Indian Women Under 30 No Longer Heading to the Gulf, Can you guess why?

India will ban women under 30 from emigrating to work as domestic help in the Gulf and parts of Africa and Southeast Asia in a bid to curb sex trafficking, a report said Tuesday.

The move came after Renuka Chowdhury, the minister for women and children, said that overseas domestic workers had complained of being pushed into prostitution after their employers had seized their passports.

A ban will be "imposed on granting emigration clearance to women below 30 if they are seeking employment as housemaids," Chowdhury, who recently returned from Kuwait, was quoted by the Times of India as telling parliament.

An exception will be made for women who return to India on leave from their jobs and who wish to return to their employers, the ministry for Indians working abroad said. Some 17 countries will be covered by the ban, which was aimed at halting the trafficking of women for prostitution, the newspaper reported.

Chowdhury said that she was considering a move to require overseas domestic workers to deposit their passports with the local Indian embassy or consulate, aping a model used by Singapore for its citizens, according to the report.

Millions of Indians work overseas, particularly in the six oil-rich Gulf Arab countries of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

As many as 6 million Indian expatriates send home $20 billion a year from Gulf states. But reports abound that the migrants are mistreated, according to workers' associations and human rights groups.

"Reports of foreign women working in domestic positions being beaten or sexually abused by their employers and recruiting agents were common [in 2006]," said a US State Department report on Bahrain, where 130,000 Indians work.

In one case in 2003, a 28-year-old Indian domestic worker was hospitalized after being abused by her employer for three months, and received less than one month's pay over the period, the report said.

The situation was equally grim for South Asian maids in the United Arab Emirates, where close to 1 million Indians work, the State Department said.

A Bangladeshi woman who went to work in the country as a domestic servant was thrown from a fourth-floor balcony last year by her five Bangladeshi traffickers when she refused to work as a prostitute.

Source: Middle East Times


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India has become so powerful it can impose it's own conditions to protect it's innocent maids. Pakistan does not even allow pakistani women to be sent as maids for arabs. Soon the day will come where we indians will kick arabs to make them work for us.

Indian maids' minimum wage set at Dh1,100
Staff Report
Published: February 21, 2008, 23:42

Abu Dhabi: The Indian Embassy has issued new regulations for the recruitment of Indian housemaids with immediate effect.

The minimum wage has been raised from Dh600 to Dh1,100 per month, besides the provision of food, accommodation and return airfare, said a statement issued by the embassy.

The potential employer (other than a UAE national) will have to approach the Indian Embassy or Consulate accompanied by an Indian national of good standing who will personally testify to the character and social standing of the employer, the statement said.

If the employer directly recruits the housemaid from India, he or she must deposit Dh9,200 with the embassy or consulate or provide a bank guarantee for that amount as a security deposit.



No such guarantee is required if the recruitment is done by a Registered Recruiting Agent (RRA) in India. The full list of RRAs is available at the embassy's website (

The housemaids should be not less than 30 years of age and a mobile phone has to be provided upon her arrival in the UAE.

More details, including the application form and formats of other documents are available on the website of the embassy.