less than the minimum levels fixed by the mission.

The embassy official said efforts were on to contact the company’s managers and “discussions to resolve the issue are likely to be held today”.

A year ago, more than 300 Nepalese construction workers, who sought better wages and refused to work to press their demand, were deported by their employers.

Some skilled workers yesterday said that most of them were being paid QR 550-QR600.

A company official refused to comment, saying he was not supposed to talk on ongoing developments.

Source: Gulf Times


qatar dont have a clue

listen folks iv worked on and off since 1996 in qatar and belive me its far worse now how they treat indians neps and even some uk people i being one of them and everytime i work there i go and check out the camps that my scaffolders live in and the food and belive me they are living in complete shit holes and the food some companies provide is not fit for a dog one company is ohl/contrack who are building sidra hospital are fuckin wankers to work for but the indians and neps and so on are so fuckin under fed they look like they just been brought back to life .
one place in wakra the lads 36 of them shareing a old fucked villa had to shower in the same place they shit as nothing worked proper i swear iv been about a bit even saudi and this was crazy how the lads have to live ,i even complained to management and not a fuckin thing was done so i used to help out myself and buy them food and other stuff just to try and make them feel human.
so next time you drive by sidra think of the poor cunts who actully do the work so some thick fat bastard qatari can go get help in a 5star hospital that good men built for fuck all wages ,oh and i used to fiddle the overtime for the lads so they could at least save up from there qr800 amonth wage . so have a think about it. johnny scaff 18st takes no shit from qataris while i stick the nut on em ha but thats a other story.

The solution is simple

I am strongly convinced this is one of the best solutions: expats/workers should have the freedom to leave Qatar whenever they want, without an authorization from 'The Sponsor'. Then you'll see how fast the things will change. An additional helpful measure would be the halt of the alcohol ban. I'm sure this will improve the live in Qatar.

Your comment is true

Yes, you are correct! Everyone should be treated equally!! And until this happens there can be no peace or equality.......there should be some HR laws set up to help people in this country.......totally agree!!-sorry!

it is their business-so leave them alone!

Yes, we are all human! But what they do in their personal time-despite it being "behind the curtain" is their business-so leave them alone!!

I feel sorry for them-as they have to pretend that they are good muslims, but they want to have fun too! ...after all they are sometimes made to marry people they have never met...and then this is where the problems start....so we can only let them be....until someone high up can speak out against their 2 lives...and be free to live in the open ...as we do.

I feel for them....yes...it disgusts people...but...at the end of the day...it is their business!

I had a Qatari boyfriend...but because everyone stuck their nose into this....i had a nervous break down and had to come home!! Leave them alone! (I was a foreign blonde)

I don't care

I think you missed the point...
"Their Business" happens to be PEOPLE. Living, breathing people. You think this article is about the government grants to the Qataris right? Well it's not JUST about them. Remember the workers, consider the slaves. YOU had a nervous breakdown? YOU had to leave? Think about them, they CAN'T leave. They psyically cannot leave the country. The workers aren't paid enough, they are mistreated, and generally treated like livestock.
The POINT of this article is that the Qatari's practically have money thrown at them by the government while the workers in the streets barely survive on thier pitiful salaries.

I don't feel bad for the Qataris. People should as you say "stick thier noses into this" more often, becasue after all, these workers are people. Think about them.

Have you?

Along with that they are all

Along with that they are all getting pissed in the bars at the weekends and making good use of the russian whores that are in abundance. Qatari's have to be the most ignorant of all the gulf state people, they are rude and aggressive and I for one, would never go back to qatar EVER, its a major shithole.

The Myth of a free Qatar... everyone should know the truth!

It is not only Qatar but all the gulf region.. they are very uneducated, and rude individuals... they think of nothing but themselves.. I am not being biased but attempting to be honest, and giving credit to the rightful people ... Indians and iranians are the ones who built Qatar yet they are treated in the harshest manner.. I want to be clear i am an Arab not an indian or iranian but in life we have to be just and speak the truth... Instead of thanking these people all you see is these Bedouins being mean to them....

Above all this they pretend to be a so called muslims in a muslim land.. did prophet mohammed peace be upon him practice racism, and intolerance to other races? or did prophet mohammed teach us to be ungrateful? and the funniest thing ever is one qataris and khaleeji ppl accuse most countries like the usa, europe, and other arabs countries that their women are sluts.... in every community you have all types of people, and women so u can not generalize and at least they show it in ur face... (its not in the down-low or in secret) while in the gulf countries you see all the women covering up to the extreme yet they are having sex in landcruisers and in kitchens and majilis the famous khaleeji term..lol...

One word advice to Qatar and the rest of the gulf..You are the last ones to give advise about morals and what not.. You people do not even work or know the reality of life! how can you even begin to enter a debate if you know nothing? the Government and people do not want to share their wealth while the U.S.A which is the biggest enemy of all muslims is even giving citizenships to asians and arabs... how funny is that?

I thought all arabs are the

I thought all arabs are the same but I guess I was wrong, there's some like you who understands the situations of reality. keep it up man and I hope the things that you had said will be a wakeup call to others who still refuse to understand the meaning of respect. good luck sadik