Qatar Recruitment is Human Trafficking - Says Legal Committee

Criticism over the recent Qatar recruitment exercise in Ghana has taken on a different dimension, with the Al-Jaber group, and their local agents, Rahman Consultancy Limited, now facing allegations of human trafficking.

After the arrival of the first batch of Ghanaians to the oil-rich Qatar three months ago, several disgruntled workers complained of conditions there, resulting in a Government fact-finding mission to investigate the allegations.

Workers claimed that housing and food was poor, that they had not been paid and that their passports had been taken from them by their employers.

Of the two government delegations consequently sent to Qatar, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had refuted the allegations, whilst Ministry of Manpower Youth and Employment is yet to make their findings public.

Meanwhile, human rights groups in Ghana remain concerned.

"Technically, if what we have heard so far from those who were recruited to Qatar is anything to go by, then the Qatar recruitment constitutes human trafficking,” says Tuinese Edward Amuzu, Associate Executive Director of the Legal Resources Centre.

He challenged the perception that the recruitment is legal and transparent. “If any one thinks otherwise, let them come out with the appropriate document to prove it,” he added.

Speaking to The Saturday Statesman, Mr Amuzu observed that the Qatar recruitment process clearly has elements constituting trafficking as defined by Human Trafficking Act 694. For instance, recruitment and transportation and the means of trafficking, such as deception and fraud, all fall under the law's scope.

He further reiterated the need for the Human Trafficking Act 694 to be fine-tuned. “Personally, the law as it stands now does not make sense to me; it is too wide and can be manipulated,” he concluded.

Source: The Statesman, Ghana


Deception and fraud

I did not know that using deception and fraudulent means to recuit staff constituted human trafficking.
I worked in Qatar a few years ago and I strongly believe that I was decieved into accepting the job.

I am a British construction professional, to whom can I make an official complaint about the recruitment methods used?