Ghana Launches Investigation into Worker Conditions in Qatar

Ghana's government is sending a delegation to Qatar to investigate allegations that Ghanaians recruited to work in that country are being maltreated.

The allegations are being made by a group of Ghanaians who left in September to work in Qatar's booming construction industry. Under an agreement between the two countries, 800 Ghanaians are to work in Qatar. So far, 550 people have been recruited, 250 of whom are already in Qatar.

However, barely two months into their stay in Doha, some of them have being phoning Ghanaian radio stations complaining about their living conditions and saying that their wages have not been paid.

Ghana's minister of manpower, youth and employment, Alhaji Boniface Abubakar Saddique, says the government is taking the allegations seriously. He says a delegation led by his deputy will leave for Qatar next week to assess the working conditions of the Ghanaians.

"I'm getting a technical team, including the press, to go and see the environment under which these people are working, what has prompted this problem, whether it is actually true that they've been sent there to be extorted or exploited, that will be proven," he said.

Some of the Ghanaians in Qatar also say they are unable to leave the country because their passports were seized by the agency that recruited them.

However, the minister said his preliminary investigations showed the passports were taken so the agency that recruited them could process their work permits. The minister said the recruiting agency in Qatar, Al Jabar, and its local partners, Rahman consultancy, were properly investigated before the exercise began.

"We do what we called due diligence check. It is carried out first and foremost by the ambassador [who] has a team, a technical team that will do the necessary investigations to know exactly the company, whether it is a good going concern, and that we can rely on the company, all these checks were carried on it," noted Abubakar Saddique. "The actual company, Al-Jabar, is one of the biggest companies in Qatar. [We have] carried out a due diligence check on them. Apart from that we have [Ghana's] national security that also carried out [a check] and advised me that I was dealing with a genuine company."

Alhaji Saddique told VOA other companies in Qatar, including an Italian construction firm, have all expressed interest in recruiting workers from Ghana. He said the questions arising now about the conditions of Ghanaian workers is a serious concern to the government and will be thoroughly investigated.

But the Accra government is also interested in maintaining the employment program with Qatar. Unemployment is high in Ghana, and work programs such as the one in Qatar are important because they provide employment to young Ghanians.



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Over patiriotic hypicritis
Submitted by MetalHouse III on Wed, 2007-02-21 05:36.

If you insult a Qatari or his country then you have an entire population at war with you but in truth these idiots are all to eager to attack any other country in their normal narrow minded way...even a slight comment about how things are better any where else in the world can drive a Qatari into extreme agresion but here are some actual quotes I hav heard Qataris say when entirely unprovoced:

"The only thing to come out of Africa are street sweepers and AIDS"

"India is only good for maids and drivers"

"The Americas are a land of sin and infadiles that deserve not to live"

and do you want to here one of their worst hypicritical sayings of all?

"Women are for babies,Boys are for fun"

And this is an almost homophobic nation! They would kick you out the country for even thinking about a gay relationship!!!

Ghanian workers condition in Qatar
Submitted by Completely Anonymous on Wed, 2007-05-02 09:43.

I regret to inform you of my dismay regards the rumors regards the living conditions of Ghanan workers here in Qatar especially regards allegation of maltreatment & non-payment of wages, as posted in this website.

The article posted in this website is being published to destroy the reputation of our company as one of the leading contracting & trading company here in Qatar.

Qatar government does not, in any way, tolerate any company who violates the provisions of Qatar Labor Law.

Our company is a recipient of 3-standards ISO certification (ISO 9001:2000, ISO 18001:1999 & ISO 14001:2004). This is just a manifestation that we are operating within the context of international standards, and ensures proper implementation of the provisions of Qatar Labor Law and other legal and other requirements for that matter.

Results of the preliminary investigations from Ghanian Ministry delegates reveal that everything is in order, as per Qatar Labor Law. We were even congratulated for being proactive in meeting the basic needs of our manpower.

With these circumstances, I beg to disagree and disprove any allegations circulating the conditions of Ghanian workers here in Qatar.

JTC Personnel Manager