Qatar University Study Finds Rampant Child Abuse Among Girls

A study conducted jointly by the Supreme Council for Family Affairs and Qatar University revealed that 160 women were exposed to abuse or sexual harassment during their childhood, prompting calls for stringent measures for protecting women.

The study was conducted on 2,787 girls from the Faculty of Literature and Science in Qatar University. Of those studied, 2,365 were nationals.

Results of the study disclosed that beating and physical assault is the most prevalent form of domestic violence followed by verbal abuse including insults and name calling. Out of the 108 victims of sexual harassment, 96 are citizens and 12 are non-Qataris.

A total of fifty-two girls said they were raped in their childhood, out of which forty-five were citizens. The study also registered other forms of abuse and torture such as scalding with fire or singing with cigarettes. Some 50 girls reported that they were closed in isolated room.

The report said that family members use barbaric ways of punishing children, some of which are offences according to the existing criminal law. Further, the study found out that majority of the children subjected to domestic violence were girls.

Source: The Peninsula


Cultural standards

Heard on Al Jazeera yesterday (April 2010) a debate about abuse by catholic priests with a very angry man trying to blame gays and individuals in the dim and distant past and not the system that did nothing. A caller from Wisconsin rang in to say that such things have never happened with an Imam. So there you go, it doesn't happen.

And if you don't happen to believe that there is no abuse here you should see the bruises; it's OK - it's their culture. We should be more respectful and not try to impose our standards. I tried to report a possible physical abuse case and nothing has happened. Now I let the lad get away with damn' near anything because nothing has happened and I'm not going to see him in that state again if I can help it.

Son of a Teacherman

Cultural standard?

But isn't abusing women the cultural standard for all burka wearing cultures?


Well I certainly applaud Qatar University for tackling such a taboo topic around here. I think it's great we're beginning to live up to modern times and acknowledge that there are problems for us to fix. On the other hand, I'm surprised by this study because it would only mean that this was taking place for the past 100 years, without the publicity that it has received today. I could only feel sorry for the women who got abused in their childhood and upbringing. It must suck for them not knowing what good parenting is all about, and the pleasures it brings along with it for a new life. Very, very sad news indeed!