Quote: "Thanks to Our Qatari Sponsorship, I Can Control Expats (Asian Slaves)"

A Qatari employer yesterday lambasted the calls made by some of the participants of the ongoing regional symposium on expatriate workforce to replace expats with citizens of the Gulf states in the private sector as “unrealistic”.

Mohamed al-Kubaisi, a board member at a Qatari private company, told a session at the symposium he was no longer recruiting Qataris or citizens of the GCC as he had a “bitter experience” with both.

“I think those who request the private sector to recruit citizens of the Gulf states instead of expats are not realistic. As a private sector (businessman), I am seeking profits. But my attempts to recruit Qataris, Bahrainis and Omani have only caused me heavy losses,” he said.

Al-Kubaisi also said that replacement policies would adversely affect the ongoing development programmes in the GCC states. “I went to the Ministry of Civil Service and Housing Affairs to get lists of the unemployed Qataris but they did not even call me back.

“When I went to Bahrain and Oman to bring employees from there, it was a failure. I have provided the Bahrainis and Omanis with handsome salaries and good allowances, but once they came and joined work, they started looking for jobs at rival companies in the field,” he said, while noting that lifting the sponsor’s control on employees could lead to heavy losses for the private sector.

“Replacement can only work in the government departments where profit is not a priority. Thanks to our Qatari sponsorship, I can control expats whom I recruit to work for me,” he noted.

He also called for setting some rules to regulate the employment of the citizens of the GCC, saying that they abused the freedom given to them by the Qatari law. “There is a need to bring the Gulf national under some sort of control when they come to work here. I have invested much money to recruit Gulf nationals, but my experience with them made me reluctant to repeat this again,” he explained.

However, Dr Hussain al-Hammadi, an official at the UAE ministry of economy, said that if the private sector provided national employees with favourable work environment, they would not leave their jobs.

“The private sector even prefers to recruit the Asian expats to the Arabs because the former is cheaper. This has led the expats from Arab countries to return home,” he added.

Qatarsucks.com comments: The verdict is in and Asians are preferred to Gulf workers because they can be exploited to a much higher degree in Qatar. Did I read this article correctly or am I just stupid? My readers... please let me know what you thought about this article.


Asian slaves

It is indeed true. Asians are slaves in Qatar. It is not just the Qataris who are taking advantage of them. Even other nationalities are starting to do so. The "law" allowed it. I know of several people from a well known country in Asia (I don't want to mention the name) who told me he only hire staff that cost him QR800 a month for working in the sun all day long. He cannot foresee hiring other staff that cost more as it will "dilute" his profit. I agree totally with the article. But be aware. Other nationalities are "learning" from the Qataris. They are also taking advantage of the sponsorship law to "enslave" Indians and other races.

I don't know how to put it. I feel sad for these "slaves" but hey, they should be more careful. Advise people back in your country to tell them about the Qataris and the Gulf states. Make sure they understand what they are coming for. Don't just come for a few dollar more and be a slave. You are much better off in India. So you have less money but actually you have more money to spend as you don't have to pay for such an expensive place like Qatar.

Qataris are most cruel people

I have born brought up in qatar. Served 25 years in qatar armed forces. Prior to terminate they reduced my pay and then they terminated me from service. No regard for foreigner. Qataris are not muslim from any angle. They are the most cruel people on the face of the earth. If any fucking qatari is reading my statement, just tell me one thing, which country I will go, after spending my entire life serving your country. Few days back I read a story of Qataris Althani family ladies were kicked from BA Flight. I was very happy to know that. My observation towards qataris ladies are that they are most corrupted ladies in the entire world. They cover with veil. Just to show other world that they are religious. The reason they wear the viel is that they do not want their brother or father know that they are wandering in market or Carefore with their boy friend. Allah will never forgive you blady qataris. Allah had given you wealth to test you. And he will take it from you. Because you do not deserve.

that's what we call a statement

yes this is a statement, and it is hard to comprehend how one who has serviced a nation for so long comes to the point of utter reject. I do feel the same way, as I have met some qataries one in particular who as it seems according to the opposite site " I love Qatar" the man are the biggest charmers and sweet souls. My freaking butt yeah, they play with you, making you believe so many things but when the cufflins have to be put on and the tie to be straithend they drop you and seem like never to know you. I am talking of a gay qatarien here and not an unknown one, as that's what happened to me. Hypocrits with stories of lies. yes cruel is an understatment, but they will be tested and as with all things in nature there is an action always an reaction.