Nepalese Immigrants Converting to Islam. Find out why!

The charge has been made by the Nepalese workers' union: 2,000 cases in Qatar, 4,000 in the Arab emirates and Malaysia. The foreign minister has asked his embassies to verify these cases, and stop conversions made by force or external pressure.

More and more Nepalese emigrants who have gone to Muslim majority countries to work - for example, on the Arabian Peninsula - are abandoning their Hindu religion and embracing Islam in order to improve their economic and social situation.

According to figures from the Nepalese workers' union, in Qatar alone there have been about 2,000 cases of conversion, plus 4,000 in Saudi Arabia, the Arab emirates, and Malaysia.

Rita Tamang, who emigrated to Saudi Arabia two years ago from the Nepalese district of Dhulikhel, explains that "Muslims get privileges with better work and good pay. The workers from other religions are hardly trusted by private employers. So, I myself also adopted Islam, giving up Hinduism."

It's the same story for Manoj Karki, who left Kathmandu to go to work on an oil rig in Qatar. "I was hardly managing to save money from my salary, but since I have changed my religion to Islam, I am now more safe, comfortable, and with easy access to jobs.” His wife, who works as a maid in Doha, followed her husband's example: “My husband converted to Islam and he advised me to do the same, so I did."

On the basis of numbers provided by the Nepalese workers' union, and under pressure from the complaints of immigrants and their relatives in Nepal, the foreign minister in Kathmandu has decided to take measures to stop the wave of conversions. Upendra Mahato says he has "instructed our diplomatic missions to probe the cases and stop such conversions if they come through pressure or by force."

According to estimates by the Nonresidential Nepalese Association, of the almost 7 million citizens of the Asian country who are working abroad, more than 400,000 are in the Gulf region. Of the 55 countries in which Nepalese immigrants are living, the most common destinations for those seeking work are Saudi Arabia and Malaysia, both Muslim majority countries.

By sending part of their earnings back home, emigrants represent one of the main sources of income for Nepal.

Source: comments: This is not a surprise since I've spoken to some of these so-called converts. Actually, I've heard you get paid just for converting.


Here are the facts from a Middle East veteran for 21 years

Saudi religious police often raid the Muslim labor camps and arrest them if they are found not praying at the prayer times (especially if they were caught watching movies - lol). What did the Saudi business owners do as a consequence? They prefer hiring non-Muslim labor - they will not be questioned by the religious police, they will not ask for time off to perform Hajj, do not have to fast during Ramadan, as a consequence will not get exhausted, etc. Therefore, the above story is not true, that non-Muslims are forced into conversions. Muslims face extra hardship in Saudi Arabia.

Regarding Qatar, there are Islamic Centers in every neighborhood. They help the newly converted Muslims (sometimes financially) in order to start their new life as a Muslim. Muslims do not get any more salary than their non-Muslim counterparts.

Expats cannot use their Muslim card for special treatment. If a certain class of workers is treated badly by a specific cheat company then all are treated equally bad.

Most companies reduce the working hours during the month of Ramadan (month of fasting). The working hours are reduced for all workers Muslim and non-Muslim.

There is a harsher punishment for a Muslims for drunk driving.

I am an American muslim with

I am an American muslim with a degree from the UK and I was denied a residency visa in Qatar! Twice in a row!
They don't treat you well for being muslim. On the contrary, a non-muslim westerner will be treated much better. When they think they can pull the "brotherhood card" on you, you will be messed about more.
Qatar is misreable for everyone, unless one is a citezen or a VIP expert from the west with no interest in anyone else who is only there to get rich in a few short years and then go play golf in Fiji or somewhere.

Changing religion for money

I am a Muslim and hearing such news made me feel bad. People changing their religion to gain money? sounds quite disgusting and embarrassing. " there is no compulsion in religion, the truth stands out clear from errors". Such reversion seems just to improve the living standard rather than understanding the true ISLAM. I am really feeling bad :(

Hello please

I do not agree with your statement that there is no copulsion in islam.please read History and try to understand how islam was spread across asia.There were some instances where in India Punjabi gurus were given options death or accept lslam.Please note that islam swept across asia by invasion and sword the barbaric kings inflicted severe damages to other religious peaceful societies by giving them the option to convert people who failed to do were slaughtered all the evidences are recorded in islamic chronicles.In one such instance Timurlane invaded India just because he thought the Sulatan of Delhi was lenient to Hindus that fateful day he slaughters the entire captive Hindu civilians of Delhi.In islams Glorious period it was the Custom of Muslim kings to invade and loot india in the name of jihad.But now in India after glorious ruling period of 1000 years with the prominent rulers like Moguls Islam failed in India because of fanetism.I hope that you retrieve your statement.I am not a athiest I believe in "God" He has power which human brain cant comprehend.If he wants whole world to be islam he would do it in fraction of seconds he does not neet Jihadists to achieve it in thousands of years.

Unequal treatment of payment

Its a common among big corporation in Qatar especially the petrochemical sector. If you are a muslim, you will get a higher overtime rate payment for the same amount of time and work performed over your peers from other faith

Assumptions and Miss direction

The writer above show that they know little of modern western culture and traditions as well as showing that they know little of the American mind and what we hold as values.

First off it would do the writer some good to review American Labor practices and the idea of fair play that most Americans believe in. We value fair play, that all men and women are created equal and have a fair right to the bounty that are the rewards for those works, we value the idea of hard work and the rewards that come from it.

We think that you should get ahead in the world not based on your family but on education, diligence and treating others with respect.

To a the writer I would ask that if he or she has thought about this or has their views been formed based on popular TV and anti-western rhetoric or in a investigation of the culture that they so easily desire to debase.

Don't be so religious

Don't be so religious sensitive. Speak to yourself! Do you think I was never being discriminated by those people from developed countries.

You! People from developed countries should not complain to much about this muslim country! You have been treated very well in this country compared with your peers from third world country.

Have you ever considered that your people are so selfish and always thinking that people from third world country are less civilized than you? You always think that you are better than everyone in this world and more civilized so other people from third world country are not deserved to live and to enjoy the same prosperity as you.

You always want to be treated as first class citizen in this world, first class paycheck, first class compensation and benefit. I still don't understand why you people are still complaining about this life. People from third world country are living like shit in this short life and have no chance to complain or to live with luxury life style just as you, people!

What make you think that you are better than all other people in this world?

Please be objective about it! I have been working for various multinational companies for almost half of my life. Did you want to know how they treated me (because I am from a third world country)? They treated me like salary far below my peers (from developed countries) although our grades were the same. Even my subordinates (because he was from developed countries) got paid higher than me. They gave me shit works, while my peers (even my subordinates) always got priorities to do more valuable works.

You really do not know how to be grateful to the God and I hope God will change the situation where you would be like us from third world country and we would be like yours now so you would feel how miserable to be treated like shit and to live in this injustice world!

So stop complaining!

Not surprised

As a muslim, I can state that it is a bullshit practice.

However, I'm not surprised that the Qataris encourage the adoption of their brand of hypocrisy that they attempt to label as Islam.

I feel a sense of brotherhood all muslims of creed and to be honest, most people I come across who seem to be good. Except for GULF ARABS, offically the worst people on earth!

i dnt

i am a muslim and i dnt think that religion is an issue for qatari citizens

a muslim or not u will be treated like an animal

i was kicked out of my job as and eng. just cuz i asked for my 3 months delayed salary