'Real Jobs' Don't Appeal to Qataris... Yet Foreign Workers Mistreated

A measly five percent of Qataris are working in the private sector, according to a report issued by the local statistical bureau. Nationals are shying away from private sector jobs due to low pay and less benefits in comparison to government ministries and departments.

One national, Adnan Al Emadi, cited an example of government departments allowing 10 days off for Eid, while the private sector only allows a mere three-day holiday.

A lack of incentives, slow promotions and a no bonuses are also keeping Qataris from working in the private sector. The report also said that Qataris should be "properly paid' if they are need in the private sector workforce.

Another national, Abdulla Al Kubaisi, stated: "My brother has just graduated and is looking for a job. I can tell you he is looking at everything except for positions in the private sector."

Jobs in government and its affiliated departments are hard to get in the best of days. And in spite of much noise being made about ‘Qatarisation', Qataris themselves are unwilling to work in the private sector even if jobs are available, the report said.
...In conjunction with the following article titled ‘Problems of unskilled workers must be solved’....

The treatment of lowly-paid and unskilled workers here is a matter that needs to be seriously addressed, according to Bruce Mathews, Manager, Project Management Office of the Planning Council.

Mathews is also involved in the Labour Market Straetgy's National Action Plan.

Speaking after a press conference yesterday held the Ritz-Carlton to discuss the Plan, Mathews told The Peninsula: "The World Bank has said this is an issue that needs to be dealt with. There may be a need to have a labour policy or even set up a Labour Ministry," said Mathews.

He remarked that some countries are signing deals with Qatar to ensure that employment issues related to their citizens are properly looked after. "There is a need to abide by contracts," (no such thing as Qatari integrity -Qatar Sucks), he said.

Speaking to reporters earlier, he said he was unsure of what would happen with the National Labour Strategy once the Planning Council is disbanded and a separate authority set up.

Addressing the issue of why Qataris are wary of getting jobs in the private sector, he said an attitude change was required in order to make the private sector more interesting. A special study is also on concerning the high dropout rate of Qatari males from schools - a phenomenon called the Qatari male deficit.

Employment in government and organisations like Qatar Petroleum is more attractive to the Qatari, specifically because of high wages and other benefits. "That is only natural," stated Mathews.

Another requirement is for Qataris to be comfortable with the English language in order to make headway in certain sectors like oil and gas, for example, where English is required at least in order to deal with expatriate staff and global partners.

One example of the problem with Qataris and the English language is Qatar University having to close down its English Department to Qatari males, only because of a spectacular lack of interest. A faculty member associated with Education City here said part of the reason that Qatari males avoid English is because they are simply uncomfortable with the language or perhaps even embarrassed to speak it in front of others.

Source for both articles: The Peninsula


This is true and it is not

This is true and it is not exagerated or an isolated case.

Qatari's absolutely CRAVE status. They need job titles in order to feel validated. Working for the government is a job for life and so they can not be disciplined, warned or fired. This means that when the going gets tough (meaning that they have to show up for work) for the first thing they do is hire an expat to do all of the work for them.

Because there is this concept that Qatari's are in charge, they have no motivation to actually do and achieve anything. All they do is pay other people to do the work, and they take ALL of the credit for themselves.

Further, Qatari's will NOT under ANY circumstances tolerate any challenge to their authority. This means, that if you ask them why they are late to work and why they are going home early, you WILL be fired as it is considered a SERIOUS challenge to their authority, status and prestige.


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Bull shit. There is no such thing. Qatarization is just a way to say the Emir wants to pay Qataris more money than the fucking expats. But Qataris cannot work. I know of a ad that says Qataris only. They state some state of the art job. I know if a Qatari took the job, he will need to hire an expat number 2. This guy will do all the work. The Qatari will come in at 11:00 (to read newspaper) and go off at 12:00 (to go for lunch and then sleep). He will then come back to office at 17:00 (after nap) and stay until 18:00 (going for shisha and then dinner in the tent at 20:00)

Fuck the Qataris. Fuck Qatarization. Fuck anything to do with Qatar. Qatar Sucks.